Saturday, August 30, 2008

Important Warning for Dog Lovers!!

I found this blog on another forum I read. It's a terribly tragic story of a dog named Chai who was severely injured by chewing this pimple ball. A vaccum was created that sucked his tongue into the hole. The ball had to be surgically removed. Unfortunately, the poor thing had to have his tongue amputated as a result. He's suffered tremendous pain and has had to re-learn how to eat and drink. It's just heartbreaking to read. Fair warning... there are some videos posted on the blog of Chai's recovery that absolutely made me weep. I can't stand to see an animal suffer. It was hard to watch.

Chai's owner was asking for a boycott of the company that manufactures the ball. It seems they were advised of the potential for injuries but did nothing about it. They possibly knew as far back as 2005 when another dog lost his life in the same type of accident. As of August 26, it appears that the company has now recalled the product. Thank goodness they listened.

I wanted to spread the word in case anyone still has this ball in their toy collection. I'd hate to see this happen to anyone else's dog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bullet Catch Up

  • I've been busy. Time is flying. I guess I should be glad about that. All the quicker for me to get to my kid, right? LOL! But seriously, where has the summer gone? I can't believe it's nearly September already.

  • Work is crazy busy. I'm buried right now. Between court appearances, paperwork, interviews and the like, I'm barely keeping my head above water. Oh well. Job security, right?

  • Oh and "crazy busy" is code for "I'm not blogging much". Also can translate to "Still reading blogs but not commenting very often". I try to skim posts as much as I can but commenting requires more time. Which I just ain't got. I need to get a laptop so I can multi-task. For now, the computer keeps me anchored in front of the desk upstairs. And I just don't have much time to be there lately.

  • Tatum started kindergarten yesterday. She's so excited to be in school now like her big brothers. She even gets to ride the bus. It's pretty adorable. Check out the pics here.

  • Tess is 17 days old. The T's have quickly adapted to being a pack of five. Less than 3 weeks in.... yet it seems like she's just always been a part of them. But I'm still getting used to saying "my nieces (plural) and nephews". For lots of gratuitous cute baby photos click over to my sister's blog.

  • Speaking of the T's.... the four that are not breastfeeding are having a sleepover at my house this weekend. I think this might be a first. Four at a time I mean. Wish me luck. I think I'll need it.

  • I'm contemplating my next tattoo. I have a concept in mind. Just need to figure out how to draw it out. It's a secret though. So you'll just have to wait and see.

  • I'm only 6 episodes from finishing the first season of SVU. Still enjoying my love affair with Netflix and Det Elliot Stabler.

  • I'm getting an itch to start working on Mia's nursery. I've re-designed it in my head. I guess it's a good thing I didn't decorate it 2 years ago, eh? Unfortunately, I'm still not done with some other projects. Most importantly, the curtains for the living room that were started ... oh I don't know maybe 6 months or so ago... are still not finished. (Hint, hint, mom.) Since she's agreed to make the nursery bedding as well, I can't exactly start on that project now. Not until the other is done. Maybe if you guys give her some positive encouragement, I can get working on the nursery this winter when we're holed up during the snowstorms? Mom... please?

  • My boss had a new roof put on his house. I casually mentioned that's something I need to do at some point. So his roofer buddy gave me an estimate. With the economy so rough the roofing industry is being hit hard. Like everywhere else, I suppose. It makes sense that people don't spend the money to install a new roof when they can't even pay the electric bill. But that translates to a huge drop in price since they're so desperate to attract new jobs. So now I'm debating whether I should just take advantage of the deal and replace my roof sooner rather than later. I've had estimates done before that have fallen anywhere in the $6000-10000 range. This guy quoted me $4300. Sweet price.... and my boss is happy with their work.

