Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

My sister and her family made it back from Wyoming in one piece. Looks like they had a great trip... well, once they got there that is. The getting there sucked. Y'all remember the story right? Scroll down a few posts if you don't know what I'm talking about. Click here to go to her blog, Tales of the T's, and check out all the pics if you want.

I got an unexpected package in the mail today. I was surprised to find this most adorable little giftie inside from my new blogger bash buddy, Maryellen. A woman after my own heart!
It's a little penguin costume. The front zips to stick baby in and the head is really a hood. See? I hope that Mia can wear it someday. I can just picture it now. Adorable. I love it! Thanks for thinking of me, Maryellen! Especially in the middle of all of your own craziness trying to prepare for the trip to China to get your baby Sophie. Can't wait for that.
While I'm thanking people, I owe my Secret Pal also. Sorry SP. You know what a procrastinator I am. LOL! I appreciate your gifts as much as ever. Just a little slow to post them. This month she sent a couple of cute little dolls, some Hello Kitty barrettes for Mia and Hello Kitty socks for Momma. I can't believe HK is so popular again. I remember this from when I was a kid. Thanks again SP. Very cute stuff. We've been at this so long, you're probably having a hard time coming up with ideas for what to send each month. I know I am. But still love the exchange. I'm glad that I stuck with it too.

I've been hovering over the Weather Channel for the past couple of days. Seems that a hurricane was trying to ruin my vacation plans in Mexico. I even called Tracy for advice and opinions. Since she lives in the land where hurricanes are more common. Up north we just worry about tornadoes, ya know. I was trying to figure out just how bad a Category 5 really was. Well, the news wasn't good. She told me to call and make sure the hotel was still standing. But we got lucky. It passed Cancun and Cozumel with barely any damage at all. The last I saw on TV the resorts were pulling the lounge chairs back out. Yee Haw! Only 17 more days to go. Not like I'm counting or anything. :)
On Saturday, Connie, and I had a blogger blind date with the mysterious "M" . She contacted us through e-mail and said she was visiting friends in the area. Then she asked us out. If you follow her blog, Deep Tangents, then you know that this girl is a mystery. She's pretty private, doesn't use her real name, there are no pics (until now) and it was hard for me to get a feel for her. But being the fun, spontaneous, adventurous up-for-just-about-anything chicks that we are, we said yes.

As we were walking up to the restaurant, Connie, wanted to know how we were supposed to know who she is since there had been no discussion of this. I figured she'd find us. I mean she follows our blogs so she has to know what we look like, right? Sure enough, she was waiting by the front door. We had a great time holding a table hostage at PF Chang's for several hours....and on a busy Saturday night, no less. Ha! We have no shame. The waiter was a cutie. And got even cuter with every round of cocktails. LOL! We finally were overcome by guilt and released the table only to walk across the parking lot and camp out at Max & Erma's until we closed them down. You know it's bad when the waitress takes her shoes off. That must be a sign that she's ready to go home.

We had a great time! And "M" is not so mysterious anymore. She's loads of fun! She has a very similar personality as both of us. So, of course, we were gonna get along. She's so cute. And smart, so funny, and has a great sarcastic wit. We plan on hanging again as soon as schedules allow.

Wow. This post was pretty all over the place. If you've hung in this long then kudos to you. Go make yourself a margarita and celebrate.


a&mg said...

When I first looked at the penguin picture, I thought it was a full size costume (I thought it was on the floor, not a table). Still cute.

Glad you had fun with your bloggy buds!

amy said...

Sounds like you have been having a great time..YOu write great posts@

Noemi said...

Love the costume! Looks like you had a good time with your bloggy buddies! Have fun in Mexico! Can't wait to hear your stories! LOL

Headmeister said...

Love the penguin outfit - psyched for ya that you still have a hotel to go to - jealous that you had a bloggity meet-up and I'm all the way the hell over here...lol.

I hung in til the end m'dear, but since it's only 8:30 in the morning, coffee will have to do for now (and besides - I'm out of margarita mix! lol).

Jeter's Mama said...

love the penguin costume!
Cancun here you come!!
And my, you sure have become the meeting-bloggers-ho haven't you??!!

C.J. said...

I'll have the supercharged Mojito instead ;0)

Glad the resort looks like it will survive.

The penguin is so cute...I love it when people come across cool stuff like that. I have little duckie feet from Maryellen. She amazes me...when does she find the time to shoppy for others? Gotta love her.

Glad sis and fam made it home without incident. The getting there was definitely a nightmare.

tracy said...

Pack your bags sista...YOUR GOING TO CANCUN!!!

Great goodies you blogger visiting ho! ;0)

kris said...

Glad you had fun meeting M and loving that penguin "suit" from Maryellen- incredibly thoughtful of her!

Liene said...

Yup, that Hello Kitty is making a comeback isn't she??? I too fondly remember having lots of HK stuff as a kid and wouldn't you know, I'm snapping it up again! I've even bought a few Asian Cabbage Patch dolls for our little girl whenever she comes home. It's amazing to see all the things that I liked as a kid making a comeback including Strawberry Shortcake!

And I'm starting to see that you and Connie have a sickness revolving around P.F. Chang's. Can't say I blame you though. I LUV to eat there!!

Doris & Dan said...

Sister home...good

Holiday still on...good

Penguin costume...good

SP gifts...good


Keep smilin!

Abby's Mom said...

Fun post! Love your presents especially the halloween costume :) Glad your vacation is safe :)

A Special Family said...

love the outfit!!

ooohhh, enjoy Mexico :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

speaking of Margarita's.. we are ready for football season. (we are also bengal fans) Marty went out and bought 2 "party in a pail"s this past weekend. Bring on the frozen goodness!

M3 said...

So fun to meet a mystery blogger! Very cool, and you and CJ are tres brave. :-) Oh, and I think I WILL have that margarita you mentioned, my toe is killing me!

"M" said...

What fun gifts you have here!

Had such a great time with you guys last weekend. Thanks for taking the risk to join me. I'm so glad to now really know you, as I think you are an amazing woman.

Glad Mexico will work out. Can't wait to hear about it.

Colleen said...

OOOHHH! And to think that you and I could add to our "blogger meeting list" in October if it works out. Yeeehaw!

What fun gifts. Love the costume. LOVE PF Changs...so jealous you have one near by.

redmaryjanes said...

I have been on 2 blog buddy blind dates, both were great.

Wendy said...

What a precious costume! I love it! I can't wait to see pictures of your daughter wearing it! Hurry up CCAA!

Norma said...

If we never had blogger/adoptive mom blind dates we would never meet all these wonderful people who we share the journey with.

Lovely presents! - especially the costume!