Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Bulleting

Since I haven't been around in a week and I have no energy to pull my thoughts together so that they make sense... I shall fall back on the old stand by....... bullets.
  • I have crossed a threshold. I officially have less than 100 log in dates ahead of me. 98 to be exact. Referrals are now through March 8, 2006. What does that mean exactly? Uh... just that I'm moving forward in the line. According to this website, I'll get a referral in March 2011. However... I'm still guessing it's gonna be more like late 2010. Unless I believe her then it could be as soon as next week. Just kidding. You know I love ya Kim... but I seriously want some of whatever you're smoking. LOL!
  • Speaking of log in dates... tomorrow marks 34 months. That's a long ass time. But according to all my recently referred friends and those recently home with their babies.... it's totally worth the wait. I believe ya. I do. But some days it's just hard to imagine.
  • Someone recently said that I was in the tunnel. Can't see the light at the end yet. But at least I've stepped into the tunnel. That cracked me up. And feels kinda true.
  • I decided on a paint color for the nursery. I hope to start rolling it on next weekend.
  • I forgot to pay my state taxes. I did my federal awhile ago cuz I always get a refund. This year I figured I was only gonna get about $20 back from the state. Which apparently did not motivate me to get them done. So tomorrow I've gotta get that together. (Classic procrastinator, right? I could be doing them now instead of blogging... but no.)
  • I wore my winter coat and scarf to work this morning. Spring hasn't found it's way to Ohio yet. Although nobody told my lawn that. The backyard desperately needs mowed. Every time I let Griffey out to "do his business" I swear he turns around and looks at me like "Are you kidding me? Break out the lawnmower already!". And just for the record... I'm not procrastinating that job right now cuz it's pouring down rain. So even if I wanted to, I couldn't mow. Not that I ever really want to.
  • Speaking of work this morning, I was about 5 minutes EARLY. Did you hear me, people? I said I was there BEFORE the time I was supposed to be there. And Hell Did Not Freeze Over.
  • Anybody watching Survivor? Is the coach guy driving y'all crazy, too? What a super flake. He's the classic case of a good looking guy who should never open his mouth. Well, sorta good looking. In a romance book cover hair guy kinda way, I guess. My fave is Tyson. His clever, witty snark is endearing. Reminds me of... well, of me... and several of my friends, too. LOL!
  • I know many of you own the Flip video recorder thing-a-ma-jiggy. I'm planning to buy one soon. Any advice? Recommendations? What's the difference (besides price tag) between the Video, Ultra, Mino & Mino HD? Okay HD I imagine is a better picture quality, right? But what about the others? Can you really see any difference in the video?
  • Spent Easter with the fam over at my sister's house. So I'll wrap this up with some cute kid pics cuz it's been awhile since I've shared any.
Tatum, Braeden and Teagan in line waiting to be released to hunt eggs in the backyard. I mostly talk about the T's here cuz I see them much more often than Braeden. But for those wondering... he belongs to my brother. He and Teagan are the same age. They're best buddies.
Yes that's a real rabbit. He's one of the pets in the T's household. He came out to play since it was Easter and all.
I just think this pic is funny. It's all the egg hunters gathered to discuss whether they think they missed any of the eggs or not. Which is why they're so intently gazing around the yard. Rarely would you ever see all five standing still AND in close proximity without bloodshed. LOL!
The two biggest T's climbing trees that are probably really too small for them to climb. See the rabbit hutch back there against the fence. That's the Easter bunny's house.
And one last adorable slobbery baby Tess shot.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great bullets..
And as for you going in late 2010...
NO WAY... I AM GOING THEN.. so you better hurry it up and go before then...
I will send you some serious speed up for you to smoke..
As for being early. you are lucky.. I write my people up if they are 3 min or later...
I am mean
Love the Easter photos..
they are all growing up sooo fast..
Have a great week..

Michelle said...

I'm so far away from the tunnel I'm not even sure if it is actually there.

Coach drives me crazy too. Annoying.

I envy you having so many (adorable) nieces and nephews. I only have one of each and they live too far away. I keep hinting to my sister that I need another one(or two), but so far she has not taken them. :)

simply t said...

