Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

That's how I feel. And that's about the only interesting thing I have to say. I haven't been in a blogging mood this week. Which explains the 6 days since I last posted thing. I took a few days off work mid-week because I pinched something in my back. By mid-afternoon on Monday I couldn't stand up straight. So I spent the next few days laying on the couch.

But it gave me a chance to get through the last couple seasons of Law and Order: SVU. So it wasn't all bad. I can finally say that I've seen all nine seasons of the show. It was a little silly to do. But hey... it was a challenge. I didn't make my planned cut off of Sept 23rd. My goal was to get through them all before season ten premiered. But oh well.

I also spent a lot of time watching the DVD's while I was cooped up in that motel room in Kentucky. Remember, I was the nanny while my sis was at school? And when I say she was in school all day I literally mean ALL DAY. She'd leave before 8am and not return until 8pm or later every day. It was cool to have that special time to hang out with my newest little niece though. But here's how she spent most of her day. Asleep in her swing. Which is why I watched TV. The internet connection was spotty so thank goodness I had the DVD's to keep me entertained.
Lovely accommodations, eh? Well, what do you expect from a Super 8? It wasn't so bad. We knew we weren't staying in the lap of luxury when we made the reservations. It was cheap... which was necessary. But we had a little mini-fridge and microwave so that was nice. And Griffey got to join us since the motel was pet friendly. I was happy about that. I hate leaving him when I go out of town. Doesn't he look thrilled to be taking a road trip?
We didn't leave the motel room much. My sis brought the stroller and I had good intentions of going out for walks everyday. But when we got there we realized we were situated on the main highway. There really was nowhere to walk. Not even sidewalks. I wish I 'd thought to take a few pics to illustrate just how out in the middle of nowhere we really were. There was a big open field next to the hotel though. So we'd go sit out there for awhile every day so Griffey could run around and we could get some sunshine and fresh air.

We were right in the middle of coal mining country. There were these giant coal trucks driving around everywhere. The motel was filled with these guys. They must come down for the week to work the mines. I'd see them come back at the end of the day covered from head to toe in black soot. Funny story... I spent the day walking around the room barefoot. When my sis came back that 1st day we both noticed the bottom of my feet were completely black. It was pretty nasty. It took us until the 2nd day to realize the carpets must be so filthy because of the coal miners tracking that crap inside.Thank goodness Tess is still at an age where she's immobile. Her crawling around in that mess wouldn't have been cool. The pic above shows her furrowed brow look. She does that a lot. But I got to see my first smile that week. I almost caught it on camera. Cute stuff, eh?
This is how Griffey spent most of his time. Sleeping on his quilt. By the 3rd day, I noticed he wasn't eating. Normally, I put food down first thing in the morning and it's immediately gone. That day it took him until mid-afternoon to even touch it. I thought maybe he was sick. But then I realized he was just depressed and moping around. See, he's used to getting all my attention. He's not used to sharing the spotlight. He was so jealous of the baby! I got a glimpse into the future of the trouble ahead when Mia comes home. I'll have to make sure he gets plenty of quality time, too. But he'll get used to her eventually. It may rock his world for awhile though. LOL!
I'm really missing this little face. But I've been quarantined at home this weekend. Because now that my back is better, I've come down with what I think is probably strep throat with a nice little chest cold thrown in for good measure. It hurts to swallow and my lungs are on fire. I've coughed so much my throat is raw. And I'm wheezing so bad I woke myself up like ten times last night cuz it was so loud.
Apparently, it's my week for bad karma because as if that wasn't enough I also started my period Friday. TMI? Yeah... sorry about that. But it just goes to explain why I spent most of the day yesterday on the couch suffering from some serious cramping. I hate this time of the month. Today will be spent much of the same way. I'm starting to get stir crazy. But I need to get well. I can't take off sick from work two weeks in a row. Back to the couch for me..... damn I wish I had a laptop.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Both of the little ones look adorable, even if the furry one is feeling a little green.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures...
Sorry you are not feeling well..
Hope you feel better soon..

bleu said...

Best thing I did for my dog before I had my son was breed her and keep one. Giving her a playmate made such a huge difference and they are so adorable. She loved my son but really did need the friend.
I hope you feel better soon

pugmama said...

love the photos - you're a good aunt for doing what you did (even if it is pay back for the China trip)
little jealousy issues - how cute!
hope you feel better.

redmaryjanes said...

What an absolutely gorgeous little girl~
So, it sounds like things were kind of interesting in coal miner country (minus the black feet).
You are a good sister.

M and M said...

WOW - look at the hair on her!

Black feet - ick

immobility in baby - GOOD!!

sea star said...

I give you an A+ in the auntie department.

Hope you feel better soon. Little Tess is adorable for sure.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I know EXACTLY how you feel since it sounds almost exactly like the last three weeks of my life. :0( First is was severe sciatic issues followed by 2.5 weeks of sinus,coughing so hard I had to have "protection" and then NOT having my monthly visit for 2 months now.. and NO ... I'm not preggers :0)
Get well soon!

A Beautiful Mess said...

feel better soon!!!

Debz said...

After reading your story I can't help but wonder about Griffey's not wanting to eat. My sister's dog got into some poison one time and when they took him to the vet they made him eat coal to induce vomiting....wondering if the smell was making Griffey nauseous/loose appetite...just an observation.

Hope your feeling better soon.
Loving baby fix pictures.

Headmeister said...

1. S'up 'Aunt Flo' lol ;)

2. Griffey is so cute, I always think he looks like a stuffed animal

3. Only thing cuter than Griffey is Tess :)

wzgirl said...

Cute stuff, yes! (Except for the Aunt Flo part). I adore Griffey. What a dearheart. As are you, my friend. And, the best Auntie Ohio's ever EVER seen! xo

Feel better, ok? xo

Kristy said...

Well I have to say that both of those little faces are just preicous! But I am so sorry for all of the "bad karma" that is swirling around you. I pray that you start to feel better, just rest ok.
Love and blessings, Kristy

Colleen said...

So sorry you've been sick. Feel better soon!

Um...Tess pics too cute....and Griffey? God is he real? He is just so stinkin cute!!!!! Looks like a stuffed animal.