Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I feel like I'm stuck there right now. No official travel dates yet but our agency is saying we're going May 20th. And if I can work in a pre-trip to Beijing...which I really really really want to do....that means I'll be going on May 17th or 18th. 3 weeks from TODAY!

I just wish I knew for sure so I could make some solid plans. I hate that we might travel in 3 WEEKS and I don't have a plane ticket. Yes... the OCD overthinker planner girl is freaking out a little. I've been trying to be as productive as possible and knock things off the "To Do List" ahead of time. That makes me feel a little better.

I've got a solid packing list made. In fact, I've got about half my packing laid out already. Still have a few more things to get. I spent $300 at Tar-jay the other day on meds. Baby meds, adult meds... but it seemed like I walked out of there with very little. Certainly not like I'd just spent $300! Man.. that stuff is expensive.

Got my FMLA plan made at work. Trying to wrap up my caseload as much as I possibly can in preparation for my 12 week absence. That won't be easy. Well... not going to work will be completely easy. I mean trying to do work during the next 3 weeks that doesn't require more follow up or court during that 12 weeks. That's the hard part.

Made arrangements with the bank for my new money. Hired a landscaper to get the yard in shape for summer. Just finished the guest room as y'all saw below. Have two baby showers coming up. Two!! So excited about those!

Basically just hanging around in limbo trying to be productive but limited since there is no solid plan yet. And aching for my baby so much it takes my breath sometimes. I've learned in the last 3 weeks since I saw her face that all this planning doesn't even matter. If they called me tomorrow and said catch a flight in an hour...I'd make it work. I just want to get there and get my girl!


Anonymous said...

Just a lurker in Ky... Been following your blog for many yrs.. I am sooo excited for you!! I am not an adoptive parent, but am mesmerised and touched with adoption (esp china).. I have watched alot of your friends come home with their babies and now it's your turn... Can't wait to see her in your arms, finally!! Best of luck to 2 lucky special individuals who will now be a forever family...

From a lurker across the river..

Kim said...

I am soooo excited for you ..
It is soooo close..
3 weeks is right around the corner..

Sarah in MT said...

Who says you have to be productive right now?? You're going to be solo parenting and working FT - that will be plenty productive! Take some time to breath deep and smell the roses because you won't get another chance for 18-20 years! Soooooo close!

AandAsMama said...

I hope the time goes quickly for you. It's so close but must seem a million miles away still.

So I left a comment on your post about your beautiful Pandora bracelets saying I wanted one. My mom saw the post and she got me one for my birthday today! Wonderful surprise! And I'll always think of you and Mia when I look at it :) I'm so excited to fill mine with memories and happy things the way that you have. I love the thought of every charm symbolizing something of meaning. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you are able to sleep and sleep well in these last few weeks of your wait. I can't wait to follow you to china!


Traci said...

Sending on an email that I received today:

I am finally doing it! Now that Zoe is home and is in almost the same size as Sasha, I can finally clean out the closets to make room for clothes that will fit her. So if you know anyone in need of any items listed below, would you please forward this to them ? Thanks so much!
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Two new strollers
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MAY 6 – FRIDAY 9-2

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She will have GREAT name brand and boutique items. Just to let you know.


Catherine said...

The wait is such a difficult time! ((hugs)) friend. Hope you get firm travel dates soon so that you can prepare....and count down sleeps!!

Lindsay said...

Wow you could be leaving so soon - though I am sure it doesn't feel soon! Hope you get your travel confirmation quickly so you can get the final planning done and catch your breath before you leave.

Anonymous said...

We were stuck in limbo for 6 weeks. It sucked. Sympathy from here, big time!

Carol and Taylor said...

Complete stranger about to give unsolicited advice: if there is any way you can swing it, do a couple more days in beijing. for me in 2006, it was only about 40.00 per day more for the hotel (nice hotel). I was so happy I did it b/c it allowed me to adjust to jet lag more easily. also got to see more of the city at a less frantic pace. Whether you can swing it or not, you are in for a fab time.


The Wanless Family said...

I came across your blog through a friends blog and we are with you. We are also in limbo. We hope to travel on the 19th of May. Our daughter is from Hubei province and is in Wuhan. Fairly close to your daughter. We are adopting special needs and our daughter is 9 years old born with a cleft lip and palate. Feel free to visit our blog Good luck to you and maybe we will connect in Guangzhou.
Lisa Wanless

K said...

It is hard to have the most important event of your life be at the utter mercy of complete strangers.

The entire adoption process is very casual in China. I'm still trying to figure it out. I mean, I was called into the bare office, the same one you'll be called into, and there was a woman sitting behind a desk. The room was very plain. The woman shuffled through some papers then quickly asked if I'd love my daughter and not abandoned her. I gave the correct answer, then like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, reached under her desk, pulled out a box, said, "Here's a gift," then out I went.

Don't get me wrong, they look at teh papers VERY thoroughly, I'm impressed by the professionism everywhere, but I didn't sign a single document at the time my daughter was put into my care, just walked right out with her then came back later the same day for everything else.

I'm a little OCD, too, and it just seemed far too casual for the importance it has in my life. But, it's done this way and it worked, I'm a mom now!!!

Don't worry about brining so much either. The Walmart in Nanchang has everything we can get here, plus a little shelf for about $10 that comes apart and fits in a suitcase. I used it as my pantry in the hotel room and brought it home and now my daughter's shoes are on it in her closet.

Gail said...

Hoping you get your travel dates soon. Sounds like your being as productive as you can be. Definitely try for a Beijing trip. Loved it both times.
Soon you will have Mia in your arms! Hang on your almost there!!