  • So here's my dilemma.... Should I dip in to the adoption fund and do it now? With an estimated date of referral 2 years from now, I'm okay with that. But what if.... just what if.... the CC*AA does actually speed up now that the Olympics are over? Alright, contain your laughter. It could happen... anything could happen. It wouldn't be the end of the world. I'd still be able to replace that $4300 with my home equity line if I needed to. What do you guys think? Get it out of the way now for a spec-TAC-ular price? Or wait and see what China does? I'm terrified of spending money. Seriously. My palms get sweaty when the dollar signs get over 2 grand. Anything less than that, I'm usually pretty okay with. But more than that we're talking a major expense. And I get nervous. Opinions?

  • Peace and penguins, peeps! Until next time....
  • Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Confessions Of A Couch Potato

    My BFF informed me that I haven't been blogging enough this week. I agree. I've not been on the computer much. I've been spending my free time being lazy. Seriously so. And loving every minute of it. I figure I should do as much of this as I can before it's time for me to be a responsible PARENT. Right? Just go with it, people. I'm rationalizing.

    I'll tell you what I haven't been doing much of... chores. My house is a wreck. There are dishes in the sink. Dog hair coating the couches. Gah... I don't even want to discuss the toilet bowl. Cuz remember the last post when I mentioned procrastinating about cleaning the bathroom. Yeah, well... still am. My flowers are dying cuz I'm just so over the constant watering and weeding. But technically it's the end of summer in another week. So I guess I don't feel too guilty about their impending deaths.

    So what has me so distracted? Why is my house in a state of total and utter chaos? What I have been spending all my time doing? It's almost shameful really but I'll tell you. I've been in front of the TV. The couch has a permanent butt print in it, I think. There.. I said it. I confess. My name is Krista and I'm a couch potato.

    I've become obsessed with Law and Order: SVU. Remember awhile back when I talked about different cop shows? Well, it got me thinking about how much I like this show. But I never followed it with any regularity. Just sporadically caught episodes here and there.

    USA network has been running it in syndication so I started watching again. I realized I'd missed so much of the back story by not following it since the day it premiered. I checked into it and found that the 10th season is scheduled to start on September 23rd.

    So I hatched a plan to catch up with all the previous seasons before that day. Yep... you heard right. I'm having my own little SVU marathon starting with the very first episode. Or I guess I should say large marathon. We're talking 9 seasons to catch up on. Which is 202 episodes. That's a lot of TV watching, people.

    I decided I didn't want to invest a few hundred dollars to purchase them all. Instead I joined Netflix. Whoever came up with this concept is a genius! I mean how easy can it be to have DVD's delivered straight to your door? Then you just pop them back in the mailbox when you're done. And you don't even pay for shipping!

    In appreciation for all things lazy, the Netflix people decided you can even add a whole bunch of things you want to watch to your queue. Then they're automatically sent to you when you return the last one. Amazing!! You don't even have to think about what to watch next. You figure it out in the beginning, queue it up in the order that you want it...and they magically appear in your mailbox within a few days. A lazy person's dream come true!

    So I'm already halfway thru season one and they just started coming this week. Now maybe you understand why my sink is full of dirty dishes. I'm like a junkie needing another SVU fix. All my responsibilities have taken a back seat to the huge crush I've developed on Det Elliot Stabler. Two words.... total hottie. In a rough around the edges, beat the crap outta any guy who disrespected his woman, not a pretty boy kinda way. A sensitive neanderthal, I guess. I dig it.

    Here are some of my observations so far. Back in the first season, Mariska Hargitay's character, Olivia Benson, wore really ugly shoes. Seriously. The black, no heel, lace up kind. Like what uniform beat cops wear. Not cute. And especially not cute with the suits she wore. Even as unflattering as those matching pant and jacket combos were. They've definitely sexy-ed her up in the later episodes.

    In season one, there's an episode in which Det Stabler is standing in his bedroom talking to his wife while he undresses for bed. Undresses down to a pair of speedo looking underpants. OMG... did he wear them well. I think I might have hit rewind and pause a few times. LOL!

