Sunday, July 04, 2010

Next Year?

My city has one of the most spectacular Independence Day fireworks displays around. People come from all over the area to watch the show. I love the fireworks but I hate going to the festival. I'm not a crowd person... especially when it's hot. Yes, I see the irony in the fact that I just described China, right? I'll just have to suck it up then. But when I have a choice in matters like these ... I'll choose comfort any day of the week. Which means staying the heck away from crowds, massive traffic jams, fighting for parking spaces, etc. I just stay home. Plus the show is so dang loud! My house is about 8 miles from downtown but I can still always hear the muffled booms. It's ridiculously loud when you're sitting right underneath the show.

But last night as I was driving home from a dinner out with friends I could see the fireworks display. Yes... it was actually July 3rd. The city has always celebrated Independence Day on the 3rd. I don't get the logic either... but whatev. Anyway, as I got closer to the city limits I realized I actually have a very good vantage point just a few blocks from my house. I never realized it before because of all the trees on my street that block the view. You know, because I'm usually At Home when the fireworks show is happening. LOL!

I had an amazing epiphany when I realized I could take Mia to see the fireworks close to home and without all the overwhelming crowds and loud noise. And then I was overcome with emotion when I realized we'd most likely be seeing the fireworks together next year.

Together! Next 4th of July.


Kim said...

Mia will LOVE THEM..
Soooo happy for you girly.. you are REALLY getting soooo close..
Happy 4th..

wzgirl said...

krista! It won't be hot when you go to China - b/c you'll be traveling this winter, right? That's what I was thinking anyway....xo

thegreybullet said...

How spectacular those fireworks will be next year!! I am sure they will explode more and show more light display as you will be holding your precious daughter in your arms! I hope the day comes very soon as you deserve and have waited so patiently!

Debz said...

There will be a new reason to celebrate Independance Day next year....all the firsts are monumental...even if your 3 blocks away! (I'm with you with crouds,,,,luckily we didn't find it a problem when we were in China. Must have been the time of year?)
Happy 4th girl. You are soooooo close! Finally!

Carla said...

Avoiding crowds, good. Enjoying the show with an excited little person, great.

Michal said...

Ev loves fireworks but only if they are far off and she can be in a quiet place with us- no big crowds. So- it sounds like your plan is the way to go!!!
Oh how fun will that be?!?!?!

Kayce said...

oooooo I can't wait for your post next year!!!! :)

Laura said...

I hope your dream comes true and you're holding your daughter next year!!!