Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Year Passes

It's been

4 Years
48 Months
208 Weeks
1462 Days
about 35,100 Hours
A Long Damn Time!
Since my dossier was logged in
But I'll keep waiting for my Mia until China calls.
And she'll be worth the wait.


a Tonggu Momma said...

She will be! Hugs to you! I hope we are there together!

k said...

it has been a long damn time, though that probably wouldn't have been my first choice of words *wink*

she'll be worth every.last.second.

did you get my email btw??

Lindsay said...

she'll be worth it and more. but i wish neither of you had to wait a moment longer.

wzgirl said...

Yes. Four years is a long, damn time. Really, I stopped counting some time ago - but some of these markers are just too big to ignore.


k1 said...

Way too long.

But, this will be your LAST year of missing her. Next month starts the May referrals. IF they continue with 4-6 day matches, (fingers crossed!) then that means June will start around December and you may get your match in January, maybe February. Maybe her referral will be your Valentine's day present. Either way, by next Mother's Day you WILL be a mother with a child in arms!

And, just in case there is a speed up to more than 4-6 days per referral month, you'll be matched in THIS year.

Shannon said...

OMG. 4 years. But she's comin' K. She's comin'. Enjoy nights out and get lots of sleep 'cause your party girl will be here. Definitely. =)

Kim said...

Oh yes she will..
U are almost there..
Keep the faith..
Happy 4 years ..

Donna -N- Andrew said...

Another step closer.Hang in there.

dawn said...

Geesh, talk about the slow boat to China!
Stand on tippy toes and you can almost see the end of the wait now.
Can't wait for the day...truly.

Kelli said...

She will most definitely be worth the wait. But damn- that is a long time (like you don't know that :D) I give you tons of props- not sure I could do that long of a wait as well as you are!

Lisa and Tate said...

She will be worth the wait...

Sorry for the four years, but excited to think that you will see Mia's face soon. FINALLY!!!

Michal said...

A long damn time indeed!
She will be worth the wait- ten times over. And you will be her most excellent Mama. And you two will build a life together just packed with the kinds of memories and experiences that you want for her and for you.

Catherine said...

It has been a long time for sure but you'll know the moment you meet her that you'd begin that wait all over again for that exact same child. She will be YOUR MIA...forever!!!

Kayce said...

Yes she will definitely be worth the wait! Hold tight and keep the faith. Many hugs to you!

Kelli said...

Yes, it is a DAMN long time. Way too long for any normal person to have to wait, so come on CCAA or CWCC or CAWC or whatever the new acronym is.....get to JUNE already!

Kelley said...

It has been TOO TOO TOO long! But you've got it right--it will be worth every single second and then some. Your day is coming! June is approaching!

Traci said...

D.A.M.N! Still can not begin to imagine your wait. Your wait has been as long as we've had our girl's referral. We will celebrate that 4 year milestone on Saturday. Four years since we first saw her picture and that was a damn long time ago indeed!

Big hugs!! Can't wait until it's your turn!!