Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just A Laugh

I was pulling things off my Flip this weekend and found this video. It was taken while I was visiting Pug Mama a week or so ago. Apparently, Jussy's family told him he had a girlie sounding laugh and he needed to man it up. This is what he came up with. But he sprung it on them out in public somewhere with no warning. Just broke out with it. That's what makes it about 100 times funnier. You can imagine the looks on their faces at the time. Totally cracks me up. So enjoy the laugh.

By the way... I'm really behind on catching up with everyone's blogs. In case you were wondering why I haven't been commenting. I'm not sure I can recover. It may be time to resort to the "Mark All As Read" and start fresh. So if I missed some really spectacular news along the way, maybe you could drop me an e-mail and point me in the right direction. ;)


Pug Mama said...

I just showed this to Jussy.
He said, "how embarrassing"
yeah - he had a VERY girly laugh, so we told him he had to wok on it.
little did we know that the next day when we all went to the movies he would break out his "new laugh" while sitting in the movie theater.

Dude - I ALWAYS fall behind and mark "all as read" just the way it goes. Don't know how people can be on top of everyone blog all the time. I become overwhelmed sometimes and just need to start from scratch.

sandra said...

Ha, that was hilarious!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

He is tooo cute..
As for falling behind.. believe it or not.. I did last week..
I am still a little bit..
Have a great week...
I just love seeing the girls in their penguin p.j's.. we know they are from you ...tooo cute..

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

Funnier than the actual laugh is the fact that the fam told him his laugh was 'girlie' - hilarious!

Sounds like something that would go on in my family . . . LoL

Geeeez - I totally wondered why u hadn't congratulated me on my engagement & pregnancy. Heh. (Just kidding!!) U haven't missed a thang with us . . . =)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That video is so funny...what a cutie!!

Mark em all as read....you will feel better when you do!! I have been so behind myself....I have missed days at a time....so unlike me, but life is just a little hectic right now!!

Have a great week!


A Beautiful Mess said...

That was funny:) I would have loved to have been in the movie theater when he worked the new laugh!!

Mark'm all read sista....who knows what is going to happen this week!

Janet said...

My boys do that too! It kills me every time! The mad scientist laugh!

Polar Bear said...

He is one funny kiddo!! Great new laugh!

I will admit to hitting the 'mark all read' button quite a few times. It seems when you miss a few days you miss a lot. It overwhelms me. Do it! It is so freeing!!

Shannon said...

That is GREAT! Souns/looks like Pugmama's Jussy has a great sense of humor and quite the new manly laugh!
I blogged a lil' somethin' 'bout my cutie in her new p.j.'s from someone "special"... =)

Briana's Mom said...

Funny stuff! Snort!

Donna said...

Quite funny...I couldn't help but laugh!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Cracked. Me. Up. And I tend to "mark all as read" at least once a week. Because it keeps me sane. And helps me to avoid laughing like that.

Debz said...

LOL, I was hoping to hear his "other" laugh to compare!
Love the hand motions! ;O)
He is a handsome boy, who cares if he laughs like a girl! LOL

Kristy said...

No worries K, I am trying to go thru 356 posts right now !!! I am so behind! The video is hilarious!!

Love, Kristy