Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday - Bullet Style

  • I just got done watching this show. With a big smile on my face cuz it brought back memories of my childhood. I called the T's to tell them it was on and the oldest T said they'd never seen it. Can you believe that? But I did see in the end credits that it was copyright 1966. It's older than me! I'll have to check back and see how the kids liked it. Considering how low tech it is compared to the stuff they're used to nowadays. Man... that totally made me sound like an old geezer, didn't it? Snoopy is my fave. I just love him. I have a raging cold. I know... sick again. I'm not having much luck with my immune system lately. My nose is so congested I can't breathe out of it most of the time. And no amount of blowing will help that situation. The only thing I've managed to do is make the tip of my nose red and raw. That should look great when it starts peeling.
  • I lost my bullet up above. It just disappeared and I can't get it back. Hmmmmm....
  • My raging cold caused me to miss a dinner invitation with Robin, Marty and Maddy, Paulette and Annalise, and Pipo. But since Annalise was heading to the hospital yesterday to prep for her surgery, I obviously couldn't risk exposing her to my germs. They'll be in town for awhile so I'm sure I'll get to visit with them at some point. Say some prayers that her surgery and hospital stay goes well.
  • Speaking of Pipo... I think I know what she's naming her daughter. It came to me in a dream. Ya wanna know? It's Olive. Shhhh... it's a secret though. LOL!
  • I'm sick of all the campaign commercials. I can't wait until this election is done. So over hearing about it. And yes ... I know it's the most important election of my lifetime...blah blah blah. But I'm still sick of hearing about it. Especially on my sibling's blogs and then watching them go at each other. My sister, the die hard Democrat, and my brother, who's just a die hard instigator. We all know who you two are voting for. And you won't change each other's view point. Done. New subject please. :)
  • Gas is down under $2 a gallon in a few places locally. Yee haw!
  • I hurt my knee at work today and had to go have an x-ray. It's not broken. But I have to wear a brace and go back in a week. If it still hurts I get an MRI. No I'm not gonna tell you how I did it. I'm thinking of making up a really dramatic story about chasing a mass murderer and tackling him. Whatcha think? That sounds like a good one. Much more impressive than the stupid thing I really did.
  • I bonded with the nurse practitioner who treated me. We had two things in common. We were both married to lying cheating bastard policemen who we then divorced. (But we're not bitter. LOL!) And she has a very close friend adopting from China. Small world, huh? She's checking on her friend's LID to report back when I go for my follow up.
  • I got to go watch Tatum at ballet practice yesterday. Normally it's behind closed doors. But it was "observation night". Unfortunately, her momma had to work. So I got to be the stand in. I'll try to post the pics tomorrow maybe. I must say... she's really very good. Yes, I'm a little biased. But seriously... she listens and follows direction very well. She knows almost the whole dance routine already without prompts from the teacher. She's a natural.
  • Speaking of my sister, I'll be glad when she gets that damn Halloween music off her blog. Bette Mid-ler's cackling voice is driving me crazy. I'm subjected to it every time I go over to check out all the cute pics of my nieces and nephews. Not that I don't appreciate the Divine Miss_M. But the Hocus*Pocus music is a bit much, Carla. :P
  • I've shed some tears over this whole tragedy involving Jennifer Hud-son's family. Such a sad, sad story. She's truly a bright shining star. It's just a shame this has happened. My prayers go out to her.
  • And to end on a slightly happier note.... it's been reported the CC-AA is matching as we speak. Or as I type and you read, I should say. Here's to hoping they get thru the end of February. Okay.... long shot, I know. How about just to Ozimum and Pipo this batch then?


a Tonggu Momma said...

Pipo and Ozimum better get referrals this time around... otherwise some people who shall remain nameless (because I don't know their names although I do know where they work) are going DOWN... I know tae kwon do (not really, but I do know how to spell it - will that work?)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So sorry you are sick again....it has to be this crazy weather!

We just watched CB tonight too....Nick loves it...we watch it every year.

I agree....let's get through Feb for crying out loud....give us a reason to hope that everything is about to change!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sorry to hear you are sick again..
Sounds like you have been busy though..
I sooo hope they get to at least the last few days of Feb..
I think once all these March 06's are done.. things will speed up..
Have a Great Week..

Kudo said...

So sorry we missed you at dinner but your right we will be her for quite a while as the doc upped our stay 7-10 days. Help I need some more tea bags and a pair of ear plugs the monitors keep going off and there is no sleeping around here. Hope to see you soon.

Alyson & Ford said...

A cold? A injured knee? What are you doing? Hope you have a better week!
Yes, we need to hear that referrals are through the end of February! Let's get into March!


Sandra said...

So sorry to hear you are still sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Polar Bear said...

Goodness Woman! What's with all these colds? I sure hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear about the knee, too.

I love The Great Pumpkin. I even ordered it so I would have my very own copy. :)

Get Well!

sea star said...

Good grief, sick again? So sorry, you've certainly had your few months worth of crap to deal with.

I wanta whole bunch of referrals and I have a feeling we'll be getting about 5.

The election...what election? I just love watching people slam each other because their way is the right way, or the left way, however you want to look at it, it's sucking the life out of me.

"M" said...

I'm glad your knee is not broken!

Can't believe your gas is under
$2.00. How is it that just 2 states away, I am celebrating that ours has hit just under the $3.00 mark.

Feel better!

amy said...

love bullet posts. Hope your knee is better soon!

OziMum said...

Sadly, they're forcasting til the 20th :( But thanks for the nice thoughts!!!

I thought all policemen were root-rats?! (sorry... is this a g-rated blog?!!)

Sending you "healthy hugs"!!

Joannah said...

We watched that last night, too! It is just so sweet.

I hope you feel better.


Shannon said...

Feel better. Olive eh? HA! More like Martini. =)

Kayce said...

Sorry about your knee. Yuck.
Olive is pretty cute, just have to say it. As for your cold...try to netti-pot. It works, at least for us.

kris said...

I heard that 20th forecast too, dang it, here's hoping it goes further and the initial rumors are off. My agency posted they are matching though. Hope your knee is better soon and you get over that cold- I HATE having a cold!! We need to talk soon woman it's been like, hello, FOREVER.

Carla said...

I had a patient who was so excited that CB was coming on, I had to call home to see if the kids were watching it.

I still don't know who Travis is voting for. He says he doesn't like either one. I'm going to Obama the hell out of him over the next few days! :op

I'm really surprised with Tate and ballet. Lord knows she doesn't pay attention like that at home.

Oh, and Hocus Pocus is to me what CB is to you. We will be watching it tonight for Halloween! Love it!!