Sunday, October 15, 2006

Secret Pal Goodies & Other Stuff, Too

I got another Secret Pal gift the other day. Look how adorable this outfit is. And the jumper is so soft. I love the Dr Seuss board book. I can't wait until the day I can read books to my daughter. My Secret Pal also included a quilt square and wish for Mia. The orange M&M guy is a pacifier holder that you clip on their clothes so you don't lose the binky. Cool stuff. Thanks Secret Pal!
My mom has gotten sucked into the ladybug obsession. I thought I'd include some of her latest gifts for Mommy and Mia. She can't resist now when she runs across this stuff. Up top is a gorgeous stained glass wind chime that I love! Below is a big stuffed ladybug and a cute little board book "The Five Little Ladybugs". It includes this cool little hand puppet to use while you read along.
Then as if I wasn't spoiled enough as it is... sweet Connie brought this with her last night because she said she was reminded of me when she saw them. I love these Cincinnati Bengals socks! They'll look great with Mia's new jersey. The penguin is actually a felt book. So cute. Okay let me explain the Bratz doll. When we were shopping together, I mentioned that I thought these were cool and I wished they'd had these when we were kids cuz all I ever got was that goody goody Barbie. I don't think Connie agreed. In fact, when she gave me this she referred to it as a Baby Slutz instead of a Baby Bratz. Okay, okay it's just a joke. Let's not offend any Bratz lovers out there. LOL! But even so, I don't think Mia will have any of these.... at least not until she's a bit older anyway. :P

Thanks Connie! You have a very generous heart.... and an out of control shopping gene!


Connie said...

How did I miss that wind chime last night? I love it...I may have had to just klepto that right off of your porch :0)

Yep, the ho-baby was just for you! Did you notice she has some kind of dragonfly lookin' doo-dad? That was a major selling point ;0)

Joannah said...

Great gifts! This is going to be like a year-and-a-half long baby shower for all of us!

Kristen said...

Soo much to catch up on... I just can't go away anymore.. at least not without a computer!!

wow, Krista thanks for sharing your Plan B story. it was very touching and definitely hit "close to home" i give huge credit for having the guts to share something so personal with the whole bloggy world.

What a fun sat night you planned.. and what great gifts you received. sounded like fun... and some really gross conversation!!!

Stacy said...

I love the ladybug puppet, that is awesome!

The windchimes are really neat!