Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Travis!

February 26th was the little Travis' 7th birthday. There are two Travis' in our family which causes confusion sometimes. The little guy was named for our brother. We used to call them Big Travis and Little Travis just to tell them apart in our conversations. But lately, our brother has morphed into Uncle Travis. Anyway, I digress....
Here he is with his birthday cake and the blue ice cream that he picked out himself. Yes it tasted just about as good as it looked. Blech. Travis LOVES dinosaurs and trains. I've been buying him those Imaginext dinosaurs for several years now. In fact, I think the novelty has seriously worn off of these as presents for that kid. Next year, I've gotta come up with a new gig. Especially when he opened it and said something along the lines of "Awww this is the one I didn't want. " Well, I crashed and burned on that one. At least somebody liked it. Can you say tomboy?
Travis is the second born of my sister's four. He's our sensitive, overly dramatic child. You can't joke with him AT ALL. And forget sarcasm cuz it's lost on him. He takes everything you say literally and gets his feelings hurt easily. But he's very loveable and sweet. He loves to cuddle. When he was younger, he'd accompany the cuddling by professing "I yike you." He stills does it but has now learned to pronounce his L's. He's going to be the athlete while his older brother, Tanner, is more of the bookworm. Hey this kid slid into the base last year in T-ball like a pro. He bent his leg, went down for the slide and bounced right back up on his feet on the base.... at 6! He and Tanner were born in Texas. When Travis was 2 weeks old my sister and her husband loaded up a U-Haul and drove here because my sister was homesick. I'm so glad they moved back. Thanks to her husband, Bobby, for agreeing to that one cuz I couldn't imagine my life without the T's. Here's a rare picture of all of them at once without any fighting, crying or fussing. Check out their adventures over at my sister's blog Tales of the T's.
Happy Birthday Travis (a little late)!! I love you.
Disclaimer: I didn't forget his birthday. Just forgot to post about it ON his birthday.


Lee-Anne said...

Birthday wishes to you, Little Travis!

Stacy said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Travis!!

Krista they are the cutest little group! Funny line, "This was the one I didn't want." That made me laugh outloud. Only a kid could get away with that one!!!

You must be busy. Haven't heard from you very much. I have been thinking about you.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mark & Michelle said...

I love the lines that kids come out with! They really are so honest!

Happy birthday Travis!

wzgirl said...

I'll bet that ice cream sits in your fridge for quite a while...haha! Again, I say, what a cool auntie you are, Krista. XO

Lisa and Doug said...

Happy Belated Birthday Travis!

C.J. said...

Happy Birthday to the young Mr. Travis!

Cake = yum. Blue ice cream? Someone put a smurf in a blender?

Beautiful kids...Mia is gonna have quite the fun with her niece and nephews. Never a quiet moment ;0)