Saturday, July 31, 2010

Knew He Was A Hottie But.....

My bestie and I headed down to the river on Tuesday to see J0hn Mayer in concert. He was phenomenal! I snagged these pics from another friend. Cuz I actually followed the rule that said "No Cameras Allowed". I know... what was I thinking?
It was an outdoor venue but we were lucky enough to get tickets for some really great seats instead of being way back on the lawn. The only downside.... the temp and humidity were freakin' sweltering already. Then pack all those people in like sardines. Ugh! It was miserable. Luckily, they had a margarita vendor to help ease the pain. And JM was worth it. I'm a big fan of his music.

But next time I think it's a great idea to go to an outdoor concert in July.... remind me of this night, please. So I can find an air conditioned venue or wait for the fall/winter tour. LOL!

Wanna Buy The Chair?

For those of you who asked.... it can be found here. Make sure you enter the promo code MONEYSAVER at checkout to save 10% if you plan a purchase.

I absolutely love this chair! It seems very sturdy and well built. I'll have to see if that's true once Mia actually gets here though. But so far I'm very happy that I splurged and bought it. It'll live in the living room for lounging and TV watching. Unfortunately, there's no more space in her bedroom. Luckily, it matches my decor perfectly and looks like it was made for the room. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Simply Fabulous

Of course she HAD to have it.
Doesn't every little girl need a hot pink chenille rocker and ottoman with her name on it?
Don't judge. LOL!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WTF is a Meow Meow?

Anyone watching Big-Brother? It's a summertime guilty pleasure for me. Totally mindless drama. And there really isn't much else on TV to watch this time of year anyway. So let's dish about the cast, shall we?

Rachel - This chick drives me insane. She has giant, ridiculous looking boobs, the most annoying voice and laugh, comes across like she has only a few dying brain cells left in her head...yet she's supposedly a chemist? Seriously? Her game play sucks cuz she's latched on to Brendon and is gonna play the game as his little bitch, doing whatever makes HIM happy. Moron.

Brendon - Yeah.... he lost all cool points with me when he started screwing the moron listed above. Enuff said.

Britney and Monet - So far the only thing I can see is they're total catty bitches trash talking everyone. Rachel is their biggest target. Yet they cry their eyes out when she puts them on the block for eviction. Are you really surprised?

Andrew - What the hell is the matter with this guy? He's socially retarded. Just hasn't got a clue.

Matt - Over playing the game and it's gonna come back to bite him soon.

Enzo - Douchebag. First of all, he came up with a stupid name for his alliance. The Brigade. Really? Then he nicknames himself "The Meow Meow". WTF does that even mean? Does that mean something in Jersey? Cuz I'm from the midwest and here it means nothing more than maybe "you're an idiot for calling yourself that". Anyone from Jersey wanna shed some light here? Kristen? Every time he opens his mouth to speak I just have this overwhelming urge to punch him in the face.

Haven't really formed any solid opinions on anyone else yet. But I'll be watching. A few more episodes in and maybe I'll identify a favorite. Right now though... I'm just thinking this cast is pretty underwhelming considering the last couple seasons.


Monday, July 19, 2010

They're Gonna Give Me A Baby? Really?

It's official. China really did match through May 10th. So that keeps me on target for a January referral with travel most likely late Feb/early March. Which is only about 7-8 mths away.

With that realization there has been much freak out in my head the last week. I mean, I knew when I made the decision to adopt that meant I'd have a baby someday. But it's really hitting me that I'll actually have to take care of said baby and attempt to successfully raise her to adulthood. YKWIM?

Take this evening for example. A simple trip to the grocery store. Well, simple in my old life. The single, care free, worry about no one but myself life. But now... now everything was a freak out. I passed a woman in the produce section shopping with a baby in a car seat thingy attached to her cart...and it went downhill from there.

Is that how I'm going to have to shop from now on? How do you even get that thing attached to the cart? What if the baby throws a fit in the middle of the store? What kind of groceries am I even going to buy? What do you feed a baby? What if she's allergic to something? Will I only figure that out as she goes into anaphylactic shock? Oh crap... I have to find a pediatrician. How do I do that? Do you interview a doc before the baby gets here? What makes a pediatrician a good one?

