Monday, February 12, 2007

Goodies in the Mail

I had some goodies waiting for me when I came home from work today. This was sent by my blogger buddy, Colleen. Apparently, it was gifted to her and the hubs at Christmas time. She said it was full of candy when they got it and apologized that they had polished it all off. But instead of throwing the container away she passed it on to me because she knows of my serious penguin adoration. I just realized as I'm sitting here looking at this pic that all the lids are a bit askew so he looks all sideways.
Anyway, I noticed that the little gift box was secured to the penguin guy's hands with velcro but one side had popped off. I was checking it out and contemplating how to glue it back when I noticed that the little gift box seemed a bit weighty. With my keen observation skills, I found that the lid was taped shut. Now why tape a box shut if there is nothing inside, right? Sure enough... they missed this!
Then look what happened! It was a bit frozen since it traveled all the way from Connecticut and then sat on my porch all afternoon. Sadly, I realized this after the first bite. So after a little thawing... it was still delish! Thanks Colleen! And I'm glad you guys overlooked the truffle. It was an unexpected surprise! :)
Then my wonderful Secret Pal sent some goodies as well. It was just a penguin kinda day! A cute shirt and a pair of pajamas for Mia. As far as I'm concerned a girl can never have too many pairs of penguin pj's! Thanks Secret Pal!
Now I'm hunkering down for the big blizzard expected tomorrow. It's supposed to start snowing around midnight and go all night and day. They're predicting 6 to 10 inches. Oh but wait... it gets better. Mixed in with that will be some sleet. Which means the roads will ice up and then get more snow on top of the ice. Wow! Getting to work and back will be an adventure. What a way for a gal to spend her birthday. Yuck.


C.J. said...

Lovely goods...a truffle treat always rocks :0)

I will be in a hissy snit if my 'overhaul' is cancelled tomorrow and I have a feeling it will be.

Ah well, good luck with the snow stuff on your BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!

Can't wait to celebrate this weekend.

Mark & Michelle said...

Great gifts!

I must say that every time I see something with a penguin on it I think of you!!

Norma said...

Can't you just say you are stormed in? :) Maybe being stormed in alone isn't much better than having to fight your way to work! Hope you have a happy birthday anyway!!

jlittlefield3 said...

Sounds like your going to get it, Be careful Out there!

chou-chou said...

So so cute! Penguin o-rama.

And, hey, if you are going to be stuck in an arctic storm for your birthday, you might as well be surrounded by Penguins!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Man oh man, that CJ has tons of great things to say about you!!! ALL MUST BE TOTALLY TRUE, I am sure!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


wzgirl said...

Stay Home, Dear Krista. Stay home.

For your BDay. Forego the sleety snowy roads.

Stay home. Relax. Cozy up in your Penguin Jams.

Happy BDay to ya! XO

Cat Lady said...


Johnny said...

Happy Birthday!

Colleen said...

OMG is that ever funny - one truffle left! I had no idea.

Glad you liked him - he's a cute little guy!!

Lisa and Doug said...

What great goodies! Love the penguin! Hope you have a happy birthday - try to stay warm!

Doris & Dan said...

Great gifts!

Keep smilin!

Sandra said...

Those are some great surprises! Happy Birthday to you and enjoy that snow day. We had another one today as well...