    This show is about as close to what I do as any other out there. We work cases, interview and interrogate people, arrest bad guys and go to court. My desk faces my partner's in a big squad room just like theirs do. My partner and I drive unmarked cars and dress just like these guys. Our jobs consist of a lot of talking to people and then putting the pieces together.

    In one episode when Stabler and Benson got in a little trouble, they returned to the squad room where another detective motioned towards the captain's office and said "Dad's mad." They both headed right in to his office for their ass chewing. I laughed out loud at that. Cuz we sometimes refer to our supervisor the same way. Except he's "Papi" since he's Puerto Rican. Totally true story.

    One big difference is I don't see Benson and Stabler doing much paperwork. That's probably 50% of our job. Which sucks. But that's real life. I guess viewers don't tune in to watch those two type though, do they?

    Anyway, I'm totally addicted to the show. But I have a big problem. No... I don't consider the fact that I spend a lot of my waking hours zoned out in front of the tube a problem. LOL! The problem is the fact that seasons 8 and 9 haven't been released to DVD yet. Don't know when they will be. Dammit! How am I gonna be able to start season 10 without them?!

    Gotta go. I've got a date with my new imaginary boyfriend, Elliot. *snort*

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Questions Answered: Part 6

    Still not done with your questions. So I'll tackle a few more today. Anything to put off cleaning the bathroom for awhile longer. LOL!

    Kayce asked "What is the first adventure you're going to do with Mia when you guys get home?"

    The one thing I absolutely Can Not Wait To Do is introduce her to my sister's kids. And since there are 5 T's now that's going to be quite an adventure! Watching them get to know their new baby sister and seeing the excitement in their eyes this past week has been so amazing. I can't wait to see that same happiness and excitement when it's time to bring Mia into this family. The excitement in all of mother, my brother and his family, my BFF.... not just the kids. I really look forward to the day I can introduce Mia into our village.

    Tonggu Momma asked "What is your most significant worry when you think ahead to parenting Mia?"

    I have the normal nagging worries that I think every mother has. Will I do this right? Will I raise her to be a happy, confident, successful woman? Will I have enough money to give her everything I want to be able to give her? Enough energy? Will I ever get to sleep late again? LOL! But I know with those things, I'll do just fine.

    My biggest fear is that something would happen to me..... a serious illness or an accident... so that I wouldn't be able to care for her. Or worse, I wouldn't be here at all. Being a single mother, there isn't a partner to pick up the slack. But I just try to keep the faith and believe that I wouldn't be being led to her just to be snatched away. That we have a destiny to fulfill of a long and happy life together. I hope so anyway.

    Michelle asked "What made you decide to use the agency you chose (for China). I'm just curious, because I know we are using the same agency (I'm not saying which one because I'm not sharing that info with the internet.) From my experience, most of the people with this agency live in CA. What led you to them?"

    I touch on the answer somewhat in this post and this post. But since you asked I'll elaborate. Which is good because your question will give me the chance to get all of it down on the blog so that Mia will know her story someday. So bear with me. This is long....

    On January 28, 2006 I went to an adoption fair at a local church. There were many, many agencies represented all in one place. Very convenient and lots of information. My intention was to inquire about the waiting lists for singles. That's back when single people were still allowed to adopt from China but they had quotas. Only 8% of all applications could come from singles. I knew each agency had different policies for how they handled this.

    Some had monstrous waiting lists that stretched out for years. Some worked on a lottery system where they'd open the process twice a year. With this approach, some did a first come-first served type thing where you had to scramble to get your application in fast so you'd get a spot. Others just threw them in a pile and picked at random. Others actually read the applications and picked the ones they thought were the best.

    So I go to this fair thinking I needed to get on some waiting lists in case I chose to adopt. Read that first post I highlighted above to get the whole story. Because at this point in my life, I thought I'd try to get pregnant first and move on to adoption if I wasn't successful. And I always knew if adoption was the path I was to take... it would be a child from China.

