Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lordy Lordy!! Look Who's.....

still not looking a day over 25!Today is Connie's birthday!!

Here's 40 things I know about this woman.
  1. She's fiesty and full of fire.
  2. She's smart as a whip.
  3. She's absolutely hilarious.
  4. She's got a raunchy sense of humor.
  5. She's kind.
  6. She's generous.
  7. She's loyal.
  8. She's a great friend.
  9. She's fiercely independent.
  10. She's very handy with power tools and hotmail codes.
  11. She's got a very loving heart.
  12. She owns entirely too many Fisher Price playsets.
  13. Her favorite color is purple.
  14. She loves good wine.
  15. Her idea of a good sized steak means half a cow.
  16. She's a natural redhead.
  17. She has a shopping addiction.
  18. Her daughter-to-be may have more clothes than momma.
  19. She cusses like a sailor.
  20. She has a ton of bloggy friends.
  21. In fact, she's a blog ho.
  22. She has an unheard of number of blogs in her blogline subscription.
  23. She cries real tears and sobs uncontrollably when she gets to really lauging hard.
  24. She's adopting from China.
  25. She's naming her daughter Jadyn.
  26. She's a single momma-to-be.
  27. She has this delusion that she can go COO (carry on only) to China.
  28. Her neck gets red when she drinks like mine does.
  29. She delivers babies for a living.
  30. She has an alter ego named CJ.
  31. She owns far too many pairs of shoes.
  32. She has excellent aim when shooting a gun even though she was a first timer.
  33. She has an obsession with Propel water.
  34. She's got a wild streak.
  35. She has 3 cats.
  36. She has excellent taste and a natural talent for interior decorating.
  37. She's braver than she thinks she is.
  38. She's far stronger than she thinks she is.
  39. She's still sexy.
  40. She's going to be an absolutely amazing mom!
I've been blessed with many things along this path to my daughter. I've met a lot of new people. But I never guessed that I'd make friendships like this. I met this wild and crazy chica through commenting on her blog. Then we started exchanging e-mails. Since we only live 45 minutes away from each other, we finally met in person last summer. I knew immediately that we would be great friends. We have so many things in common including the fact that we're logged in to China and waiting for our daughters. And we're both doing this on our own as single mommas. She's the only person in my life who truly understands what I'm going through in this adoption process because she's going through it ,too.

But that's just the half of it. She's my soul sister. I always have a blast with her. I'm so happy that I have her to experience all of this with. It'll help that she's loggged in 4 months earlier than me so I'll get a ton of BTDT advice when it's my turn. I can't wait to watch Connie get the referral for her daughter, Jadyn, and then bring her home. I'm not sure who'll be more excited... her or me!
Happy Birthday Connie!
I love ya girl!


Colleen said...

21 & 27 had me rolling! I love that girl too. It was very sweet that you put all of that down - she is one great lady. Your so lucky to live close to her. party on next weekend and celebrate both your bdays and friendship.

Lisa and Doug said...

Wow! That is a fantastic list!

Happy, Happy Birthday Connie!

Stacy said...

Great post!!!!

Joannah said...

That is a wonderful tribute to Connie! Blogland has been much more interesting since Connie's arrival. She makes me think and laugh like nobody else!

a&mg said...

Wow, a great list for a great lady!

wzgirl said...

Nice tribute.

Happy BDay Connie-Girl. Live it up!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't met Connie yet, but she sounds like she should have been one of my daughters...wait, I'm old enough she could have been!!! She and I share alot of passions. I, too, love purple, can eat half a cow and cuss like a sailor, but you knew that already. I'm so glad you have become such great friends, you both keep me entertained when I'm on the road by reading your blogs. Love ya!!! And I got you something WAY special for your birthday which hasn't arrived yet, you'll probably get it next weekend. MOM

C.J. said...

Aww...Krista, that was sweet and (mostly) true. You know the worst thing I evah say is 'frickle' ;0)

Hmmm...I'll getcha back. I get to make a shorter list, whippersnapper!

I'm sure I will have all kinds of China advice. Like: 'all you really need to take are 5 pairs of underwear and get the rest there' ;0) I'm AM doing COO just to either a) prove a point or b) finally go insane.

Off to celebrate dad's b-day today. I was his gift 29 years ago or something like that!

Love ya, chickie. You're the greatest.

To boot - you used a picture that doesn't make me gag ;0)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to sweet Connie, she is all of that, and then some

Shannon S said...

Great picture of the both of you! Gotta love it when you find a soul sister!

A Special Family said...

Always wondered who CJ was! ;-)

Happy Birthday to Connie!

Norma said...

Happy Birthday, Connie, and Krista, too! Your blogs are 2 of my favorites. I hear Kim (Momma-to-Channing) is trying to get you gals to come to Saskatchewan. I second the invite and will meet you where ever you wish (in SK) as long as you give me some notice!

Mark & Michelle said...

What a great list of all things CONNIE!!

Happy birthday Connie - and to you too Krista (soon).

I agree that the blog world is better with her in it!!

tracy said...

Great list of 40 amazing qualities of the gal we all love. I'm sure we could easily come up with 40 more! I'm so glad that you two have each other! Happy Birthday Connie and for yours coming up!

jlittlefield3 said...

Your lucky to have each other. What a wonderful tribute and a good picture of the two of you!

chou-chou said...

What a great list. She is certainly a gem - and SO ARE YOU!!!

I have to admit, I'm so jealous of you two -- wish I had someone in my 'hood who was on this journey too.

Happy early birthday to you, Krista!!

Sam said...

Love the post!!!! Can't wait to finally see you both in action!

Lee-Anne said...

Hooray for Connie! She is one of a kind!

Jill and Jaap said...

You two are GORGEOUS!! Glad you had a great birthday!

Carla said...

Happy Birthday, Connie!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

A match made in crazyville for sure. It is wonderful that you too have found each other and that your little ones will have each other too.
As for that COO...OMG she is nuts!