Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Any Philadelphians in the House?

Okay loyal readers I'm counting on you for some help here. :)

I've got a friend who is frantically paperchasing in Philadelphia. She's a single mom trying to beat the new CCAA regulations. She has some questions about how to get a local police clearance letter. She has a "state" police clearance already because she was originally paperchasing for Vietnam and that is their requirement. But her agency said that one is not good enough and she also needs "local" clearance. She called the Philly Police and the guy on the other end of the phone was perplexed and had no idea what she was talking about. She's also a little confused about some of the certifications. Apparently, the China contact at her agency speaks English as a second language and they're having some communication issues.

Anybody in Philly can help? E-mail me please. There's a link in my sidebar.


Connie said...

Holy Mac...she needs someone at her agency to go to bat for her for pities sake.

Even in Ohio I had more than one police letter...state and county.

Seriously, her agency should be able to give her a general format letter to take to the locals (that's what I had to do) and they flop it on their letterhead and it gets notarized, state sealed and authenticated.

Tell her to get in touch with someone else at the agency. Certainly she is not the first to need such things.

She could also (dreaded thought) but put something out on APC....they've got members from all over the country who may be able to help on soemthing like that.

Lee-Anne said...

Bummer! It's painful when everyone you speak to, has no idea what you or they are talking about!

Hope you find a knowledgable person soon! Best of luck to your Philly friend!

Sam said...

You know, the fools at the Springfield PD told me over the phone that because I lived outside the city limits I had to go to the County. After waiting for 40 minutes there, they told us we had to go to the SPD. We got there, the office staff said no problem and worked us in. The people working in the office know what to do, not the fools answering the calls! Tell her to go to the local PD and ask someone in the office! I wish her luck!!!

Catherine said...

I'm not even in the same country but what worked here was going to the front desk of our local police dept. The girl there immediately knew what I was looking for, filled out a form and was out in 10 mins. Letter arrived following week.

Hope she finds someone to help her soon!

K. said...

This must be just her agency's requirement, not China's (?) We are in Pennsylvania and needed only one form the State Police (no local form). We are already DTC.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! That stinks. I say she has to go in person. That worked for us.

Elise said...

Good luck to your friend, hope she can get the clearance she needs to get all the paperwork done in time. By the way, I love your jammie picture with your sister's kids, ADORBIE!

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience as Catherine. I walked up, told them what I wanted and gave them a letter requesting as such with our personal info on it. She smiled, made me promise to bring the baby back to meet her when she comes home, and told me I can pick up the paperwork in person the following day if I felt better about not having to wait for it in the mail.

I also didn't need a state letter, only local, and I guess that was good enough becuase I already have an LID. OMG, did I really just say that? That I have an LID? WOW!!! That rocks to be able to say that...:)

Anonymous said...

I hope she was able to figure this out. It is amazing how even the agencies are different with this process.

Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets it all sorted out. I thought local was just where you lived. Let us know if she gets it all done. (thank goodness she isn't here, because I was told today that police clearance is taking 12 weeks!!!!)

Anonymous said...

ugh - wish i could help. I have to say, I agree that her agency should be stepping up here!!

I think if I were her, I'd just walk down to the local police station and ask if THEY know what she needs... kind of a last-ditch thing, but it might work.