    While at the fair, I got some interesting responses from several of the agencies. As soon as I mentioned the word "single" it was like they totally lost interest in me. Very discouraging. I was being steered in the direction of other countries by some just because their waiting lists were so long. Some said I'd need to pay a non-refundable fee just to get on their list and hope they'd get to me. WTF? That can get expensive when you choose to sit on several different lists. Which is what a lot of singles did to increase their odds. Because it wasn't so much the luxury of being able to choose what agency you wanted to work with. It was more in choosing whichever one offered a singles spot the fastest.

    But there were 2 agencies who I really clicked with. Well, not so much the agency but the people there who represented them. Both of these women sat and talked to me for 45 minutes. In totally separate conversations. We talked about their agency, about adoption, about the process, about their own adopted children. But also about my plans to try to get pregnant and then move on to adoption if it didn't work. And they listened. Really listened. With no judgement at all. They didn't try to promote adoption as the way to build my family. Or pressure me to go that route. They didn't suggest I should "get married" first. They just listened to me. It was very much appreciated. (As a side note, I got to go back to the adoption fair a year later and find both these women to tell them how they helped to change my destiny. Interesting story.)

    Unfortunately, neither of them had any idea how the singles waiting list was run because they were clients of the agency. Not the China coordinator. But they both offered up contact info to help me get an answer.

    Agency A invited me to a seminar they were holding at this same church the following weekend. Again what happened at that seminar is in the first highlighted post above. Long story short, my heart was changing. I was beginning to let go of the idea of pregnancy and a biological child. I was becoming more and more certain that I wanted to adopt a daughter from China.

    I was pretty sure I'd sign with this agency because I felt good about them and how they worked. I'd found out their singles waiting list moved pretty quickly. They figured I'd start my paperchase in August.

    But before I mailed off my application to Adoption Agency A, I decided to e-mail the other agency's China coordinator to find out about the status of their singles process. Just out of curiosity really. I got a response later that afternoon saying they had an open singles spot that I could have right then and there!

    But I freaked out and turned it down. I know... can you believe I did that?! I just didn't think I was ready to start my paperchase. Because things were happening in my life very quickly. I'd made the decision to adopt only 11 days after the adoption fair. At that fair, I'd thought my destiny was to try to get pregnant first, remember? My mind was still spinning. I was still having some doubts about the decision. I was still getting the signs I'd asked for.

    It was a process for me to get to the place where I was 100% committed to the idea of adoption. I was still at about 95% when I mailed off my application to Adoption Agency A on February 8th. I figured by August I'd know for sure what I was supposed to do. I was okay with losing the $250 non-refundable application fee if I changed my mind. I thought it was a small price to pay to secure my spot but buy me the time I needed to wrap my brain around all of these decisions I was making.

    Fast forward to Feb 15th. Just one week later I was there. 100% committed to this decision. And I was having major regrets about turning down that singles spot with Agency B. I was starting to realize that if I didn't start the paperchase until August, my dossier wouldn't be logged in China until probably the end of 2006. At the time, the wait until referral was 12-18 mths. So I was thinking I wouldn't have my daughter (whom I'd already fallen in love with the idea of and wanted home ASAP) for about 2 to 2 1/2 years with that kind of timeline. And the thought of that was killing me.

    Yes... I see the irony in that now. I think we all do. Let's not even get into the current wait time as I sit here 2 1/2 yrs after having those thoughts still waiting for that daughter who might be 2 more years away. Let's continue with the story...

    I was really really mad at myself for turning down the open spot with Agency B. Knowing I could start my paperchase right now and probably cut 6 mths or more off my wait. (Ha Ha Ha Ha.... but remember this was Feb '06). I'm a huge believer in fate, destiny, everything happens for a reason. So I tried convincing myself that this was the timeline I was supposed to be on. It didn't work. I was still mad. But just to prove my theory, I decided to call Agency B to inquire about that spot. I assumed that after a week had passed surely someone else had snatched up that very much coveted open spot. Then I could put it to rest and move on with the destiny that had been handed to me.

