Monday, October 30, 2006

The First Dream

I just wanted to record this in case later on it turns out to have some meaning. Last night, I had the strangest dreams. I had trouble sleeping and woke up several times. Once I woke up after having a dream about a beautiful little Chinese baby girl. It was so odd. Two men were carrying her around on this stretcher-cot-thing. I found this picture that sort of explains the concept. In my dream it was similar to this but with no bottom. Just one man in the front and one at the back carrying this beautiful little sleeping baby. She was dressed in a beautiful red silk brocade outfit and was very regal almost like she was royalty. There were two other very beautiful Asian women standing near dressed like geishas. With the elaborate hair-dos, face paint and silk kimonos. (I know that geishas are Japanese. I can't control my subconcious.) These two men were searching for this baby's mother. And then I woke up. Very strange.

Later I dreamt again. This time I was in someone's living room with my daughter. There were people on the couch. The room didn't look familair to me and the faces on the couch were a blur but in the dream it felt familiar to me. Like these people were family or friends that we were visiting. My daughter was maybe 3. She was standing up and had hair to her shoulders. She said a 4 word sentence. Now that I'm awake, I can't remember what it was but it was a question that started with the word "Do". The second word was an extra word that didn't belong in the sentence. Sort of like how toddlers speak, interpreting speech in their own way but still getting the point across. I was very proud of her and commented to the people about how smart she was becoming, being able to start forming complete sentences. I was standing next to her and tousled her hair when I said that. Then I bent down and kissed her cheek and hugged her shoulders. She had a big smile on her face, basking in her mother's praises and affection. And then I woke up.

The first dream was confusing and made me feel sad and a little scared. The second dream was comforting and filled my heart with love as if my daughter were already home and a part of my life. I imagine it's the same feelings I'll have when I truly am her mother. It was nice. I have no idea what this means or if it means anything at all. But it's the first dream I've had of my daughter. And I feel that it's important to record it in case later on this day somehow is important. Maybe she was born today. Or maybe my subconscious is just feeling the stress of waiting for this month's long overdue referrals. Or maybe I just ate something that made me feel out of sorts all night. Who knows... Whatever the case may be, it is now documented.


Connie said...

And one of these days that second dream will be reality for sure!

The first one...hmmm...images of your daughter 'suspended'. Okay, okay...I'll quit with the dream analysis thing.

We'll have to chat about that in Detroit. I love hearing about what other people's subconscious are up to!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Those dreams can be so comforting. The one time I dreamt of being a Mom to my baby, I woke with a lovely & comforted feeling.

The 2nd one is a perhaps a precog to what your future holds!

Good for you for documenting them. Interesting to look back and see what happened on this day.

Keep smilin!

Donna said...

Very strange...I'm glad the second dream made you feel better though.

I think we all have weird dreams during the wait. I had one where I went to the orphanage to get my daughter and they handed me an african-american little boy!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Ahhh keep dreaming girl!! I dream so much about Channing, its crazy!! I know your 2nd dream is not far away...and like you said maybe this is the day she is born!!
Most of my dreams are of "Gotcha Day"....maybe because that will be the greatest day of my life!!
I'm soo glad you remembered so much of your dreams. I never can!!!

S&S said...

Regardless of the meaning of the dream - it brought you closer to your daughter in a small way.

I'm sure someday Mia will love reading the adventures of your wait.

And thanks for sharing them with all of us.

Sherry Spring

tracy said...

Thanks for sharing. Maybe Mia was born today. Time will tell, but it's nice that you documented it for future reference.

Shovelin' Fool said...

I think they are BOTH great dreams, signs that Mia is getting closer and closer :)

Tamara said...

Dreams feel so real- very smart of you to document them as they very well may have some meaning for you in the future.

Sandy said...

Doesn't it just rock your world to dream of your daughter! Such a surreal moment in time!