Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Catch Up

  • I'm finally starting to get over this bird flu or whatever it was that I had. I'm telling you ...this stuff really laid me out. I was so exhausted I was in bed some nights even before 9pm. That's so not like me at all. Thank goodness my throat no longer feels like I'm swallowing razor blades and my ears aren't throbbing. Unfortunately, I still can't lose the cough and all the drainage. Sorry... TMI. But the doc said I had a bad sinus infection and that might take awhile to work it's way out. Whatever the case may be... I think I may be nearing the end of this. Finally.

  • The bird flu caused me to miss my get together last weekend with PIPO, Sandra, and the polar bear chick. I was disappointed. But after reading about their day, I knew I made the right decision. There was no way I could've hung all day without a nap thrown in. LOL!

  • I had to qualify yesterday. Which means shoot for score. I have to do it twice a year to remain in my job. I kinda sucked this time. I shot an 88 with my duty gun and a 90 with my off duty gun. Not happy with those numbers. But I'm blaming the bird flu since my stamina hasn't been up to par the last couple weeks. Oh and I coughed through the entire hour which didn't help either. Today my shoulder is sore cuz we have to shoot a shotgun course, too. That shotgun is brutal. It's heavy and it'll knock you on your arse if you don't handle it properly.

  • I thought I scored big time the other day when I filled my tank for $3.16 a gallon. But yesterday I drove by a station with gas at $2.95. Damn I shoulda waited. But at least the price is going down.

  • I'm off work today cuz I had to work last Sunday. Happy I got to sleep in this morning. I'm still in my pj's. Love that.

  • This week I've gotten a couple of cases that didn't sit well with me. Not that any of them do...but these bothered me more than usual. One involved an 84 yr old man who was awakened by a burglar trying to get his wallet from between his mattress and box springs. Yes... while the man was sleeping in the bed. Ballsy, eh? The burglar hit him a couple times with something that left him with a completely swollen shut eye and stitches in his head. Now why is that necessary? To hit an old man like that? The other involved an 82 yr old man and 2 young punks who forced their way into his home at gunpoint to rob him. They didn't hurt him but he was very shaken up. Understandably so. I really really hate cowards who target children or the elderly. What has this world come to? Some days I wonder where we're all going to end up when there are so many people running around with no conscience. And it worries me.

  • Geez... that was a downer. I need to think of something happier for my next bullet.

  • I know... referrals are up to February 15, 2006. But a bloggy buddy of mine just got notified that she's getting a referral today even though she was told her LID is 2-16. What's the deal? Referrals came out last week. So is this another batch? A mistake made by someone at CC_AA? Or maybe her agency told her the wrong LID and all this time she thought she was 2-16 but was really 2-15? Whatever the case may be... it's good news!

  • So that means there's only 4 months worth of people in front of me in line. Seems so close... yet still so far away. I'm still guess-timating a referral for me in summer of 2010. But that's okay. I'm back to my zen place with the wait. Mia will come when she's supposed to. I'd like her sooner rather than later. But I've made peace with mid-2010.

  • Alright... that's about all I can think of for right now. I'm off to find something to eat for lunch. And I think I'll pull my Fall decorations out this afternoon. I didn't put them out last year cuz I was in a major not-in-my-zen-place-about-the-wait funk. But I think I wanna decorate now. I love this time of year!

    Carla said...

    Glad you're starting to feel a little better. But feel free to keep your funk away. :op

    I thought I was doing great to get the Suburban filled up at 3.19. And now, it's 2.95! It almost makes me want to run the gas out of it so I can fill it up again. Almost.

    Lindsay said...

    Glad you're feeling better at last.

    I hope for all you waiting moms this is a sign there will be a speed up.

    Briana's Mom said...

    So glad you are starting to feel better. There's nothing worse that being sick!

    Lovin' the gas prices going down!

    a Tonggu Momma said...

    So glad to know you are no longer coughing up a lung. (Boy, that sounds pleasant, doesn't it?)

    3D said...

    Good to hear that you are better and still able to kick ass!

    I am being all zen with ya too!

    Keep smilin!

    Wendy said...

    It's great to get an update from you and to know you are doing a bit better! I hope you have a good weekend.

    sea star said...

    Glad your on your feet again!

    What a crappy case to have after a whole week of feeling ill. People are crazy. Bat $hit crazy.

    OziMum said...

    Those poor old blokes. People low enough to actually steal and rob, are stupid enough to hit old people.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Bird flu! That's funny! (well not really, it just sounds funny!)

    I don't give a toss what people say about the 16th Feb referrals - I've marked it off!!! I AM another day closer, damn it!!!! How cute is Ellie?!! Little nude nut!

    "M" said...

    Glad you are feeling better. Can't believe you were down for the count for so long. Have a good weekend.

    Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

    Glad to hear you are back in action!

    What horrible cases....why is it that they always target the weak...

    Happy Decorating...I love fall!


    Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

    Glad you are starting to feel better..
    That is awful about those two cases.. don't know why kids have to do those things..
    As for you in 2010.. that is my prediction for me. .so you will be sooner then that.
    Hugs girly.
    Have a Great Weekend..

    PIPO said...

    'bout time you shook the plague. That long-standing crud reminds me of me last year...but we won't go there because we all know how that shite turned out.

    Stay well.

    Shannon's great surprise makes me just want to flip out.

    Polar Bear said...

    I'm glad you're feeling better! We'll have to reschedule our shopping trip soon.

    R and I took our nieces up towards Columbus today to a pumpkin farm. We couldn't believe gas prices were $2.95! The lowest around here is $3.39. Crazy!

    Get more rest! :)