    I was shocked to find out it was still available and mine for the taking!!! So my destiny was changed. I was supposed to go with Agency B and have a log in date of June 14, 2006 instead.

    To finally answer your question, Michelle.... I'm only with this agency because they were the fastest to offer me an open singles spot. And because I really liked the woman representing this agency who spoke to me at the adoption fair which led me to them in the first place. Well, and because of fate. Obviously. LOL!

    But I'm with the partner agency in Florida. You know which one I mean? (E-mail me if you don't.) I wasn't even aware when I signed the contract with them that I'd actually be represented by your agency (the facilitator) also. But I'm so glad I am. I've heard so many great things about them from the Ya-hoo group and past clients I've spoken to.

    I've gotten used to the lack of communication and no hand holding throughout this wait. I'd rather have that than a bad referral and travel experience. Plus I get all the info I need on my own through the internet or by calling Martha in Florida. I've been convinced to put my trust in Norman and I have. It's comforting to know that he'll take care of everything. So I'm just waiting for the day I get that first call and my destiny is revealed. Until then I try to be patient. I try really hard. LOL!

    Phew! That was long. If you've read all the way through, you have my sympathy. LOL! Now go enjoy the rest of the weekend. I have to go clean the bathroom. Blech! I've put it off long enough.

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    26 & some other stuff...

    Tatum is in love with her new baby sister. Click here and here to see some awfully sweet pics. I'll warn you though. They may overload you with the whole cuteness factor.

    Mom and baby came home from the hospital on Monday. They're both healthy and well. They're adjusting to each other and the household is learning how to be a family with 5 children. I think my sister is counting the days until school starts though. LOL! Especially since this year, she gets a third one out of the house with Tatum starting kindergarden.

    Today marks 26 months into this wait for me. That's a long time. Enough said.The arrival of Tess has been an absolute blessing. But it's also a little bittersweet for me. It's upped my baby fever about a thousand degrees. Some days my heart just aches for the day when it'll be my turn. I know all of you still waiting get that.

    But I was happy to see the CC*AA sent referrals thru January 31, 2006. The rumor was they'd only do thru Jan 27th. Even though there may not have been anyone logged in after that (for my non "adoption junkie" friends.... that's because the Chinese New Year holiday closed their offices for the week of Jan 28-Feb5th that year meaning no one was logged in on those dates), it was still nice to see them end the month of January. Finally. It only took them like..what.. 8 months, I think? Anyway... let's just keep pressing on. Eventually they'll get to me.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to my bloggy buddy, Melissa. Hope you enjoyed your day. By the way, I got the e-mail you sent but haven't had time to respond to it. I know... I suck lately. Sorry. Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. And sending you every bit of good karma, positive vibes and prayers I can muster for you to get this paperwork cluster resolved.Maryellen your's, too. See the part above about me sucking lately with finding time for e-mail. LOL! Just know I miss the TBG's. And thanks for the pic of Hannah. She's as beautiful as ever. You can tell her I said that. :P

    If you like the look of my blog re-design (which I adore by the way) and are in the mood for something for yourself, Danielle is celebrating her 1 year anniversary of blog design by having a huge sale. Click on over to her blog to check it out. I highly recommend her services. And as an added bonus to her fabulous talent... she's really nice, too.

    And to end this post with a little insanity.... have you seen this? It's made international news. That BK is about 15 minutes from my house. Yep, we're famous for all kinds of great things where I come from. LOL! What an idiot. But watch the video until you get a glimpse of him with the reporter. Scary, eh? I'm not sure what to make of the skeleton hand gloves or that crazy eyebrow makeup. Did he think the tie would improve the image somehow? But what did you expect? He's not gonna be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company with that look. Ex-fast food worker is probably the best his resume' is ever gonna get.

