Friday, March 04, 2011

Stroller Suggestions?

People are starting to ask me if I've registered somewhere for all the baby "stuff". I haven't yet. I was waiting until after referral so I know how old she is. But this got me thinking..... I really have no idea where to even begin. So let's talk strollers. Ya gotta start somewhere. That seems like a good jumping off point.

I'm looking for something rugged enough to take exercise type walks in the neighborhood and on the local bike path. Maybe I might even jog someday. Hey...a girl can dream, right? It could happen. LOL!

I like the idea of the whole parent organization thing... a tray for your stuff and a cup holder. But I know you can also buy add on things for your stroller to accomplish that. I'd like something the same for Mia. Maybe a little snack tray/cup holder thing. And I want some storage underneath.

I need something not too gigantic since I drive a little Toyota Rav4. And not too complicated to fold up since I'll be dealing with baby and stroller all by myself 95% of the time. I'd really really love a reversible seat so that she can face me when she's younger.

I'm not opposed to having 2 strollers either. Maybe something more lightweight for the mall and another jogger type when I need something more rugged for things like a trip to the zoo.

So what are your suggestions, peeps? I need to do some stroller research.


GGHadden said...

We put this one on our registry, it's super easy to fold up and pretty lightweight. You can add on trays for her also. I drive an Infinity FX35 so it's also pretty small in the back compartment but this will work great for everyday use for us.
It's the BabyJogger-City mini. Oh and I did see that you can order replacement wheels from the company easily if you wear them out. :)

I still want a jogger but haven't decided on which one yet.

C said...

Let's see. I ended up with 2. I did the whole "baby, baby" stroller. Because Kate was 15 months we used it for, oh 6 months or so. It had the storage on the bottom and the tray yada yada yada. Like it, just didn't really use it.

I also got a Jeep fold up stroller. I used that one for YEARS. It had sturdy wheels, yet I could fold it up. It worked well in airports, and I just started not using it because,franky people just don't thing five and six year olds should be in a stroller. Didn't bother me though. IN an airport its really helpful.

I think the jogging stroller is a great idea. You'll use that for years and years.

Miche said...

I love my peg perego. I got it a few years ago and I have never used a different stroller. This one is light, has great storage, cup holders/snack tray for baby and mom and it maneuvers easily. See if you can try it (and other strollers you are interested in) out at a Babies R Us or something. Also, the tray on this one hinges out for quick in/out when the toddlers get bigger, instead of trying to stuff and un stuff shoes/feet under a fixed tray. AND it is in green, which would look so cute with Mia's pink blankets :)
lso, with the see through sun shade area on the top, you can look at her (and her at you) any time while still being covered from the sun/weather.

I am SO excited for you! Yay!

3D said...

I love my stroller! It was bot from It was a lot of research to find one that did not cost as much as my car but was rear and forward facing capable. I found a great one from Contours. Here are the ones Walmart has:

For us, having D face us when we could not carry her (re: Mommy was tired) we could put her in this stroller and she could see us and vice versa.

There is this model:

Ours is red and black but this is a nice color combo.

Good luck! Enjoy the research knowing that you are next!!!!

Keep smilin!

Hedgetoad said...

Honest to Pete, I bought a simple umbrella stroller from WalMart, but I'm pretty sure you can find the same thing anywhere. It was the best buy ever!
Easy to use in office buildings, doctors offices, airports, malls, walking down the street... you name it! Also, it can be used inside the house as an extra child chair or push to calm a baby down. I even used it to sit Lala in the bathroom with the shower running when she was sick and needed the steam. It has no attachments, but then there are no attachments to get in the way. Every thing I needed I carried in a backpack and holding a cup in the kids lap was just as easy as a tray.
It is light enough to be carried anywhere and fits very easily into any vehicle.
I also have one of those big fancy ones... I'm hoping I can sell this after a year of trying to! It has all the bells and whistles but it's bulky and a pain in the butt!

Selkie Mom said...

I bought a BOB stroller afetr hearing my friends rave about it. The revolution model is very rugged and can be taken for a jog too. I love it so far but it is heavy. Easy to fold and unfold though.

dawn said...

I had a really snazzy one that my folks bought me in the UK. I loved it.....for 5 minutes. It was a pain in the ar*e to fold it and it was heavy. It had so many freaking bells and whistles that I never used but it looked gorgeous. LOL. Once she was big enough I headed out and bought a MacLaren and never looked back. Sometimes I push Lily and Rosie together in the MacLaren and it shows no sign of wear and tear.
I love the 3D's stroller it is really great. They used it when they were down here.
Happy strolling .

mam said...

No specific advice re: brands but I'd say you definitely would need two, if you feel strongly about a nice big fancy one. We had many, but the one that got the most use -- the one that in retrospect could have been our only one, was a simple umbrella stroller. A slightly better than bottom-of-the-line one that had a sunscreen top attached, but still cheap, light, navigable, easy.

Catherine said...

Having Mia face you is HUGE! You're so wise making sure your stroller can do this. I have the Peg Pergo Uno but have also seen 3D's stoller and really like it too. I have a feeling what you're looking for would be more like 3D's as mine isn't as durable (ie. jogging).

Happy registering!! Hey, didn't we register in Detroit....waaaaay back? Who knew nothing we registered for would be available by the time we got our referrals?!!

SO happy this is happening for you now!

Miche said...

