Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogger Parade Of Homes: Bathrooms ~Part One

Blogger is being difficult and wouldn't let me put all the bathroom pics in one post so here is Part One~ the upstairs bathroom. Not much to it. I live in an older home with the basic bathroom layout. This is one of the first rooms I painted and decorated when I moved in. The walls are two different textures... smooth on the bottom and grainy at the top... so they required some creativity. Here's what I came up with. The bottom of the wall is wallpaper. The middle is a paintable border. The upper walls are sponge painted but I don't think you can really tell in the pics. Haven't done anything in here except paint. Still has all the old fixtures. Not sure that there will ever be a bathroom re-model in my future now that I've spent my home equity loan on Mia. But she's worth it and much more important than a fancy bathroom!
Here's another of my red threads to Mia. I bought the print above the medicine cabinet years ago. It's the Chinese symbol for happiness. I put it there to look at every morning as I start my day to remind me that this is the most important thing in life.... to be happy! Otherwise what's the point really? Check out Part Two of the BPOH Bathroom Edition for pics of the downstairs bath.

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Gen said...

I love your home! I hope to one day be able to meet up with all of you cool Ohio blogger chicks when we are out there visiting Sean's family.

Once I get unpacked, I will get you out a square...and if i forget - feel free to remind me ;)