Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Luv Reality TV

I admit it. I'm hooked. This is my summertime guilty pleasure. I know there are others who are watching. So let's dish, shall we? Don't read any further if it's TiVo'd and you haven't seen it yet.....cuz I'm about to ruin it for you.

First of all, I was very sorry to see Nick go tonight. He's so pretty. And he liked to walk around without a shirt. No complaints here...

One word. Jen. What a self-centered bitch. But I want her to stick around cuz I love the drama! It's Jen-uinely entertaining. LOL! The tea poured over her head by E.D. was priceless. I thought robot girl might just short circuit. But maybe she really is a human?

I'm way over Amber. I'm tired of the endless crying. Over Every.Single.Thing. Get a grip already! Seriously. Somebody needs to adjust her meds.

Evil Dick is a riot. (No're thinking of Spotted Dick. Totally different thing.) He's so obnoxious. Such the instigator. I think he may just punch Jen in the mouth soon. Did you see when he stepped into the bathroom and let a bunch of ...uh.... flatulence go during a group meeting, continued with the conversation and sprayed air freshener around his arse like all of that was perfectly normal? I thought I was going to pee my pants.

I hate Jessica's voice. She sounds like she sucked down some helium. So far haven't really made my mind up about her. She seems to try to lay low.

I don't think Kail is much longer for the house. She made her bed early on with the whole freaking out and trying to control the game thing. She's not playing the game very well. It's going to cost her. But more importantly, what's with the name? Kail? What's that all about?

I like Jameka. I think she has class. But the whole biblical influence over everything in the game is kind of silly to me. I gotta agree with E.D. about the whole "Power of Veto for Jen" cuz of the divine intervention of picking her name out of the bag. I mean, really.

I have no opinion of Zach. He seems to annoy the other house guests for some reason. Don't care if he stays or goes.

The America's Player thing with Eric is kind of cool. I wonder if the house guests will think it's amusing when they find that out. The whole weird eye looks he does are getting on my nerves though. What's with the eyebrow raising all the time, dude?

I like Dustin, too. The whole Joe/Dustin drama was funny to watch. That ended too soon. But talk about airing some dirty laundry when Joe announced on national TV on the very first episode that Dustin had given him a not so pleasant little venereal disease. Ouch.

Right now I think my favorite is Daniele. Yes, she was a little naughty with the whole boyfriend at home vs. Nick love triangle thing. But did you get a good look at Nick? With his shirt off? I'm giving the girl a pass on that one. Can't really blame her, ya know. Appearances can be deceiving cuz she actually seems very smart. And considering that E.D. is her dad, she didn't turn out half bad. She's got some sympathy points from me for the whole estranged father issues. To have that thrust upon you in this environment has got to be hard.

Can't wait to see what happens next. My DVR is set to record every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Is yours?


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

OH YEA!!!!!!
I have always watched Big Brother..
And it is pretty funny because I am in the same boat as you with each and every one of them..
But I think I would like E.D. and Daniele to be the final two... Now that would be GREAT...
Have fun..
I have my tivo set too..
Have a great evening.

Janet said...

I'm watching too, when I get the chance. I half watched it tonight in between ads of a movie we were watching. I was a bit sad to see Nick go, but I don't like that he totally made a play for Danielle when he KNEW she had a boyfriend at home. A STEADY boyfriend. A live in boyfriend! Um, helloooo? She's off limits!

Jen= YUCK! She's mean and she lies. Sometimes I feel sorry for her when everyone gangs up on her, though. I don't like her, but I don't like to see the mob attack people either.

Amber= TOO MUCH CRYING. I'm in perfect agreement with you over that one!

Dick= Weird. And I think he does a lot of what he does just to bug people.

Jessica= on the fence. My gut says not to like her, though. NOt sure why.

Kail= ambivalent

Jameka= nice, but I think the whole veto thing was weird too. I'm obviously a Christian and wouldn't look at it that way. It was just a weird way to look at it. OTOH, she is a woman of her word. Hard to come by in the BB house.

Zach= also ambivalent. A coat-tail rider.

Eric= cool. I like him, I think he's funny.

Dustin= not sure of him.

Danielle= nice. I like her.

Ok, that message was waaay too long. You should do an update every eviction day....

wzgirl said...

Jameka = My fave. Dustin = Second fave.

Personally I don't like the verbal bashing going on with Jen - delivered by the misogynistic Evil Dick. I've done a little reading about the stuff that has gone on (written by those that watch "the feeds") beyond what you see on TV and it sounds really ugly. Quite abusive, actually. I can't get behind that.

