Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Connie Tagged Me

Isn't it funny that we as mature, intelligent, educated adults still play these little high school games? Yeah... okay so they're fun. Here's my ABC's.

A - available or taken: Available... technically. But I'm with Connie on this one. At the moment, I'm not interested and not looking. I've got more important things to focus on. But I don't mind a little company now and then (wink wink) .... and then he can leave. Hey, a girl has needs.

B- best friend: I have to count my sister, Carla, and my bestest bud, Lisa.

C- cake or pie: Cake with buttercream icing...mmmm.

D- drink of choice: If we're talking the alcoholic variety then margaritas. Although I've been experimenting with martinis lately. Apple-tinis, raspberry-tinis and cosmopolitans.

E-essential item you use everyday: The toilet. :)

F-favorite color: Pink. And green but only if it's paired with the pink. LOL!

G-gummy bears or worms: If I had to choose... then worms but neither are my cup o'tea.

H-hometown: Well since it says it here in more than one place already... Dayton, Ohio.

I-indulgence: Cheesecake.

J-January or February: February it's my birthday!

K-kid's names: She will be Mia Renee (chinese name) when she gets here.

L-life incomplete without: As sappy as it sounds... my daughter. And the other important people in my life.

M-marriage date: May 31,1999. The day I found out he was cheating Dec 10, 1999. The day my divorce was final May 2, 2001. Yeah... he was a bastard.

N-number of siblings: 1 younger sis and 1 younger bro plus a half-bro & half-sis from my father's second marriage.

O-oranges or apples: Both.

P-phobias or fears: Not too fond of heights. Even bungee jumping didn't cure it.

Q-favorite quote: "Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone else to bring you flowers." My single woman's motto....

R-reason to smile: Because my daughter is finally on her way. I just have to be patient.

S-season: I love the Fall. Pumpkins, hayrides, apple cider, Halloween, the leaves changing. Love all of it!

T-tag 4 people: I'll tag my sis, Carla. Any other 3 people who want to do it ...feel free to help yourelf to a tag.

U-unknown fact about me: I had braces when I was 24. Now I wear a retainer at night when I sleep..... alone.

V-veggie I don't like: Brussel Sprouts. Blech!

W-worst habit: I'm always running late. Always.

X-xrays: I was scanned every 12 hours or so when I spent 16 days in ICU. I'm pretty much radioactive.

Y-your favorite food: All of it.... hence the need for the new year's resolution diet.

Z-zodiac: Aquarius


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that poem/quote in a number of years. I have it written in one of my journals. Love it! SO you're a Feb baby too? Quite a growing club! My SIL makes a great pomegranite-tini. mmmmmm! Man, now I'm craving buttercream frosting....

Anonymous said...

YOU FREAKIN BUNGEE JUMPED??? And you are afraid of heights? Girl...hats off to you! Me...never ever!! (unless I was told I'd have a referral tomorrow, then you betcha!!)

Krista said...

Yep Colleen ... twice. It was a 2 for 1 special day. Seriously.
The first time was hard cuz it was so high but the second time I knew what to expect. I was petrified! But I did it... but I was also like 20 yrs old. Young, stupid and reckless. Not so sure I'd do it nowadays.

Mark & Michelle said...

I wear a retainer too - I was older then 24 when I got braces for the SECOND time!!!

tracy said...

I can't believe you bungee jumped, never ever ever would I do that!

Great list, I've been tagged as well. Maybe I'll get it up tomorrow. We are having our National Day of Mourning from our Buckeye loss today...no work for me.

Connie said...

Seems those sprouts are pretty detested all aroung....evil cabbage embryos DOES fit ;0)

In regard to X' - that explains the 'glow' I've always seen about you!

Anonymous said...

I'm still drooling on "buttercream icing". YUM!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed you went bungee jumping (TWICE!!!)
You are my new hero!

Anonymous said...

bungee jumping and you repeated it???????????????

poor brussel sprouts, no one likes them!!!!!

Dunn Family said...

OK, I love that you went bungee jumping, VERY BRAVE!
But, what a jerk your x was, butthead...

Can't wait to read about your story unfolding!