Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Secret Identity **Updated

First this one did it. Then someone else. Next thing you know another one jumped on the bandwagon. And how could I have forgotten this one? If they can change their names, then so can I. Someone who shall remain nameless dubbed me with "The K" recently. (How ya like that play on words? I'm so witty.) So I think I'm gonna go with it for awhile.

I'm gonna try to change my profile pic too but stupid blogger isn't cooperating right now. I'm sick of looking at that one. Plus it's not really accurate anymore. My hair is totally different and I've gained a couple of pounds. Hey, full disclosure, right? But maybe since I'm recreating my identity, I'll find a pic of some really hot skinny blonde and say that's me. Wouldn't that be funny?

Any computer savvy individuals (like those named above perhaps?) wanna give me some hints as to what I should make my little icon into? Some have cute little starfish or Chinese symbols or something else. Maybe I don't wanna use my face anymore. Well, for the profile pic I mean. Walking around without a face wouldn't really work, now would it? Plus how would I drink my much adored margaritas without a mouth?

** OMG!! Look what I found! The perfect profile pic. My two favorite things.
Ahhh.. life is good.

And just to clarify here , people.
I'm not K.
Or K1 or 2 or 3.
Or a K. Or some K.
I am "The K".

Blame her.


Liene said...

Krista, you're always making me laugh!!! Love the new profile pick and yes, from what I know of you it fits perfectly!!!!

As for accurate profile picks, well mine was taken in February and is accurate. However you can't see the extra 30lbs I'm carrying thanks to the football jersey. Hopefully that will change soon.

Janet said...

I'm going to try to remember your name is now "K", K?

Sandra said...

Love that picture; it is perfect for you. So now you are K - not to be confused with K1 and K2!

Two Kayaks said...

This is K1 here...a little concerned about my identity today as it seems as though there is already a K1 in the blog world and now you are "The K"! Who knew that our first initial could be so popular. :P
If I could make a little power of 2 sign, I would change mine to K squared.
Love the profile pic!

crazylady said...

I've sent my attachment pic that I won't charge royalties for.

Hot skinny chick

Catherine said...

Too funny! When I read your post I thought 'she must have found a penguin drinking a margarita' and yup...there he was! He's lookin' a little green. Did he find the potent margarita I made for you? I have a feeling that thing is still living somewhere unless Melissa used it to fill her gas tank as someone mentioned!

Cheers 'The K!' from...Da Foreigner!

Mamacita said...

A penguin with a martini/margarita is perfect! The K. That sound kinda butch.

Mamacita said...

well, maybe not butch. But tough. Yeah, tough.

t-girl said...

I'm thinking 'Special K'....

but you did score seriously on the icon. Maybe I need a drink for my icon? Hmmmmm? You got me thinking.

Doris & Dan said...

The K speaks. The K has decreed. Long live The K!

Keep smilin!

Jeter's Mama said...

I'm voting for Special K.
can we vote?
The K makes me think of The Donald, then I want to throw up.
LOVE the penguin.
I vote to keep him.
are we voting?

kris said...

Hmmm... not so sure the adoption community would jive with "The Boobs Mama"... hmmm.

The K is cool though. Maybe I'll go with K2. Hehe.

Joannah said...

Uh, K. (Get it?) ;-)

Debbie said...

The K! I like Tracy's suggestion Special K

t-girl said...

I came back to tell you that I really have been calling you Special K for awhile now and think you need to use it. Now I see, Mel has joined the ranks.

R we voting?

Headmeister said...

I'm lovin' The K! AND the margarita downing penguin! Perfect :)

Catherine said...

I came here after reading your 2nd update and thinking I'd be oh so original but alas no, great minds think alike! Another vote for 'Special K!' heehee...I think we get to pick your nickname rather than you, don't we?

All in favour??

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the penguin..
I like Special K also..
But that is only if we were voting..
Have a Great Evening..

C.J. said...

K....if it comes out as Special K you will forever be crunchy K to me ;0)

Signed -
Candy Knobs

Norma said...

That profile pic is so you!

Noemi said...

LOVE the profile pic! And also THE K! LOL or Special K will suit you well!