Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cute Sophie

I know I promised lots of cute Sophie pics and I will deliver. But I have some bad news.

I forgot my camera at home on Monday when we went to the children's museum. I know... I know. I was really pissed, too. You'll just have to go over to Robin's post to see Sophie, Maddy and Tahlia in action at the museum.

But I'll give you some highlights from Sunday. I picked Maryellen & Sophie up at the airport just before 5pm. We headed to my house to relax. The girls needed some down time after their busy travel day. We hung out, played, ordered pizza, had a few cocktails (the big girls...not the little one), watched some TV and talked until it was way later than it should've been.
Sophie is so freakin' adorable. Isn't she though? She's just an absolute riot once she starts to relax and feel more comfortable. She has so much personality. But she decided her shoes were much more fun to play with than my toy box full of stuff.

However, she did love playing with Griffey. She thought he was pretty cool. She kept saying "Gog... gog!" That translates to "dog" for those who don't understand baby gibberish. Their faces are just about on the same level. So Griffey kept giving her face lots of doggy love in the way of sloppy licking. She tried to play it like she was annoyed.
But then we caught her leaning in for the smooches. Nice try, girlfriend. You loved every minute of it.
Later, we got into pj's and watched the season premiere of Amazing Race. How stinkin' sweet is this? Momma and her girl snuggling up.
Momma had brought her own kiddie size aerobed. Which actually just turned out to be an overpriced pool raft from the looks of it. But Sophie seemed to like it.
We slept in a little Monday morning. Got up and grabbed a quick breakfast. We rushed out the door running a bit late already. I know you're surprised by that, right? And this is how the camera inadvertently got left behind. We made it to the Cincinnati Children's Museum where Robin & Maddy and Sandra & Tahlia were waiting. Jazzie couldn't make it. She had to go to school. But she joined us for dinner later.

The girls played for most of the afternoon only stopping briefly for a quick lunch. Oh and a major poop catastrophe. TMI? Well, just say I learned to always...ALWAYS...pack an extra outfit for the kid when we leave the house after two babies had major blow outs. Hmmm... what are the odds of that happening to two different girls on the same day at the same time.

Later, we went over to check S & M into their hotel. No....not THAT kind of S & M, you freaks. I mean, Sophie & Maryellen. Then we headed out to meet back up with Sandra, who now had both of her girls in tow. I-Con also joined us for dinner. We have photographic proof that she is still alive and kicking. But only because I swiped this pic from Sandra seeing as how I forgot my camera and all.
We had a lovely dinner. And a wonderful day. Thanks for joining us ladies and helping to keep Sophie & Maryellen entertained. They check into the hospital tomorrow and the surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I'll keep you posted with updates as I get them. But say a little prayer if you believe in that sort of thing.


Wendy said...

What a fun time!! I will be praying!

Sandra said...

We had a great time and we were happy to help keep Maryellen and Sophie entertained :-)

Janet said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm definitely praying for Sophie....

i-Con said...

I am cracking up about the 'S&M' - I hadn't thought of that one!

sea star said...

Wish I had been there, sounds fun!

redmaryjanes said...

It sounds like you guys had a great time and Sophie is a cutie!

Colleen said...

See now that is GOOD stuff. Love the pics and love the idea of just hangin with friends...oh and cocktails.

Doris & Dan said...

She is too cute!
What a gal time.

Keep smilin!

Liz & Ava said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

OziMum said...

LOL! Harry was still saying "Gog" til about a year ago!!! He also used to use "b" for the letters f & v (also til about a year ago!!!) We used to joke and say when he's a teenager, if we heard "buck" too often... we'd know something is up!!! He's discovered "f" now.

PS so glad you told me you had the penguin shoes!!! I bought those ones for Mini, with the express purpose of checking them out, to return to get you some!!! Seems you beat me to it!