Hey, I see a lot of people suggestion just an umbrella stroller and honestly I haven't ever used one, but most of my friends have hated the lack of storage offered-like no drink holder or place to throw extra diapers, your bag, jackets, whatever. The McLaurns though seem to have storage for the bags and such, but they are rather expensive-if you go that route see if you can get one on craigs list (actually, look there for any of the ones you like, you'll get a great deal)

AJ's Mama said...

Having 2 strollers is great. I would stay away from the really cheep umbrella strollers. They are short and get out grown quickly. Have have a Chicco Capri Stroller. It's been great for around the mall and school drop off and pick up with my older son. It is also great for walks around the neighborhood.

I used to have a Joovy Caboose which is meant for 2 kids. But I was SO happy with so many things about it that seem to be a part of most of the Joovy strollers. I would highly recommend checking some of them out for a more heavy duty stroller.

Things to think about when looking are, awning size, being able to push it one handed (I would see if some one with a 1-2 year old can go with you so you can see how it steers with a child in it and how they sit in it as well), ease of bucking and unbuckling the seatbelt.

Eliza2006 said...

To be honest, I have used my $20 umbrella stroller more than any other stroller I have had.

wzgirl said...

I got the cute, lightweight, orange city-mini. Thing is, its still in the box - and we've been home for 5 months! Vera has been just fine in the Ergo and I wanted her to face me/us. I didn't see any strollers that enabled baby to face you when I did my research. That would be ideal. Be sure you get the Ergo, though. Most important piece of baby gear that I have!

Bebe said...

2 strollers - one lightweight, cheap for travel & a Maclaren.

Alyson and Ford said...

My opinion about the use of strollers is different. First, we did buy one, a "Bob", loved looking at it during the "wait". We gave it to our grown daughter to use since we never used it (for her bio daughters). I carried AA everywhere, was advised to do this for bonding/attachment. I did not use a stroller except for the final day flying home from China. That was it. I carried her in a front baby carrier so she looked at me all the time. She was 20 lbs at 24 months old. To this day (she's 4 years old), I carry her if needed. Part of bonding. I would still recommend only carrying, everywhere and for hours.
The time in a stroller is time away from Mommy.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Kayce said...

We love our stroller! It's faces both ways but we still have it facing us and it's perfect to carry on conversations with Jenny now and she actually is happier when it's facing us. I do run with it and she is my little motivator by telling me to run momma, run! :)

My only dislike is there is no cup/snack holder for Jenny...but she holds onto her stuff pretty tight anyway. :) Have fun shopping!!

Laurie said...

I have two. The Graco Flip-It in which baby can face you. Ariana isn't home yet so I don't know how it will work, but I was really happy about her facing us and it's really a nice looking stroller imo.

I am inheriting a BOB from my sister which I've used with my nephew many times. It is phenomenal! Pricey, but would be a great gift for coworkers and or family to chip in on.

Let us know what you decide :)

delmy said...

Hi Krista, I am sooo happy for you...sounds like you are in a very good place right now. Just thought that I would mention that ou might consider buying two strollers...that did work best for me when Ava was oung. Also I used a snuggli pack when in China but some of my group purchased a cheap umbrella stroller while there and left it instead of carting a stroller to and fro. Of course it will depend on Mia's age and wt. Looking forward to seeing the referral pic!!! MaryB

teri_ten said...

I know Debbie has a Chicco stroller for longer outings. It folds easily and has plenty of storage space under the seat. She also has an umbrella stroller for short trips. She got a nice jogging stroller on Craigslist.

kitchu said...

Love our Quinny Zapp, it folds smaller than any stroller made and is SO SO lightweight. Small underbasket but no other storage or cupholders, so probably not what you are looking for. We only use it when she's pooped and doesn't feel like using the wheelchair and it was awesome in china (we did not want to risk using one from China not knowing her leg situation, and we only used it twice as we ended up carrying her the whole time anyway- not easy since she wasn't able to use her legs to help hold on and we forgot the Ergo)!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

I had an umbrella stroller and a "Full Size."

The most important thing for me is ONE HAND CLOSE.

I had a Graco Quattro that with two bases. Loved that for the mall and big stuff and when you need a diaper bag.

The umbrella stroller I chose was a Joovy Stroller . the Kooper.

I would spend a bazillion on them if I could.

Carla said...

I have been eyeballing the Jeep Liberty limited 3 wheel all terrain stroller. Technically, not a jogger, but all terrain and 3 wheels, not to mention cupholders for mom and baby and a storage bin.

Kelli said...

BOB....BOB BOB BOB BOB BOB..... we could not live without our Bob. You can steer it with a single finger & it's easy to fold up and the wheels pop off super easy if you need extra room in your trunk, although we almost never need to remove them. You can't flip it so she sees you, but we use the ergo for that. We grocery shopped with Maddie in the Ergo carrier facing me until she was past 2 yrs old. One of the best bonding things we could do!
My 4 favorite things I would not live without:
Ergo Carrier
A NICE upholstered style chair that has glider rocker action & ottoman (not wood with a few cushions, but "like a living room chair" but with glider rocker action on the bottom. you spend a lot of hours in it!)
Britax Marathon carseat

Those are the TOP pics. Everything else we do is hand me downs! :)
We also have an umbrella stroller that we use for traveling- we call it "slow billy" because after the BOB, we are so spoiled! lots of good storage in Bob too, very comfy, and holds up well. Also, when you are ready to part with it, it has a fantastic resell value!
I would say, as you test drive strollers- see if you can get a child to sit in there- pushing them while empty can't compare to pushing them while "full"!