Monday, April 06, 2009

More Babies!

Congratulations Pug Mama!
Look at that sweet little bald headed girl. :)
She's beautiful! So glad you finally know who she is.
And congratulations to Luna on the referral of Ava!
I just want to squeeze those sweet little cheeks.
She's a beauty!

More congratulations for Lisa on the referral of her Tate.I'm so happy for all of you!
Now hurry up Travel Approval!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

ALL the girls are sooooo CUTE..
Makes me smile to see babies coming around all over.. especially to families I have got the pleasure tomeet..
Have a great week..

thegreybullet said...

What precious little Angels!! I am so happy after the delay of their referral they were blessed with such cute little angels!!! Soon enough Krista it will be your turn!! How exciting it will be to see your little bundle!

PIPO said...

All in all, a very beautiful day in referral land!

Diana said...

It has been a GREAT (and Beautiful) few days for your friends..Now we are ALL waiting on your turn!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are all so beautiful....what a happy day for these families!!

Puts this wait into is worth every second when you get to see a face like that in the end!!

Have a great week!


Aunt Edie said...

Oh, it is so great to see all these darling children after the long wait everyone has gone through! I feel almost like I know these people after reading your blog for the past few years! The family is eagerly waiting for your darling, and we'll all be ecstatic when she arrives.

OziMum said...

So so good, isn't it?! All Jiangxi girls too!

Noemi said...

They are adorable! I am with you on the TA!

Catherine said...

A huge CONGRATS to all the families! What adorable little girls they each have!!

Can't wait to celebrate your referral of Mia!!!

Donna said...

It's so wonderful seeing all these beautiful little babies! And it's going to be wonderful seeing little Mia's face someday soon!

Pug Mama said...

I swear, I'm not just saying this, I couldn't have made it through w/o you.
Thank you for EVERYTHING.
Love you always!!!!!

Julie said...

Yay! Great news after such a long wait. All 3 are adorable - can't wait to read all about their journeys!

Ava's family said...

Thank you!! We just can't wait to get a hold of our girl and kiss her chubby cheeks!!

kris said...

this made for one VERY happy easter!!