    Off to babysit while my sis goes to some open house thing at school. Peace out.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Tatum's Little Sister

    Tess Caroline
    born August 10, 2008 at 11:15am
    7 lbs-7 oz-20 inches

    Heading To The Hospital

    Baby T is on her way!!!!

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Finally it's time....

    I'll be watching the opening ceremonies this evening with a cocktail in hand. The next 2 weeks should be interesting. We're watching history being made, people. I might even need two cocktails for that. :P

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Random Bullet-ness

    My phone rang at 5:42am this morning. Since my sister is probably gonna go into labor any second, I jumped out of bed ready to high tail it to the hospital. But it wasn't her. Just work. I got called in early to interview 3 bad guys who got caught breaking into a store. A couple hours of overtime is always nice but....

    I'm pretty sleepy right now since I was up past midnight last night. Confession. I was watching Tori give birth to baby Stella. If you can figure out what I mean.... don't hold it against me. I happen to like her and her handsome hubby. They're a cute couple. In spite of the whole leaving their spouses to be together sordid affair stuff......

    Speaking of my sister, she's due August 19th. But she has a pattern of delivering about 10 days before the doctor's prediction. Which means this weekend could be Baby T's big entrance.
    We're all holding our breath to see how that goes. I told her the moment she feels the very first contraction or little leak of water breaking she needs to run... not walk ... to the car and get to the hospital. Otherwise we'll have a repeat of the bathtub incident. I'll let y'all know.....

    By the way, I swiped the pic from her blog. I figured since she posted it, she wouldn't mind if I showed it over here, too. That's some belly, eh? :)

    My new diaper bag came in the mail. I love it! But the color is a little more peachy pink than I'd prefer. But I love the style. So I'm sticking with it. Unless something else catches my eye sometime in the next 2 years before my referral. I only wish I were joking....

    The rumors are that the CC*AA is gonna match thru January 27th. That's 2 days, peeps. Which really vigorously inhales (wink, Robin). It's going to take them 8 months just to refer all the log in dates in January. I'm in June. If they keep up that pace, I'll get a referral sometime in 2010. Hopefully. But let's not go there just now.....

    The countdown is on to the big O. It's only 2 days away. No... not that big O. The Olympics, silly! I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony. I plan to be in front of my TV with a cocktail. As interested as I am to watch some of this unfold and as exciting as it is to realize this historical event is being held in the birthplace of my daughter...truth is I can't wait for it to be over. It's all I've heard about for the last 2 1/2 yrs since I started this adoption. I just want them behind me. Behind all of us....

    I'm all tuckered out, folks. And my bullets don't want to work... so you just get plain old unexciting paragraphs. It's the best I can do. Nite y'all.

    Saturday, August 02, 2008

    Questions Answered: Part 5

    So on to some of your fun questions .......

    Pugmama asked "What are you wearing?"
    Nothing but a smile, babe. ;)

    Rhonda asked "How much is that doggy in the window?"
    He's priceless. Besides... my doggy is NOT for sale.

    Alison asked "What is the strangest talent you have?
    I'm double jointed. Freakishly cool, eh?

    Alison also asked "Did you have a childhood nickname?"
    Nope. Not really. Until I got to jr high. That's when my BFF and I decided to call ourselves Special K and Little D (she was and still is 4'11). Don't blame us. It was the 80's Run DMC era.

    Alison again "What is your ringtone?"
    Right now it's just the boring standard generic cell phone ring. Cuz I'm too lazy to pick something else. But when I had my old phone it used to be that song by the Pussycat Dolls. You know...."Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Uh-huh (said with a snap)... that's back when I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. Which sadly was about 60 lbs ago. :(

    Alison just kept it up with the questions and asked "Are you spunky? Do you like your oatmeal lumpy?"
    You've met me. Do you think I'm spunky? I'm thinking you'd answer.... uhhh... yes. And girlfriend, I love my oatmeal lumpy!