The flatulance scene, though? OMG, we rewound that several times. Hilarious.

OziMum said...

You're so funny! Our season is just about to finish. Its the final (there are only 2 left in the house) this weekend. I haven't set my alarm or anything, but if I'm home, we'll probably watch it! My 2 favs were both voted out last week. I don't think the two left deserve to win.

Noemi said...

OMG! I almost pee my pants reading this post... We think alike on most of the characters! And yeah Nick was eye candy in the show.

PS. I feel like smacking Amber every time she cries!

redmaryjanes said...

I have never watched this show, but EVERYONE I know is talking about it. I'm going to have to sit down and check it out!

A Special Family said...

Do you watch the original one in the UK via the internet? They keep showing american's watching. Having seen both, I have to say it is much more 'full on' here - let's see, this year we have had someone kicked out due to racist remarks, two people having s*x in the house, a stripper in the house, thousands of people turn up to boo people out the house and the list goes on!!!
I'll admit, I am a BB fan too :)
Enjoy your guilty pleasure, and be glad yours isn't on 6 nights a week and therefore totally dictating how much you go out!!!

Sandra said...

OK, Krista. I could have written this myself. I agree with you on everything! My favorite has to be E.D.
I am also over Amber. My God, I wonder what her family is thinking watching her lose it over and over and over again.
I knew I wasn't the only one enjoying BB!

C.J. said...

Who needs that? Sounds like backstage at the hospital...Evil Dick and all ;0)

Do enjoy all the drama.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Never watched the show before but I'm thinking maybe I need to try it out. the hubs will be "all to thrilled" I tell you. He hates all the reality TV shows I watch. He'd rather sit down and watch rerun HBO all freaking day.. BORING!

Two Kayaks said...

I SOOOOOO culd have written this entire post myself! Although, I have to say that ED is my favorite at this point. My jaw hung open for so long after he poured the tea over Jen's head! Crazy!
Sigh...good times!

tracy said...

Yep, my DVR is programmed every day BB is on! We are addicted and I couldn't have said it any better. The eyebrow thing that Eric does makes me despise him. Jen reminds me of a 'close' friend down here and she annoys me. I'm with ya on Danielle, she's my pick with Dustin as a close second, except I thought he was gay and last night he was talking about his girlfriend...what's up with that? Can't blame Danielle for Nick, he's hot! Your player break down is exactly the same as mine! I'm over the Amber tears as well.

Doris & Dan said...

Girl...get out of my head! I am ADDICTED to BB! I have watched every season since #1. Kathy and Michelle and I have groups chats after the episodes air. It is a sickness!

I crack up at Amber bawling. Jameka is getting the holy treatment and will get skewered for it. Dustin is cool. ED cracks me up. Daniele is great but she sometimes she acts like a baby. Jessica makes me want to rip my ears off and Zach has no clue. Kail is not long for this house. Jen is beyond any thing I can describe. Apparently she is also a rules monger...tying to fund loopholes to get ED kicked out.


Keep smilin!

Catherine said... every episode! You and I see eye to eye on most of it.

Nick was a nice guy but needed to go. Daniele has a boyfriend. End of story. She's off limits. He lost my vote when he kept enticing her. I know it takes two to tango but nope...a person needs to be trustworthy and he lost my trust so needed to go.

I want Jameka to win. She plays a good, honest game. I was not impressed that she took Jen off the block but she'd given her word and I respect her for keeping her word. If I tell someone something and they say they'll keep their word then I expect them too. Sadly, sadly disappointed when it doesn't happen and it takes time to win the trust back. Jameka made a promise and kept it and I respect that. Also, I just like the way she plays the game. She's not hiding, not riding anybody's coat tails but playing it fair. She has my vote to win.

ED is a hard one to talk about. I like the excitement he causes in the house when he calls a spade a spade but I HATE intimidation and he thrives on that. Because of that I hope he doesn't make it to the end. Someone who makes themself feel better by intimidating others should not be rewarded.

Daniele. My second choice to win. Plays well and I'm happy Nick is gone so that she can get on to playing the game. She made some poor choices with him and I just hope she hasn't hurt things so badly with her boyfriend that they can't be mended.

Jessica's voice? A-n-n-o-y-i-n-g!

Amber? Gotta go. TOO much crying...and it's the ugly cry too! Oprah would be so disappointed. She needs to go and then buy stock in Kleenex!

