Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Day

So after a good cry and many appletinis last night, I woke up feeling a little better. Some days you just need to really feel all that negative stuff, let it wash over you, envelope you, tear you down ..... so that you can get back up and start fresh. Today I'm starting fresh.

RQ is still back and forth whether the rumor I spoke of in the last post is true or not. There's so much conflicting info out there right now. Some agencies saying one thing, some saying the other. Who knows really? I'm choosing to hang on to a little sliver of hope given to me today by the princess in paradise. Her agency is saying things are just the same as they've always been AND they're supposedly expecting a package tomorrow. And hopefully inside that package will be Travel Approvals. I'm hoping with every ounce of my being that's whats coming for her... and I have a lot of ounces. LOL!

In honor of Earth Day last week I made a commitment to be a little greener. Did y'all see O*prah when she showed the garbage heap out in the ocean that's twice the size of Texas? Go ahead and click on that link. Watch the videos. It's heartbreaking. I sat there looking at that and just cried. This is what we're doing to our own planet. The planet my daughter will inherit. Not to mention how it effects us right now. Listen to the scientist in the 2nd video describe how toxic that stuff is and how every person on the planet is carrying some in their bodies now. (Just a warning the "f" bomb is dropped a few times on the 2nd video.)

This is scary stuff. So right then and there I decided I needed to make more of an effort to recycle. And I vowed to stop buying bottled water. For anyone who knows me, that's huge. I love Pr-opel. From now on little mix in packets ONLY! So to help ease myself into this "no water in packaged plastic" transition I purchased an aluminum water bottle. In hot pink, of course.
I already have some reusable grocery bags. If I could just remember to take them inside the store with me EVERY time. Instead of forgetting them in the car. I'm about 50-50 odds right now. But I think seeing those birds stuck in plastic bags will help me remember. The damage we have done to our planet is so very sad. Now is the time to act. I'm doing my part and I'll continue to make improvements in my lifestyle to work towards being a greener human. I hope everyone will.


Sandra said...

I've been trying to live greener for a while now and it feels good.

It sounds like the bad news from China might not be so bad after all. I hope so...

Carla said...

Welcome to the green side, Earth Child.

So I'm not the only crunchy granola Mama in the family.


Shannon said...

Cute bottle! Reduce, reuse, recycle as Jack Johnson sings... =)
Hoping all plays out well on the travel/referrals. I know it's ridiculous to say, but it's JUST NOT FAIR, ya know??

PIPO said...

Simplifying around here too...where I can. Trying to leave less of a mess...that situation in the Pacific is atrocious.

I hope T's agency knows something mine doesn't. Mine is not definitive but doesn't sound nearly so positive about things. I hope things shake out on the positive side for once.

Diana said...

I bought the bags too and they are in my car most of the time..I can not for the life of me remember to bring them in the store.
I am hoping there are no extra hold ups for ANY of all have waited to long already!!

Abby said...

Aluminum? Not stainless steel? Aren't there rumors about the diseases/cancers/obesity/brain damage/diabeeeetus/green freckles that aluminum causes? ;)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Here's hoping things will continue as scheduled for TA's and referrals. The wait is long enough without yet another huge set back.
Love the water bottle.. it is totally YOU! :0)

simply t said...

I LOVE my Sigg water bottles. We only do plastic while boating around here. Once you use the bags, you'll LOVE them & won't forget them. They hold so much more. For every 5 plastic bags, it all fits nicely in one recycle bag.

Now I'm REALLY hoping my agency is right....REALLY hoping, cuz it will be a bad day if they are wrong.

Johnny said...

I was once on a ski trip in Canada with a bunch of buds. I bought this HUGE bottle of "Canadian bottled water" (extra fresh ya know?). My friend kept shaking his head asking why I would buy bottled water. I told him: 1) FRESH(!), 2) Big bottle 3)need to stay hydrated.

When I was about 3/4 through with the bottle, he disgustedly picked up my bottle, went to the kitchen and filled it up to the top with tap water, then slammed it down and said, "There! There is your Canadian bottled water."

Was funny even to me at the time.

OziMum said...

I think after SA.RS they went at warpspeed didn't they?! This could be a blessing in disguise? I hope so.

Green is nice, yes?! We have all "green" shopping bags. Our state will ban plastic bags, as of 1 May 2009. You HAVE to be green if you like it or not... or be a good juggler?!

kris said...

My ULTRA conservative agency is saying the same. And YES, I have known about that swirl of trash and am a recycling fanatic (i put out ONE bag of trash a week in my regular trash) and use my vinyl bags to grocery shop too- not to mention recycling my clothes/blankets/old plates/etc through charity (like our local homeless shelter or Goodwill,etc). And as green as my county is, I am so mad they don't take MORE in their recycling bins, I have to haul some of it to the dump site where they have separate bins for different kinds of plastic and paper products. I don't mind but I think they could take more in the bins. I also buy so much organic now and only buy locally grown produce and a lot from the farmer's market.

You would NEVER guess I'm registered as a republican! (But hey. I did vote for Obama!)

Julie said...

I have that water bottle!!

My agency says 20 days hold on referrals but not for TA's.

Kelli said...

Good for you!
I highly reccomend cloth diapers....Bum Genius 3.0 rock. No leakies- way easy. And downright earthy. All good stuff. Think about the thousands of disposable diapers that are in landfills. ugh. horrid. Nice water bottle!