Thursday, May 21, 2009

Down To 92

CC-AA sent out a batch of referrals today through March 14th, 2006. Woo Hoo!!! That's good news for several reasons.

First off... they were supposed to arrive around the first week of the month. (That's not the good news part. LOL!) But due to the panic over the swiine flu, the CC-AA was rumored to have halted new referrals. Nothing like being stuck in limbo when you're already 3 years into the process!

I tried to remain optimistic and not worry. But deep down... I was trying to control the freak out. I did pretty good keeping it stifled. Because the *ONLY* thing that has kept me hanging on and remotely sane (I said "remotely"... LOL!) has been the knowledge that babies were still being referred every month. Much slower than when I started this process, of course. But the program was still moving forward. So for the whole thing to stop.... scared the shit outta me and threatened to topple the fragile state of sanity I live in. LOL! So good news... the line is moving again!! Can I get a Halle-lu-yer?!

Secondly it's good news cuz I have exactly 3 months worth of LID's ahead of me in line. 92 days to be exact. Still forecasting a late 2010 referral based on the rate they've been referring for the last year or so. It's also good that they seem to be doing a good steady pace of kicking out March 2006. March 7th and the 14th are very big number days. Meaning a lot more people than normal had their dossiers logged in on those dates. So there was fear they'd make those dates only 1 day batches. The fact that they haven't is progress, I think. It's NOT A SPEED UP... as some people want to think. But steady forward progress without further slow down. I'll take that and be grateful at this point.

For those in my family and my non-China adoption friends who don't normally stalk the Rumor Queen site like I do and may want a cute little Chinese baby fix ... here's a link to blogs with new referrals. They should all have pics posted soon.

My mind has been wandering all day as I drift to thoughts of our princess who is probably right now still enroute to China. I'm looking forward to news that she and J have arrived safely and all passengers are fever free. China is now taking the temperature of folks upon arrival and has been quarantining anyone showing signs of illness AND everyone else on the plane, too. Swiine flu precautions that they are taking VERY seriously. Go ahead and click this link. It's an interesting read. I'm so very excited and can't wait to see them finally get their baby girl! Oh what a happy day that'll be.

Also hoping for good news for my Pug Mama as she awaits news of her Travel Approval. Holding out that there's still a chance for her to travel with her agency group which includes her LID twin, Luna. They're scheduled to go on June 4th. Please please pretty please CC-AA. These girls need to go together. Maybe if we all concentrate really hard we can telepathically send a message to whoever needs to sign off on her document and will them to get it done! Okay everybody... start now. Concentrate... concentrate..... :)


Susie said...

Halle-lu-yer and Amen sista!

Kristy said...

I too am Halle-lu-yerrrrinnggg right here with you sister!!

Love, Kristy

Wendy said...

I'm praying for a speed up and I have your name attached to that prayer!

Catherine said...

Every month closer! This was a tough one for sure! So happy they're moving forward with referrals and praying Pug Mama can travel with her group.

Lindsay said...

'Only' 3 more months. Praying that it genuinely speeds up for you all.

"M" said...

While it may take a while to get through those three months, it really is starting to feel a bit closer. Still hoping that once they get through March thinks will mover a little more quickly (maybe 3 months to get through a month, rather than 5-6). A girl can hope, right?

Marla said...

Wahoo!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

Hope J&T got there OK! We had to go through all the temp taking at all the airports too (we traveled right after SARS) and it was nerve-wracking!

Kayce said...

Halle-lul-yer!!!!! IT has been a very trying few weeks, very trying to say the least. We have some friends who got TA then yesterday they were told nope, sorry can't go. THey were supposed to leave in a few days but now travel is on hold indefinitely for them right now...SUCKS!!! For those of us still waiting for referral I hope we continue at this pace or pick it up a bit...Praying hard!

Michelle said...

I'm concentrating!

So glad they sent out referrals this month. 92 days. Slowly but surely!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Been wondering how 'princess' is getting along as well and hoping they made it through. I wish the referrals would speed up for all you guys still waiting. Geez.. it's so hard to believe that 12 months will be 4 years of waiting. now THAT is a loooong pregnancy but soo very worth it as you already know by the sweet nieces you've acquired in your wait time. ;0)

Colleen said...

I am so happy to hear that the referrals are coming in. I had heard that they were putting a halt to all referrals and TA's. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Pug Mama....positive thoughts.....positive thoughts!!!!
I really enjoy your blog and I apoligize for not commenting all the time. I just love how your write. You make me laugh : )I meant that in a nice way LOL

Pug Mama said...

92 days left!!! According to some - you should have your referral next month!
no, seriously- slow and steady wins the race - you are getting there. Just keep on keepin' on, and before you know it - your dreams will be coming true also!
Thanks for the shout out. Sadly, still no TA and my group leaves in less then 2 weeks, so I won't be with them.