Monday, October 20, 2008

The Candle Controversy

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the family got together to celebrate my mom's birthday? And how my smart ass sister decided to put 60 actual birthday candles on the cake? Well, you'd expect she'd still have some of those candles left, right? Especially since there were some brand new ones in those boxes that didn't get burned.

But we all know how wives communicate things to their husbands. And then how husbands actually interpret those words into something maybe slightly different than what the wife meant. Right? I was married once. I remember how that stuff works.

So my sister told the hubs to throw out the candles. Meaning the burnt up, half melted ones that were on the cake. He interpreted that to mean literally what she said. Throw out the candles. All of the candles. Even the unused ones. Well, that's a guy for ya.

Last night while the family was over to celebrate my brother's birthday it came time to do the cake part. And here is where the controversy began. No candles. Well, you can't have a birthday cake and sing the birthday song without the ceremonious blowing out of the candles. So what to do? What to do?

We began searching the house for something acceptable to burn on top of the birthday cake. Lil' Travis thought we should use this holiday pillar. Uh...... no.
Everyone waits with anticipation as we try to figure out a solution to this dilemma.
Hmmmmm..... any ideas? We need to improvise here, people.
Here's the candle-thrower-outer himself. But you have to give the experienced father of five credit at least for being able to juggle a baby in one hand and light candles with the other. That's right. We solved the problem.
With tea light candles! A little ghetto maybe but they get the job done. LOL! Hey... that's just how we roll.
Travis finally got to blow out his candles. With a little help from Braeden, his step-son. If my brother were actually married to his girlfriend, I mean. (No pressure though.)
For some reason, Braeden needed to smell the cake. Which I thought was funny and decided to snap a pic of.
Hope you enjoyed your birthday party, little brother.

PS. By the way.... did you check out the mad linkage in this post? That's cuz we're a blogging family. We all have our own blogs. It's quite addicting, you see. But be warned, if you click over to my brother's blog you may be offended. Unless you have a sick, twisted, raunchy sense of humor like the rest of my family. It's definitely not your typical blog. And some of the inside jokes you won't get. Cuz no matter how old they get, little brothers never grow out of annoying their sisters.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Tea lights?!?!? Did y'all wrap the presents in newspaper, too? And arrive at the party wearing white tank tops? And drive up in your rimless trucks? ;)

Carla said...

But little bro is a smart ass, so don't feel the need to visit his blog. Unless you visit mine first, because he likes to smart off to my posts.

And we would have been in our wife beater tanks, but it's October, in Ohio.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

A whole family of bloggers...very cool...and yes, very addicting!!!

Cracking up at the tea lights....a candle is a candle...right? Could have been worse, you might have ended up with the red pillar candle in the middle of the cake!

I have to say, your family looks like a lot of fun!!

Hope you have a great week!

amy said...

awesome story

OziMum said...

You don't smell cake?! Its ok, Braeden... I'm with you - smell that cake!!!

I like lil Travis' idea!!! That's what I would've done!!! I was half expecting you to pull out your big cop flashlight!!! HA!!!

Polar Bear said...

A family who blogs together, stays together! :o)

Happy belated birthday Travis. I'll have to check out the family blogs!

Noemi said...

That is too funny! For my birthday last week, hubs bought the cake, chips, refreshments, gifts, but guess what he forgot the candles! We improvised with a decorative Pilar candle! I have the pics maybe I will post them! LOL.

I tried to load the video again and it appears to be working for me... If not I will just give up! LOL

Elisa. said...

Wow you are a family of bloggers.
Happy birthday to your little bro, a little inmpro on the candles...who cares..a bet the cake tasted just great.

Donna -N- Andrew said...

I think its great that your family all blog. As far as the tealight for birthday cakes I have done that in a number of occasions. Nothing wrong with it! LOL

Pug Mama said...

we've done the tea lights in the cake thang also. gots to do what you gots to do. word.

Ava's family said...

I ALWAYS smell the cake, doesn't everyone?? =)

Michelle said...

Last year we found ourselves with the same dilemma on my husband's birthday. Being the resourceful person that I am, I dug through my kitchen drawers and came up with those wooden skewers that you use for Shish-Ke-Bobs(sp?). They worked great but he had to blow them out quickly because once they started burning, they really went up in flames!

Kayce said...

That would be something one of my boys would do except they'd throw out ALL candles in the house. I wouldn't be a happy girl. Love the links! My family is slowly becoming bloggers too, pretty fun!

3D said...

Happy Birthday T!

Loving the ghetto candle improv!

Keep smilin!

Traci said...

Checked out brother's blog.....I like it in a sick sort of way. Really, I do. He and I could swap Time warner stories.

They do suck! I hate a monopoly!