So what's that drug called? You really should give it a name;0)

I can't believe you were EARLY...can't believe it. Should've flipped that moment and you tubed it.

I have the Mino and don't know the difference. It works for me. I got my at Costco, cuz that's where I get everything. Col got hers at Costco down here and she got a newer version.

Marla said...

Lovin' the bullets, think I'm about to do a nice random post too, cause heck, they're just fun.

Not sure which Flip we have, I'll have to investigate and let you know. Probably the cheap one since the dh bought it. :)

Love the pics!

Julie said...

Hey Krista I was very close to buying the FLip until the review on convinced me otherwise. I ended up buying a Sanyo camera/video combination (yes, Sanyo!) to use for both video and point and shoot and get this - it's waterproof. You can use it underwater too. I haven't tried it yet underwater, but I feel comfortable using it to take photos of Miss T at swimming lessons and not worrying about getting splashed. It takes great still photos too. The reviews convinced me, and it is fantastic. I still use my digital SLR mostly but I wanted something to keep in my purse.

Carla said...

Cute kids. :op

You will have to mark this day down, because I don't think you will ever make it to work early again.

Speaking from the family of procrastinators, I should be working on school work, not reading blogs.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

2011... WTH! UGH!

I just got a new flip video. I didn't even know there were different ones. So, I'm liking mine. Haven't tried transferring anything to the computer yet. Never have the time.

Love the photos of the kiddos!

Sandra said...

Totally agree with you on the Coach and Tyson thing.

You were early?!?!?!?!? I am speechless ;-)

Liene said...

I think the rabbit is bigger than my cat!! Holy Moly!

Happy 34 months down!! You'll get there eventually and when you do it will totally be worth it!

Glad you had a good Easter!

Susie said...

Glad you got to spend some time with your nieces and nephews on Easter. They always seem to make the holidays more fun!

Hedgetoad said...

I have a Flip (the cheapest one) and I love it. Both my cousin and aunt have one as well... they worked fine for bathtub/lake swimming videos as well as everything else. My aunt even uses her's in her first grade classroom and hasn't had a worry about it being man-handled or dropped.

Transferring to the computer is way easy, as is editing. The sound quality is better than some really fancy cameras. It's a great buy.

Debz said...

Great bullets.
Yay! 34 done.
Glad you got to enjoy your neices and nephews at matching PJ's with bunnies?!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am right there with you in that tunnel....I hope we see the light.....SOON:)

Looks like you had a great Easter with the nieces and nephews....can't believe how big Tess is getting!!

Have a great week:)


Alyson and Ford said...

Sorry for the horrible long wait!! We need these little girls (babies) to be with their forever families.... keep praying!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Months!

Donna said...

We have the Flip Ultra and we love it. No zoom or bells and whistles, but nice quality video and it's so easy that even Emma can operate it.

kris said...

Please pass whatever Kim passes to you, because I'm still in the midst of my dental nightmare (2 months and running) with ONE "tooth from hell" (my dentists words) and the pain pills don't work. :O) And come on spring or just come back to Florida- it's 76 today and SUNNY :O) I feel for you, no fair! I have the basic Flip video (100 bucks), works awesome, great quality video for what you pay for.

LOVE the pics. Tess is growing up so fast.

And I think I'm in the tunnel with you, but it's hard to know in this darn waiting child program!

Polar Bear said...

Congrats on making it to work early! :o) It seems as the year gets closer to the end the later I am to school. Happens EVERY year. I can't figure out why.

I can't wait to see which color you chose for the nursery. :o)

I want to get one of those flips too. We have a new camcorder we bought just after our LID. Used it once, but now I want the little one. Think I can get away with that one? :o)

Debbie said...

Hoping it is 2010 for you and not 2011. And yes the wait it well worth it!! I know it is a LONG wait and sometimes can get discouraging, but in the end it is very well worth the wait when you see that precious face!!! And then agin you get to wait some more!!! Yes I cannot stand Coach, it is so time for him to go!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time with family for Easter. Maybe you will be able to add another family member to the Easter celebration next year!!!