Saturday, August 26, 2006

BPOH: Kitchen Decor

As promised here are a few of my favorite kitchen decor items. I love this little bowl. I'm crazy for all things ladybug these days so I couldn't resist this when I saw it. My one little apple looks lonely.

Next are a couple of favorite photos. My beautiful niece Tatum in a really pretty sepia print. And me and my sister, Carla, on our famous Route 66 road trip. She had just graduated from high school and was on the way to the Navy so we decided to jump in the car and drive. We weren't even legal drinking age but we drove halfway across the country and back. The rule was we had to take old Route 66 unless there was just no other way. Sometimes it would just dead-end so we'd back track to get on the highway. Awesome time! You can barely see my little fortune from a cookie next to the frames. I put it there to remind me of what it says "Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up."

This is a cute little iron stand with pretty little glass jars. Since I don't cook (unless you count punching holes in the top and deciding how many minutes to set as cooking) I wasn't sure what to put in here. Can you see what it is? Yep... fortune cookies. I thought it was a unique decorating idea. Oh, there's some pasta in there too.

This is a funny little print my mom gave me a few years ago. She thinks she's comical. A glimpse into why I'm single maybe? The real ones can never measure up to the imaginary ones.

This is my favorite. I found this artist who did Chinese calligraphy and had him do a custom print for me. It says "Mother and Daughter" and then has Mia's name and my name spelled out. I had it framed which turned out to be more expensive than the print itself. But I love it!

But Connie had the link on her blog about finding out what your name looked like in Chinese so I tried it. What I got was not this. So now I'm a little worried about what it says. I mean maybe I was naive but I trusted the artist to know that he was writing what I was asking. Uhh... anybody know Chinese? Unless I find out otherwise (let's hope I don't cuz you don't want to know how much I paid to have this framed!) I'm going to continue believing that these are mine and my future daughter's names.


Connie said...

Girl - bloglines didn't update you yet! I just stumbled across the tour de'home! Love it and love it even more in person. joint will bore the hell out of you with the Riviera Sand paint going up on the walls...but I will faux it. However, that WILL not happen before your arrival ;0)

Oh, I checked. Your Chinese calligraphy is right on target! The website was whack :0)

Lookin' forward to next weekend...wooohooo....I promise to leave my Favre jersey in the closet.

Krista said...

Man I'm so glad you said that about the website. You have no idea how much I've been sweating it since you had me check.

I'm looking forward to it, too. Can't wait to see the paver project in person. :)

Kathy and Joel said...

Krista, you have a lovely home. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and I used to have napkins here at home with that same saying on it: "She liked imaginary men most of all". Too funny!

Julie said...

LOL @ "She liked imaginary men best of all."

Eliza2006 said...

Love your house. Griffey is so cute! Beau sits on the back cushions of all of my furniture. When he wants to go outside he sits on the arm of my couch and stares at me. I think Griffey and Beau are long lost friends!


Sarah's proud Mama said...

Hey, I know that when we went to China to adopt our daughter, whom we named Sarah, and we asked people to write her name in Chinese each time it was different. We found out that it's because when they write English names, they go by how they sound not by the actual name. So that could be the reason for the variance? Just my thoughts.