Sunday, April 19, 2009


I bought a new Flip this weekend. Since I had to babysit the 3 youngest T's last night I decided to practice on them. But by the time the camera finished charging, only Teagan was still awake. So the plan was to film him reciting his ABC's. We even had a dress rehearsal before I turned the camera on. He was going to tell me his age, his name and a few other things. However, it all fell apart once I hit the record button. As you shall see.

Now don't you wish you had that 200 or so seconds of your life back? LOL! Thanks for indulging me as I learn how to record and upload with my new gadget. Oh and Carla... you might want to pay more attention to your son's nocturnal habits. :P


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Toooo cute..
I am thinking about getting one of those also..
but am waiting.. due to there might be something new by the time I travel in
Have a great Sunday..

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

He is adorable:)

Looks like you have the hang of it already....the picture was very clear!!

LOL....Kim is not giving up on 2010

Have a great week!


kris said...

i don't feel like i wasted a SINGLE second. i'm still laughing! liked that last action sequence where he got to press the button :O)

Michal said...

Yeah same here, no wasted seconds! He was hilarious! Keep in mind that his reaction to do nothing that agreed upon before hitting the record button is standard operationg procedure. They even know if you are in another room filming, or if you are on the roof filming them playing ball in the yard..... They just KNOW.
I might have to check these Flip thangies out...

PIPO said...

Oh lawdy...Kim is on her way in 2010 ;0)

I almost forgot what I was going to say after reading that. So, how about that number for that daycare...err night care? That could come in handy.

Cute dude.

Now...I really need to find my FLIP. If I video what I ought to video it will prove aptly named :0(

Amazing story, too, about Carmen. Great news for T :0)

Donna said...

We love our Flip too...what a cute video!

Colleen said...

Loves my flip!! Although I need to start USING it!!

Colleen said...

He is so cute LOL I must be really out of it....I don't know what a flip is but I guess I better go and find out : ) I probably need one.