Stop. Snap out of it. It'll all be fine. You'll figure it out. That's what I told myself. Until I passed the mom with the baby again....

How am I going to load the groceries in the car? Put the baby in first? What if she starts crying? What if it's hot? Start the car and turn on the air. What if the door accidentally locks? Now she's stuck in there and the thing is running. No... keep her in the cart while I unload it. But what if a car loses control and comes careening through the parking lot? Better put her in the car. But then how do I get the cart back? And how do I carry the groceries in the house? Leave her in the car? Bring her in the house first?

The same thing happened as I was mowing the grass yesterday. How am I gonna mow the grass with a baby and no husband?! Strap her to my back in the Ergo? Do it while she's napping and keep a baby monitor plastered to my ear in case she wakes up? Stick her in a playpen on the deck and hope she can entertain herself and not be terrified of a loud lawnmower? Hire a sitter? Hire a lawn boy? Call Grandma?

OMG! I'm freaking out, people. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I have 7-8 more months to continue the freak out. Who knows what crazy stuff will pop into my head between now and then!! Tell me this is normal, right?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Could It Be True?

The July referral batch is late. But today we heard the first rumors of a cut off date. Normally that means referrals aren't far behind. They'll probably start landing by the end of the week.

Back to the more important news.... The Cut Off Date. It's rumored to be May 10th!!!!!

Now it's not officially official yet but there are some European agencies that have already posted it on their websites like it's the gospel. So the heavy leaning is towards this being accurate info.

And do you know what that means, y'all? It means they have just started referring the month before mine!! Right before mine. Like directly in front of it. And not only that...but there would be only 35 more days to be matched before they get to me. 35 days.

For those of you not obsessively doing the math, studying the averages, and forecasting the possibilities that means I will most likely see a referral in December or January. That is 6 months or less from right now. OMG!

When that realization hit me I felt like I was going to throw up. But in a good way. Not that vomiting is good...but you know what I mean. A wave of excitement started in the pit of my stomach and for the first time in almost 2 years I truly believed I'll make it to the end of this wait........with a daughter!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Wave

According to the weatherman, most of the Midwest and East Coast is suffering from some hell hot temperatures this week. I guess it's payback for those wonderful 75 degree, no humidity days last week. And let me just tell you...this sucks! I'm not a fan of 90+ weather. Not at all.

I waited until dark to water my flowerbeds thinking it might be a little cooler. Uhmm... not so much. I lasted until the sweat began running down my back and then gave up. Instead I retreated back into the AC and cracked open a Smirnoff-Ice... with emphasis on the "ice" part. Hopefully, this will help. Don't expect to see me outside until this weekend when supposedly the spell breaks and we return to normal.

So how's the weather where you are?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Next Year?

My city has one of the most spectacular Independence Day fireworks displays around. People come from all over the area to watch the show. I love the fireworks but I hate going to the festival. I'm not a crowd person... especially when it's hot. Yes, I see the irony in the fact that I just described China, right? I'll just have to suck it up then. But when I have a choice in matters like these ... I'll choose comfort any day of the week. Which means staying the heck away from crowds, massive traffic jams, fighting for parking spaces, etc. I just stay home. Plus the show is so dang loud! My house is about 8 miles from downtown but I can still always hear the muffled booms. It's ridiculously loud when you're sitting right underneath the show.

But last night as I was driving home from a dinner out with friends I could see the fireworks display. Yes... it was actually July 3rd. The city has always celebrated Independence Day on the 3rd. I don't get the logic either... but whatev. Anyway, as I got closer to the city limits I realized I actually have a very good vantage point just a few blocks from my house. I never realized it before because of all the trees on my street that block the view. You know, because I'm usually At Home when the fireworks show is happening. LOL!

I had an amazing epiphany when I realized I could take Mia to see the fireworks close to home and without all the overwhelming crowds and loud noise. And then I was overcome with emotion when I realized we'd most likely be seeing the fireworks together next year.

Together! Next 4th of July.