Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I couldn't let the day pass without acknowledging that a new president was sworn in. The 44th president to be exact. It's a moment that will go down in our nation's history. I'm glad I was around to witness it.... thanks to the magic of my DVR. I hope the next 4 years bring some positive changes to the country. We shall see. It was nice to feel the energy today though.... even if it was just through my TV screen.

PS. Can I just say how adorable the first daughters are? And that from what I've seen so far..... I really like Michelle?


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Even though I didn't vote for him....I have to agree... It was very cool watching history being made today and I do think the girls are very cute!!

Have a great night:)


PIPO said...

If even 20% of his plans come to fruition, we'll be doing good. Hoping for good things...

Hehehe...love the PS on my blog. I never even thought about you getting the rap for that idiot comment I received. To the real offender: I felt like responding with "Wow, your Botox is costing more these days but it doesn't seem to be working nearly as well" But, I decided to be a big girl and keep my mouth shut on that front.