Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Little Hectic

Y'all may have noticed an obvious lack of blogging recently. Unfortunately, that will continue for another week or so. Life is busy. What can I say. It won't be until about mid month that I can really take a breath. There are lots of good things going on.
  • I picked my dad up from the airport last night. He's in town for a week long visit.
  • Tomorrow I have to work and then pop over to my grandmother's 100th birthday party. Yep... I said 100!! That will be a huge family event.
  • Tuesday after work I fly to North Carolina. For all of about 12 hours or so. Then I'm jumping in the car with Maryellen and Sophie to drive back to Ohio on Wednesday. Why, you ask? Cuz I'm a little crazy (well, maybe a lot crazy) and Mare needed some company on her road trip.
  • Speaking of those two, they'll be in town for awhile. Staying with me a few days and then popping around to visit some other bloggy friends, too. In between their hospital stuff, of course. So the next couple weeks will be busy for me with some socializing and visiting around town.
  • Next weekend my grandparents from Wisconsin are coming in for a high school reunion. So I'll have to squeeze in some time with them.
  • That will be in between Tatum's ballet recital, a graduation party for her daughter and maybe even trying to get to Travis' last baseball game. Oh did I tell you Mare and Soph will be here during that time, too. And I'll also be squeezing in time with my dad throughout the week. LOL!
Not to mention all the things I've had on my mind recently.....
  • Stuff going on with my mom's job loss. I won't really get into it here but I'll just say this is a very bad economy right now and things don't look promising.
  • I've been getting estimates to possibly finish my basement to add more living space and another bathroom.
  • Still fighting with worker's comp over my on-duty knee injury from OCTOBER!! It needs surgery. I've hired a lawyer. Now I have a doctor's appt next week (in between all the shit listed above) with their doc for an independent evaluation. Praying for a positive outcome there so I don't have to spend my $2000 deductible and burn my own sick time to repair the knee that I damaged AT WORK!
  • Thank gawd the bad guy in the trial I had scheduled on Monday plead guilty. One less stressful time consuming thing off my plate.
  • Many thoughts are in China as two of my girls await their babies tomorrow.
  • Many thoughts are with with her as she adjusts to life at home with her new daughter and several of my other girls as they struggle with issues with their daughters, too.
So I'll be laying low in the bloggy world for a bit as I juggle all the plates I have in the air right now. I probably won't be making my normal rounds to everyone else's blogs either. I'll catch up eventually but for now ..............
Peace out


webmaster said...
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Marla said...

A little hectic? Sounds like a whole lot hectic to me. Enjoy the fun stuff, WOW @ 100 years old! That's awesome.

Sorry about your knee, I hope that all gets straightened out soon.

Take care!

PIPO said...

Your knee, my ankle...glad we aren't horses or they'd get a two-fer on us.

You're more woman than me. Between work, C and family obligations I am simply spent.

Hope you find good stuff in every activity you squeeze in. Go out and enjoy living that life of yours....blogs are always here.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are one busy gal.. you are always on the go..
Will miss ya girly. but will be here when you get back..
Have fun..
can't wait to see all the photos..

Catherine said...

Busy, busy days ahead but what fun!! Have fun with the family and then with Maryellen and Sophie! Road trips = tons o fun!

Hope you're able to get the knee thing straightened out and figured out. Sorry to hear about your mom's job loss.

Have a great week!!

simply t said...

jeez, you're busier than me!

Colleen said...

Enjoy time with your family! Blog will be will your friends.