Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did The Earth Just Move?

It did! But unfortunately, not in the way that would put a big smile on my face. ;)

So here's the deal. I'm sitting at my desk this afternoon just typing away finishing some reports. When I suddenly feel like my chair is moving a little. Since that makes absolutely no sense I rationalize that since I skipped lunch I must be feeling lightheaded. That was until I took a sideways glance at my phone cord hanging off the side of the desk and realize it's swaying ever so slightly. Now I think I'm losing it I yell out to the only other co-worker in the room at the time. I told him to sit perfectly still and tell me if he felt the building moving. He immediately noticed the water in his Aquafina bottle was rippling just a tiny little bit. We both were like WTF is going on?! It stopped after 30 seconds. Maybe a minute. Either way we just blew it off and thought we must be imagining it. You know... that whole power of suggestion thing.

Then I got home and saw the news. Apparently there was a 5.0 magnitude EARTH-freakin-QUAKE ..... in Canada!! And yet here in the middle of Ohio (okay...actually southwestern Ohio, not really the middle) I felt that sucker. Crazy!


Liz and Ava said...

Weird hey! I'm only about a 4hour drive from the center of the quake...and I didn't feel a thing! Was shocked when I saw it on the news. I also have a cottage about 1.5hrs drive west of the quake site...wonder how bad it felt there?

Alicia said...

I live in Western New York and everyone was talking about this earthquake they felt....but I didn't feel a thing!

Kim said...

WOW.. that is crazy..
Have a great weekend..

Simply Ryan said...

I didn't feel a thing either! Maybe because I live in England :D

k1 said...

Your first one? Believe it or not, you do tend to get used to them after the first few.

Michal said...

Les felt this one at work ( hid office is right on the shore of beautiful Lake Erie). I dod not feel it but I got to feel some whoppers when we lived in Alaska. They always tripped me out at first too.