Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where My Squares At?

Okay I know that I'm surrounded by procrastinators but c'mon people! Let's get on the ball! I still need about half my quilt squares. I'm expecting some more to roll in from my June06 DTC group. Thank goodness for them since they're the bulk of the project right now. But I didn't want the whole quilt to be made up of complete strangers! (No offense guys... ya know I love my June Bugs!) Where's all the squares and wishes promised from all the people I know in real life? Family... helllllllooooo ...are you listening?? Friends... where are you?? I finally inspired (or nagged, depends on how ya look at it) my best pal, Lisa, to have the girls over for a fun craft project night. As you can see, the girls were working hard. Once they got their creative juices flowing (and a beer by the looks of it) there was no stopping their artistic talents.
Pictured are Peyton (Lisa's daughter), T.T. is behind her, then Lisa and Chris (Lisa's mom). T.T.'s 7 yr old son, Drew, even made one. He picked out fabric from the movie "Cars". And most appropriately, included the police car in his square. Good job Drew! Click here and scroll down a couple of photos to see all their finished products. They all did a fabulous job. Thanks guys! I love them! Check out Mia's quilt blog on the right to see what I've got so far.

Anyone out there in the blogosphere that would like to contribute a square, drop me a line on my e-mail link. I'm also up for exchanging for those of you working on your own quilts. If anyone out there has been promised one by me, please remind me. My brain is fried. I'm losing track of who I still owe. I've got to scramble and get about 40 done by the end of the month because of the cut off deadline for my DTC group. Uh yeah... can you say procrastinator?


Connie said...

Whatcha yipin' about chickie? You have surpassed me and I've been uh..collecting..even longer. If my family would break down and get on it I would have a heart attack ;0)

I'm looking forward to getting the bunch but, on the other hand, not rushing. Especially since I decided I'm going to take a quilting class and have a go at doing it myself. It is just important to me to be the one to make Jadyn's quilt.

Hah...I may be going back for seconds if I really suck at quilting ;0)

Your DTC group is a lot more active than mine!

Happy squares ;0)

Kelli said...

Hey Krista,
I'll send you some squares! Drop me an email & I'll send you my address!! I just LOVE getting those squares in the mail, it's so fun!!!

wzgirl said...

I love the group project angle - great idea, Krista! I really think that once folks get *into* such a project - the possibilities are limitless. Art/creating art really can put you into a meditative zone.

Check out my blog - I just got one of my first squares from my inner circle. None of my family, yet, but I just recently started asking. I'll look forward to hearing how this unfolds for you. And, HOW LUCKY ARE YOU...to have someone special make your quilt for Mia! (Was it your GMa?) Lucky, lucky, lucky YOU!!

Maybe that would be an appropriate wish for the swap: "My wish for you is that someone will offer to make your quilt for you". Sincere, very true. Lucky girl....