Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Battle Of Ohio

Because today was the Cincinnati Bengals home opener against our arch rivals the Cleveland Browns, I wore my "Who Dey" shoes. They look perfectly normal from the front, don't they?
But check them out from the back! And yet again, we won the battle! Final score 34 to 17.
Who D'ey Think Gonna Beat D'em Bengals!!

Okay fine... I'm going to clean my room now.


wzgirl said...

You are one hell of a Bengals fan, Krista!!! Those shoes are the bomb...

Connie said... crack me up. Do you bleed orange & black or what?

Who dey think gonna clean dat room?!? ;0)

Kathy and Joel said...

Cool shoes, man!!

Kristen said...


I have a really good friend that plays for the Browns.... so sad for me!!! it was not a good footall weekend for me at all.