Kail - hanging on for dear life. I can almost see her going all the way to the end becuase she isn't a threat to anybody and I can't see her voting for them. I think she's there for a while.

JEN - SO gotta go!! If we look up self-centered in the dictionary I'm sure it's sporting a picture of her!

Zach? Take him or leave him although he is cute so guess I'd like him to stay.

Dustin? He seems to be floundering. He's gotta get focused again or he's going to be out of there. Poor choices in the last veto cerimony but I can't say that I wouldn't do the same thing.

Eric? Love him! Hmmm...think I'd like to see him go all the way too. Can 3 people win?

My VCR is set all 3 times and also to catch the news Friday morning when they interview the person voted out of the house.

lilbit2cute said...

If you think you have got Big Brother fever you have no idea how bad I have it! I have the 24/7 live feed and we watch it ALL THE TIME. I was also sad to see Nick go. If you need any info like who won the HOH just let me know.:)
Oh and I seriously hope that Amber goes soon she is a lying b****.

Stephe said...


I do applaud E.D. for trying to resolve his differences with Danielle. I think he has some really sweet moments with her. But, I can see her side when a parent says hurtful things or implies's hard to recover from them. I think this great step forward for their relationiship so I hope they stay in the house a long time.

Nick definately is a hottie and I think his feeling for Danielle were genuine.

Stacy said...

Well, I really feel out of the loop. I didn't even know this show exisited until your post.

Almost sounds like a live soap opera.

Jeter's Mama said...

have never seen it.
still luv me?

Drea said...

Okay, I'm watching too! I was wondering about the name Kail too, ICK! And can't stand Jessica, whats with the voice??? But I have to disagree with you on the Jameka thing, I don't like her. Something rubs me the wrong way, not enough personality? maybe. I love Dustin! Probably because he reminds me of a few of my friends, but the chick who is constantly crying has GOT TO GO!

Shannon S said...

They keep moving the eye candy out of the house. Pretty soon I'll be over it! =) I find ED to be a PITA and it's ridiculous how he has so many fawning over him. Not as entertaining as the previous season I watched with Janelle & Howie, but with no cable, what's a girl to do?! =)

amy said...

I cant believe I havent watched it this season!!!


kris said...

Are you gonna cuff me and throw me in the bin if I tell you... I don't watch Big Brother??

Though I admit it sounds like QUITE the SOAP opera!

Colleen said...

Holy crap I couldn't wait to get home from China just to get caught up on all the BB episodes that we DVR'd. (god bless DVR!!!) I am so in love with this show. I am with Tracy on the eyebrow thing with Eric. SO annoying. If I were in that house I would have done more to Jen than poor ice tea over her head. That girl is an annoying little wench. (ohhh...I am so not nice). I like Daniele and E.D! I too was a Nick fan. Oh my my my....those abs and chest and arms.............

redmaryjanes said...

Good Morning! If you are blogging this morning, come on by my blog, we're starting Saturday Morning Live Chats!

Debra Sue said...

Hells Yeah! I DVR it every week.

Dick is just being a dick, however, and I am changing my opinion of Jen. Any woman that can stand there and listen to some douche call her a "Rancid Pu**y" is a better woman than me.

Right now, I am on the Jameka train. Any woman that can say "God is so Gansta'" with a straight face gets my vote.

Shirley said...

Yes, I'm with Colleen. We both couldn't wait to get home from China to see BB 8. Nick...yes know..Jen I agree..drives me nuts. The whole Joe/Dustin..Oh I so couldn't wait for Joe to leave..very annoying. Love the way ED is so out spoken..and the passing gas...wicked funny!!!

Liene said...

Never got into this. Just couldn't. I know a lot of people watch it. My summer guilty pleasure is So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent. And also during the summer I watch a lot of Netflix since I'm glued during the regular season to other shows, especially Grey's Anatomy.

Debbie said...

I'm thinking we're TV sister!!! I am all about reality TV. I think Jen - needs to go, but I do like the drama.
Eric - I am a little worried about him.
Danielle - Woould love for her to win the whole thing.
E.D. - Love the drama, not the mouth.
Dustin - Not real sure
Zach - Laying low and I think he needs to go
Jameka - Honesty is the best policy but I am not sure in this game if she will make it to the end.
Kail - She has hung on long enough, Bye Bye!!
Jessica - some cheese with that wine?
Amber - intravenous medication!! Shut up already!!!
DVR the best thing next to air conditioning!!