Saturday, August 02, 2008

Questions Answered: Part 5

So on to some of your fun questions .......

Pugmama asked "What are you wearing?"
Nothing but a smile, babe. ;)

Rhonda asked "How much is that doggy in the window?"
He's priceless. Besides... my doggy is NOT for sale.

Alison asked "What is the strangest talent you have?
I'm double jointed. Freakishly cool, eh?

Alison also asked "Did you have a childhood nickname?"
Nope. Not really. Until I got to jr high. That's when my BFF and I decided to call ourselves Special K and Little D (she was and still is 4'11). Don't blame us. It was the 80's Run DMC era.

Alison again "What is your ringtone?"
Right now it's just the boring standard generic cell phone ring. Cuz I'm too lazy to pick something else. But when I had my old phone it used to be that song by the Pussycat Dolls. You know...."Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Uh-huh (said with a snap)... that's back when I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. Which sadly was about 60 lbs ago. :(

Alison just kept it up with the questions and asked "Are you spunky? Do you like your oatmeal lumpy?"
You've met me. Do you think I'm spunky? I'm thinking you'd answer.... uhhh... yes. And girlfriend, I love my oatmeal lumpy!

Janet asked "What is your favorite kind of cereal? (Dumb question, because of your blog name?)"
I have no idea what the blog name reference means in relation to cereal, Janet. Is that some kinda Canadian thing that us Yanks aren't aware of? Cuz I have no idea here. But to answer the question. I love cereal. All kinds. I don't have just one favorite. I love Life, Raisin Bran, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats, Cocoa Krispies.... I could go on and on. I love cereal.

Janet also asked "Do you floss?"
I paid for braces on my teeth when I was 24. I was fanatical about cleaning my teeth for the few years I had to wear those things. But now the answer would have to be... I don't floss nearly as much as my dentist would prefer.

Ava's family asked "Why do you and The Princess always seem to end up sharing a bed?"
Cuz we like each other. A lot. :P

Liene asked "Have you traveled outside the US - not including Canada & Mexico?"
Nope. Unless you count the ports of call on a couple cruises I've been on. Places like San Juan, St Thomas, Cayman and Jamaica. I've been to Mexico a few times. And I'll just apologize now to all my Canadian fans and say that sadly, I've yet to go to visit your country. But I hear it's a nice place in spite of the igloos and dog sleds, right Catherine & Doris? LOL! (Sorry... inside joke.) I love to travel but unfortunately it costs. If money were no object I'd travel all over Europe. I have London, Paris, and somewhere in Italy on my list of things to do before I die though. I'll make it there at some point.

Liene also asked "When you were a teenager which celebrity were you in love with?"
My side of the bedroom was plastered with Duran Duran posters. I actually remember having this one up on the wall! Ahh.. the memories. I was in love with the lead singer, Simon Le Bon. He's the hot one in the middle. But at some point changed it to the bass player, John Taylor, the cutie on the far right. My sister's side of the bedroom sported Wham posters. Carla, you had this one, didn't you? I remember it.But I bet it's a little disappointing to find out your big teen crush turned out to be gay, huh? LOL!

Liene again "Who is you favorite Disney character?"
Sorry. I don't have one. Never gave it much thought.

Liene had a lot of questions. "If you could learn any language which one would it be and why?"
I'd love to be able to speak another language. Mandarin would be a good choice to have that connection for my daughter. French or Italian would be good choices just because they're so sophisticated and sexy. But Spanish would be the most practical for the sake of my job. We've had a big increase in our Hispanic population here recently. To be able to communicate more effectively would be huge.

M3 asked "What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?"
Man.. I've had a few bad hairstyles. But I think my family would agree the worst was around freshman year of high school when I sported this wet looking hard as concrete hairdo. I'd put a bunch of gel in it while it was still wet and then blow dry my bangs straight up and over to the side. Oh, I forgot to mention I had a really curly perm. The end result was like a jerri curl looking thing with big bangs. But since I'm just a white girl I couldn't achieve that "juicy" hair look. Instead it ended up looking wet but was crunchy and my bangs were so hard I could've put an eye out. It was bad. And no, I won't be sharing pictures.

