Friday, August 04, 2006

Fave Foto Friday

Most of my favorite photos involve my niece and nephews. These are my sister's kids. Until Mia arrives home, they are my mother and father's only grandchildren. Tanner is 9. Travis is 6. Tatum is 3 1/2. And our baby boy Teagan is 16 mths. Notice a name theme here? It's a tongue twister sometimes.

I love this photo. It was taken last Christmas at my house in front of my tree. As you might be able to notice from the pic, I collect penguins. The entire tree is filled with penguin ornaments. ONLY penguin ornaments. Nothing else is allowed on the tree. They all got penguin pajamas as gifts from me. Except the baby, his are actually a hand me down that I bought for Travis when he was a baby. So I thought... wouldn't it be adorable to take our pic in our penguin pj's in front of the tree? (Because I have about 10 pair of penguin pj's myself. I know ....I'm a little odd) Of course it would, however, with 4 squirming kids and a dog (who also wanted to join in even though he didn't have any pj's) it took about 20 takes to get a good shot. But here it is. Tanner looks a bit bored. Travis is trying to give his best fake smile but now his face is just tired from holding it for 20 takes so he looks like he's gritting his teeth. We captured a good smile with Tatum but she's not looking at the camera. Teagan looks like he's wishing this was over. And my dog just wants me to put the baby down so I can focus all of my attention on him. But I love the pic anyway. And I adore these kids! Oh.... and the spoiled rotten dog, too.


Connie said...

Very cute, chilly willy!

I hope you got the photobucket gig figured out.

Joannah said...

You little penguins sure look cute and cozy! ;-)

Carla said...

Adorable kids, I must say. :op

Jen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas pajama shots. You picked the right thing to collect - penguins & Christmas PJs go hand in hand. I on the other hand am somewhat more challenged to find Christmas cow PJs. Hehehe.

Johnny said...

Hiya, found your site via Connie's link.

My wife has a few hundred penguin items.

When I found a web site that allowed you to order a penguin for a pet, she briefly tried to convince me that we could have a penguin as a pet.

Ummm, don't think so.

Eliza2006 said...

Cute Jammies! Can't wait to see Mia included in a Christmas pic with her cousins!


Alison said...

Carla's kids are soooo cute! No wonder she keeps having more! j/k hehehe