Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Catch Up

I think life is finally starting to get back to a more reasonable pace for me. Maybe. Hopefully. The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity. All kinds of things have gone on around here. Some days I didn't know if I was coming or going. It's already starting to blend together in my head.

So here are some highlights to help keep it all straight for my own sake. This is really just a post for me to look back on and remember. Journal type stuff, ya know. It might be a little boring so feel free to skip it. LOL!

I went out and watched my nephew, Travis, play at a few of his ball games. He played in the outfield. I love how this pic shows how focused he was on the batter. Isn't he the cutest? My dad flew into town on June 5th for a week long visit. He came in for my grandma's 100th birthday party. It's always nice to have him home for awhile. My grandparents from Wisconsin were also supposed to come in over the weekend of June 12th. But they cancelled... which turned out okay since I don't think I had the energy to squeeze one more thing in. LOL!

After work on Tuesday (June 9th) I headed to the airport for what was supposed to be a quick flight to NC. Instead I ended up on a 2 hour weather delay. That sucked.... and my bar bill reflected it. Airport alcohol costs so much more than regular restaurant alcohol. LOL!

Wednesday morning Maryellen, Sophie and I jumped in the car and drove back up to Ohio. Not a bad road trip. All the gabbing between Mare and I made the time fly by. Plus Soph kept us entertained. She really gets into all the trashy celeb gossip. :P
I had to snap this pic when I looked over my shoulder and saw her with her foot all tucked up, totally relaxed and comfortable, just snoozing away. Adorable!
Mare and Soph spent the weekend at my place. In the middle of that I made a short trip out to Tatum's ballet recital Saturday morning. She was a kitty cat (with very big ears apparently). I asked her to give me a ballet pose. Does the girl have it down already or what? I can't believe how grown up she looks.
Just a random pic of the cute Chinese tornado that blew through my house all weekend.
Saturday evening we headed over to Robin's house for a party. They were celebrating her daughter, Sarah, as she graduated from Ohio State. (Go Bucks!) Maddy and Sophie spent some time in the pool before the temp unexpectedly dropped. It turned into a chilly evening so they got a bonfire going and brought out sweatshirts for bundling up. Then Marty whipped up some of his fabulous margaritas. It was lots of food, fun, friends and cocktails. The best of everything. I had a really great time!
Sunday was my 3 year LID-versary. Some days it's hard to believe I've been waiting *3 YEARS*. Other days... I totally believe it. LOL! To celebrate (or commiserate... depending on your perspective, I guess) , me and the TBG girls went to lunch at The Cheese-cake Factory.
Ohhh .... yummy yummy cheesecake can make you feel better no matter what. Me likey.
I decided to treat myself to a new bead to mark the occasion. I chose the "Key To My Heart". I thought that was appropriate for my 3 year anniversary. BTW.... I've added a few more since I started my bracelet in February. I've actually bought a bead every month and rationalized that it's my little monthly LID-versary treat. LOL! I'm about halfway full.
And just one more pic for me to remember who I was and what I was doing on June 14, 2009.
It was hot and humid as hell that day. I tried to edit the pic to soften my sweaty shiny face and frizzy hair. But all it ended up being was a black and white pic or a sepia pic of a sweaty shiny faced, frizzy haired ME. So there it is.... true to life in that moment. But I must say... I did a fantastic job with that upward angle to eliminate the double chin. Bravo to me! LOL!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love all the photos and you had one busy week..HOLY MOLY...
Love the new bead.. and I think I am going to use that excuse so I can get some more beads...
And I LOVE the photo of you.. my kids tell me to put my chin out and my shoulders back...
and is that those AMAZING necklaces that you all have????
Have a great week.. relax a bit..
Babies are coming...One step closer too your baby girl..

a Tonggu Momma said...

I think I'm going to show the husband your bracelet and convince him that I need to do this, too. Somehow I don't think it will work, though...

Three years. Still waiting. Looking forward to meeting you at the White Swan.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

WOW...that was one busy week, but it did sound like a lot of fun!!

I love your thinking on the bracelet....a bead a month to mark the occasion......BRILLIANT!!!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend planned....and BTW, happy three years:)


Abby said...

You're gorgeous! Glad you're having fun times lately. =)

Rhonda said...

Happy(?) 3 year LIDiversary!

Loving the bracelet. :)

simply t said...

You are almost ready for your next bracelet! Doesn't take long does it?!?

Kayce said...

Love your bracelet! Looks like you're enjoying being busy and that cake is making my mouth water!

Polar Bear said...

Your photos are GREAT!
What a crazy, busy few weeks you've had.
I love the bracelet idea!! Can't wait to see the what you choose for your referral bead! :) I still can't get over we're still waiting after three years!
I think you look great in the last picture!

Liene said...

It's sad that I could so tell what magazine Sophie is reading...US Weekly. Why would I know that? I have a subscription. And the foot tucked up, Eriks does that all the time on long car rides. It is very cute!!

The bracelet looks fab!! Haven't decided if I want to jump on the trend bandwagon or not since so many bloggers I follow have them.

Happy belated LID-versary. I'm sorry the wait sucks. I'd still be there too if it we hadn't been blessed with Emi's referral.

Donna said...

Heavens! You have been busy. I can't believe it's been three years're up pretty soon, so that's exciting!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Busy, busy, busy.. is there any other way to help pass the wait time along?? Sure beats being bored!! :0)

We loved having you and Mare over last Saturday. Even though it did get cold, it was nice just chillin (no pun intended) around the bonfire.

Great post. One day you'll look back and think... wow.. where did the time go while I was waiting. I promise!

OziMum said...

You look gorgeous... even if you do think you are hot sweaty frizzy and shiny (btw... I don't think you look like that at all!)

It looks so lovely and warm there!

Catherine said...

Happy 3 year LIDiversary friend! Beeeautiful pic of you!

What a great way to celebrate...surrounded by the love of friends and their precious little ones.

Your time is coming friend and we will celebrate with you! Ready to hoot and hollar when you receive Mia's referral!!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy 3 years down! Love all the awesome pics!

My hubby got me a bracelet for my b-day! I'm so excited! I think there is an addiction starting to brew. :)