Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Teagan!

My sister's youngest turned 3 today. Hard to believe it's been 3 years since Teagan Christopher made his wild and crazy entrance into the world. The family got together for a pizza party to celebrate.
This is his flirty smile. Not sure how he learned that one. But it works every time. Notice how he tilts his head to the side and looks up at you with those little dimples. He's perfected the look.

Uncle Travis and Tanner spent most of the evening in this position. Vid-i-ots.
Cool ass construction cake.
I love that I snapped this right at the perfect time with his little cheeks all puffed out.
More proof that our mother really does wear the color purple
I think they may have medication for that.....
Checking out some of his loot.
Along with the submarine toy, I also got him an outfit. Included was a package of new big boy "Cars" underwear. You know... from the movie. He's deep in the turmoil of potty training so they were a big deal. He was so excited about them that he shrieked, yelled out "Cars un-na-ware!" and kissed the package. I thought I was going to pee my own pants on that one. Typical brothers.
Daddy's little girl....sometimes.
The little Travis or "Yabis" as the three year old pronounces it.
They love their Aunt "K-ita". Yeah.... my name gets slaughtered, too. Well, technically this is my sister's youngest. Her fifth edition is about 5 months along. The newest little T will have it's debut in late August. If I have to deliver this one I'm charging a fee. LOL!


TBG Happenings said...

Happy Birthday Teagan! I can't believe that it has been 3 years either! LOL and I am not even counting...time flies.

Can't wait to see ya!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Happy Birthday Teagan.....
Sounds like you had a Great Time..
Have a Great Sunday..

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday, Teagan!

wzgirl said...

Proof again that not only does your Mom wear purple every day but taht you are the bestest Auntie evah!!