Island Girl asked "Are you ever going to show us your house now that you are done painting? You said you would!"
Yes... eventually I will. I was trying to wait until it was completely finished. Not just the paint. The painting is done. But I'm changing the whole style of the living and dining rooms. The curtains are still in the process of being made. That's pretty much the last thing to do. But my mom is working on them. When it's completely completed, I'll share. :)

Island Girl also asked "If the color pink never existed what would your house be colored now?"
Well thank gawd that's not the case. Cuz I can't even entertain the thought of anything else. There is no other choice for me. Pink is my color. But if I have to answer the question, I'd say fuschia. Or is that just another word for pink? LOL!

Amy asked "What is your favorite guilty food?"
All of it. Remember the 60 lbs I mentioned earlier? That's called "2 yrs of the adoption wait weight". Seriously. I only wish I were joking.

Happy Weekend, y'all!


Sandra said...

I had a Duran Duran and Wham posters in my room, too!!

Traci said...

Seriously? You can't put together Special K with Special K cereal but you love, love cereal? That's just crazy, Krista.

Oh!! And I can do the same thing with my fingers. Cool, huh?


OziMum said...

I couldn't work out that "blog name/cereal" connection.. thanks Traci... it appears, I'm just as thick as Krista!!!

HEy, don't diss the "concrete wet gel hair" look!!! At least there were no "fly aways" right?!!

When your smile is as good as yours... why would you wear anything else?!!! Oh geez... did that sound a bit gay?!!

I was also going to admit George Michael was my fav hottie in the 80s... maybe I do have gay tendancies?!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

what a cool post! Unbelievable the questions people come up with huh.

Catherine said...'s just so unfair to give such a vivid word pic of your funky hair and then not post a pic. We need pics...we need pics!

When you decide to visit us northers be sure to let me know so that I can thaw some of my best caribou for you and cook it up for you in my igloo! I'll need to know when you're coming too so that I can warm up the dogs and take you for a sled ride!

Until then...I'm out to enjoy the 80o temps and sun today! Yup, despite what you may think down there, it's hot, hot, hot up here and we're lovin' it!

kris said...

Oh my god I can totally do that with my hands, I freak people out with it. I was called LeBon in HS- embarrassing but true, I had 200+ big posters, over 600 small ones from those mags, EVERY album and EP (even brought over by my cuz from Japan), 100 pins, books on them in Japanese- the list goes on. My room was huge and it was wall to wall/ceiling, all Duran Duran. I also had 2nd row for their concert.

When I look back. SO embarrassing. Like you, I switched to JT at some point.

I'm fascinated we had this love in common.

Peace out girl scout.

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

I just KNEW it! =)

George Michael is the sexiest gay man I know (stated honestly after watching him shake it for 2 hours last night.) Was far from disappointing =) Good God. He even dabbled in some WHAM business . . . took me way back.

Haven't u ever had Special K cereal?

a Tonggu Momma said...

Will you still be my friend if I say I don't like pink?

Traci said...

I sounded so damn rude! I'm sorry...seriously I didn't mean to sound so rude. I do love Special K cereal. The only cereal I eat.

Sorry, sorry, sorry!


wzgirl said...

I had the big Rob Lowe pic in my room. And, I agree *WHOLEHEARTEDLY* those above that called you on describing that amazing hair and not sharing a pic. Amazing. (Pretty Please?)


Tanya said...

Mmmmm.... Vanilla Almond Special K is the best cereal ever.

Liene said...

Not a Disney fan, eh??? You better get prepared because Mia will be all over those Disney Princesses!

I've been trying to learn French and Italian. Lane is working on the Italian much more than I am. We have family that speaks fluent Italian so we thought it would be fun to learn.

Loving reading the answers!!! I've been having to catch up though after vacation!

Kate said...

Okay...coming out of my semi lurkdom to say...I really enjoyed reading your answers to these (sometimes very funny!) questions. It was a lot of fun from my seat! Honestly (and I do like to be honest with those on the right side of the law...) I was totally freaked out by your double jointed picture...but I'm working on some ways you might parlay that into some old hard cash...will let you know what I come up with....

Thanks for the smiles!


Special K said...


No worries. I didn't think you were being rude. It's just that Janet said "blog name". I took that to mean what my header says. You know my blog's name...

I didn't realize she meant MY name that I use on the blog. My profile name... or whatever you call it.

Now I get it. Just was a little slow in that moment. LOL!