    Janet asked "What is your favorite kind of cereal? (Dumb question, because of your blog name?)"
    I have no idea what the blog name reference means in relation to cereal, Janet. Is that some kinda Canadian thing that us Yanks aren't aware of? Cuz I have no idea here. But to answer the question. I love cereal. All kinds. I don't have just one favorite. I love Life, Raisin Bran, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, Cocoa Krispies.... I could go on and on. I love cereal.

    Janet also asked "Do you floss?"
    I paid for braces on my teeth when I was 24. I was fanatical about cleaning my teeth for the few years I had to wear those things. But now the answer would have to be... I don't floss nearly as much as my dentist would prefer.

    Ava's family asked "Why do you and The Princess always seem to end up sharing a bed?"
    Cuz we like each other. A lot. :P

    Liene asked "Have you traveled outside the US - not including Canada & Mexico?"
    Nope. Unless you count the ports of call on a couple cruises I've been on. Places like San Juan, St Thomas, Cayman and Jamaica. I've been to Mexico a few times. And I'll just apologize now to all my Canadian fans and say that sadly, I've yet to go to visit your country. But I hear it's a nice place in spite of the igloos and dog sleds, right Catherine & Doris? LOL! (Sorry... inside joke.) I love to travel but unfortunately it costs. If money were no object I'd travel all over Europe. I have London, Paris, and somewhere in Italy on my list of things to do before I die though. I'll make it there at some point.

    Liene also asked "When you were a teenager which celebrity were you in love with?"
    My side of the bedroom was plastered with Duran Duran posters. I actually remember having this one up on the wall! Ahh.. the memories. I was in love with the lead singer, Simon Le Bon. He's the hot one in the middle. But at some point changed it to the bass player, John Taylor, the cutie on the far right. My sister's side of the bedroom sported Wham posters. Carla, you had this one, didn't you? I remember it.But I bet it's a little disappointing to find out your big teen crush turned out to be gay, huh? LOL!

    Liene again "Who is you favorite Disney character?"
    Sorry. I don't have one. Never gave it much thought.

    Liene had a lot of questions. "If you could learn any language which one would it be and why?"
    I'd love to be able to speak another language. Mandarin would be a good choice to have that connection for my daughter. French or Italian would be good choices just because they're so sophisticated and sexy. But Spanish would be the most practical for the sake of my job. We've had a big increase in our Hispanic population here recently. To be able to communicate more effectively would be huge.

    M3 asked "What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?"
    Man.. I've had a few bad hairstyles. But I think my family would agree the worst was around freshman year of high school when I sported this wet looking hard as concrete hairdo. I'd put a bunch of gel in it while it was still wet and then blow dry my bangs straight up and over to the side. Oh, I forgot to mention I had a really curly perm. The end result was like a jerri curl looking thing with big bangs. But since I'm just a white girl I couldn't achieve that "juicy" hair look. Instead it ended up looking wet but was crunchy and my bangs were so hard I could've put an eye out. It was bad. And no, I won't be sharing pictures.

    Island Girl asked "Are you ever going to show us your house now that you are done painting? You said you would!"
    Yes... eventually I will. I was trying to wait until it was completely finished. Not just the paint. The painting is done. But I'm changing the whole style of the living and dining rooms. The curtains are still in the process of being made. That's pretty much the last thing to do. But my mom is working on them. When it's completely completed, I'll share. :)

    Island Girl also asked "If the color pink never existed what would your house be colored now?"
    Well thank gawd that's not the case. Cuz I can't even entertain the thought of anything else. There is no other choice for me. Pink is my color. But if I have to answer the question, I'd say fuschia. Or is that just another word for pink? LOL!

    Amy asked "What is your favorite guilty food?"
    All of it. Remember the 60 lbs I mentioned earlier? That's called "2 yrs of the adoption wait weight". Seriously. I only wish I were joking.

    Happy Weekend, y'all!