Monday, November 13, 2006


A couple of my co-workers and I started a tradition a few years ago of attending a Bengals game together. We pick one game a year and make a day of it. We met at 7am then started the caravan down to the stadium. Okay 7:15am for me... remember the part about how I'm always late. I wasn't worried though cuz I was the holder of all the tickets so I knew they couldn't leave without me!

We got to our favorite lot at about 8:30am and found our spot. On a sidenote...this lot is the best cuz it has port-o-potties. Last year, we got shut out and had to go in the not so great lot where there were none. The girls were not happy about that but I got lots of practice on what it will be like to use a squatty potty. LOL! Once we set up camp then the fun began!

A couple games of beer pong, many jello shots, a cheeseburger and some taco dip later, we headed for the stadium only to be disappointed to see our Bengals lose to the Chargers 49 to 41. It was still a great day! I look forward to our tailgating event all year. Especially now that I'm no longer a season ticket holder. Unfortunately, they had to go to trim the budget. Here's our crazy group. That's me in the middle with the festive pony tails. You can see the stadium in the background.
From l-r top row: my best bud Lisa, Matt, Mark, Carla & Craig, Terry, Gary, Dave & Julie. Then on the bottom row are Brian, Me, Kelly, Tricia and Terri.
These two fools on the ends are the guys who, along with yours truly, started up this great tradition that has grown to include more people every year. We let Gary come even though he's really a Dallas Cowboys fan. He won't wear any Bengals gear as you can see. And if you look at his wife Terri in the pic above you'll see that she is also an outcast in the sea of orange and black.
We were in the nosebleed seats. We actually prefer these seats cuz you can see all the play on the field below. But it's a be-yatch getting up there! This morning I felt like I'd done the stairmaster for 3 hours... on high speed and the highest incline! Damn am I out of shape. Here's the view of the Ohio River from our seats. It's pretty cool sitting up there. On this side of the river, it's Ohio and on the other side it's Kentucky.
Game day always puts a big smile on my face... and sends me to bed early. I was asleep at 9:30. Until next year guys.... hopefully I'll have to plan this around my trip to China :)


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

My Husband seen the stadium when he was in Florance for work a few weeks ago, he and a co-worker went to OHIO one sunday afternoon.
And yes it would be very cool if we met up in China next year!
June 14th was my guess for our LID but the 16 is fine! I'm just glad we have it.

wzgirl said...

Who dey??

Girl, you look ((SO)) cute with your ponytailz!


Drea said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish I had a group that would faithfully do that together! Anyway, about your comment to me...I prefer to be delusional right there with ya!

Connie said...

Kicky pigtails, chickie! That looks like so much fun.Only the site of the scarves and coats freak me out. What a great group!!

Catherine said...

What a great day! Was Stacy's husband there since she bought him Bengal colours last week? ;o) (I'm guessing that top has made it's way back to Dick's in exchange for a colour other than orange!)

Nothing like football in the US! We Canadians not so much Let's talk hockey, eh?!

Joannah said...

Cute picture of you, Krista! That looks like a fun time.

tracy said...

Not a Bengal fan, but it sounds like a great time! Go Bucks!

Stacy said...

What a fun day! You look so cute!

Go Bengals!!

Carla said...

Looks like loads of fun! Love the ponytails.

Kathy and Joel said...

How freakin' cute are you??? Sorry I haven't been posting...bloglines has been crappy lately. I just found out tonight that it has not been updated my feeds.
I've missed so many posts!