Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'll Be Standing Up

Tune in tomorrow night for a monumental television event. All three major networks will simultaneously air this special show. And it's commercial free. I don't believe this has ever happened before .... unless it involved politics, of course.

But this time it's for a much more important cause.There are 1.5 million new cases of cancer diagnosed every year. 559,000 people are expected to die of cancer this year. More than 1500 each and every day. It's the second leading cause of death in the US right behind heart disease. The National Institute of Health states that in 2006 the overall cost of cancer reached over 200 billion dollars.

Anyone whose ever had this horrible disease touch their lives in some way needs to pay attention tomorrow night and Stand Up.
I think that includes all of us. Don't you?


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'll be standing up... for my momma, my sister, my neighbor Rosie and my father-in-law. Thanks for spreading the word.

Diana said...

Thanks for posting this as my mom passed away last Sept from Pancreas cancer and cancer just SUCKS!!!I will be posting this on my blog also..Thanks!!!

Briana's Mom said...

I'll definitely be standing up. My uncle passed away from cancer 9 years ago.

Noemi said...

I am STANDING UP! I lost my dear aunt 6 years ago and I have one aunt who just had a cancerous tumor removed from her kidney.

Cancer does SUCK!

Suzie said...

I will most definitely be standing up!!! I just got the call that my Aunt is in remission after six grueling months of chemo. We must put an end to this disease.

LID 9/4/2006

kris said...

I am SO SO glad about this, it's very close to my heart. Not just as an oncology nurse, but having lost an aunt and uncle to cancer.

OziMum said...

They reckon that no-one, now, doesn't know someone affected by the horrible disease.

A worthy cause, indeed.

PIPO said...

Three patients younger than me diagnosed with breast CA this year in our practice. One I delivered less than a year ago. It really hits home.