Saturday, December 22, 2007

Diva For A Day

Whoever named this salon package doesn't know Tatum. Cuz she's a diva every day. But yesterday she was the ultimate supreme diva, I guess. Her 5th birthday is tomorrow. So to celebrate, she was promised a Girl's Day Out in which to get pampered and be the center of attention. For once, she didn't have to share the spotlight with her 3 brothers. Tatum's mom, her grandma and her most favorite aunt in the whole world (that's me) took her to this place. (I could just scream for not thinking of this multi-million dollar franchise opportunity myself. I mean the idea is so obvious to anyone who's ever had or been a little girl.)
She got the royal treatment. They propped her up on pillows, wrapped her in a luxurious robe to keep her warm and let her tootsies soak. She told me the machine "was shaking her feet" which loosely translates to mean "vibrating". The big girls had made a coffee run for themselves. Since 5 yr olds generate enough energy to not need caffeine, she got to enjoy a hot cocoa.
Ahhh... doesn't that pic just scream relaxation?
Then she got her toes filed, buffed and polished. They even lotioned and massaged her calves just like a big girl pedicure. Next was her manicure. Notice the tiara? She finally decided against the ear piercing after being warned it'd hurt a little. Maybe in a few more years she'll change her mind. But we're in no rush to see her grow up.
She'll kill me for this pic someday but we were about to pee our pants over this look. She was so warm and relaxed with all the pampering that when the girl started messing with her hair it was all she could do not to fall asleep. That's her arm just hanging limp off the side of the chair. She was in a Hannah*Montana induced coma, mouth gaping open, eyes glazed over, staring at the TV.
I love this pic. It's the moment that she finally got spun around in the chair to check out the finished product. She was lovin' herself. But seriously... is she not just absolutely stinkin' adorable?
Drag queens everywhere are gonna be so jealous of this purple, sparkly, glittered, feather tiara ensemble. Check out the eyeshadow.
Just as we were ready to leave, she decided she had to walk the runway a few times. Rupaul would've been so proud if he-she could've been there to see it. Work it, girl! All the pampering and glitter just proved the theory that all little girls (even tomboys who live with 3 brothers) deep down just want to be a supermodel diva. If only for a day.
It really was a lot of fun. The whole day was a good one. After the big makeover, we went out to lunch. Just us girls. That was nice. Then later that evening we all met back at my sister's house for pizza, cake and ice cream. Uncle Travis and Braeden even joined us. Unfortunately, Kristy was working and couldn't be there.Here's the birthday girl about to blow out the candles on her cake. I wonder what she's wishing for.
Notice the stuffed penguin and shark laying on the table in the above pic? They belong to Travis, who insisted I snap a pic of him, too. Tanner is the only one I didn't get a pic of. He's coming into this obnoxious "I'm almost 11. I'm a tween now. And I'm way too cool for all that." phase. It's becoming rather annoying. Can't wait for the actual teen years if the tweens are this much fun.This is the bracelet I had made for Tatum's birthday present. It has a ladybug charm hanging off the bottom. Another great E*Bay find.
The only non-family member in attendance at the birthday party was my friend's daughter, Mia. I decided to give her momma a break so she could do some cleaning, packing and other last minute stuff before the long drive home today to visit her family at Christmas. ( single mom's gotta take care of each other. LOL!)

This was just too cute. Teagan and Mia both have a mutual adoration of Dora. Here they are intently working on some Dora dominoes that Tatum got as a b-day present. Don't they make a good couple? And yes that equals 3 two year olds in one room at the same time. In addition to the 3 older ones, it was a bit chaotic. But a fun time nonetheless.
This afternoon, I'm going back over to the T's house for our annual xmas cookie making extravaganza. I might have to bring some tequila with me. Kidding, people! I'm sure it'll be fun. Even without the tequila.

PS. The ladies I mentioned in this post are both doing better. Lori is home and recovering. Turns out she didn't have an aneurysm (which is an artery bursting) but instead had a vessel burst which caused the brain bleed. Apparently, not nearly as bad. So her prognosis is very good. Shana has made improvements also. She's breathing 60% on her own so they are expecting to take her off the ventilator soon. We're hoping that this is a good sign that she's moving in the right direction. Thanks for the prayers.


Norma said...

What little girl wouldn't like all that pampering - for one day anyway. She is adorable!

Joannah said...

What a fun way to celebrate Tatum's birthday! Get 'em hooked on the pampering while they're young! ;-)

OziMum said...

Great news about your friends!

Tatum is a natural Diva!!! The hairdresser shot is a classic!!! I fall asleep when I have facials!!

My niece (3yrs old) LOVES Dora too! I personally don't see the attraction... apparently its the monkey!

redmaryjanes said...

I'm glad that your friends are doing better and that little Tatum sure got the royal treatment!

Janet said...

WOw. I want to go to that place, never mind Tatum! :-) Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Catherine said...

Ooo...what a perfect day for Tatum! You're right about the hair cutting pic but it was just too cute not to post it! Every little girl's dream is to be a princess for a day and I'm so glad Tatum had her opportunity and you were able to share in all the fun!

Hope the cooking baking was a yummy, tasty treat!

Miss you friend! Merry Christmas!!

Kayce said...

What fun! All girls deserve to be pampered like that!

kris said...

Had I been pampered like she was, I'd be in some kind of jaw dropping eye glazed coma myself! What a fun way to celebrate her bday :O)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Glad your friends are doing better....
And what a Day for Tatum.... she is a princess...
Looks like everyone had lots of fun..

Shannon said...

Lovin' the tiara and glittery eyeshadow! Snorted when you mentioned RuPaul!
Good to hear about your friends.