Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Ugly Side of a Country I Have Come To Love

A woman was taken from her home by government officials. Her crime? According to the officials, she had violated the one child policy imposed by her government. She already had a 9 year old daughter. But this woman was from the countryside, where families are allowed to have a second child if the firstborn is a daughter. However, her husband is from the city where the policy is enforced. So there was some confusion about which part of the policy should apply to their situation. Instead of being offered an alternate solution, such as paying a fine, she received a much harsher punishment. A forced abortion. She was 8 months pregnant.

This cruel and inhumane practice still takes place in modern day China. In fact, this family's ordeal just happened about a week ago. This is one of the many reasons I chose to adopt a baby girl from this country. So that I can raise her as a strong, empowered, valued woman who has the freedom to make her own choices.

Watch the video below of the father being interviewed by a journalist about the incident. There is no freedom of speech in his country. Speaking out could come at great consequence to him. But I applaud his bravery. So I chose to allow his voice to be heard here in my little space of the cyberworld. I pray this violent practice of dragging women from their homes and forcing them into abortions or sterilization stops. There has to be a better solution.

Read a news article about this family here.

Learn more about China's One Child Policy here.

And always remember to be grateful for your freedom.


AJ's Mama said...

My second son was born at 8 months with no complications. We brought him home the next day. This is horrifying. I just can't even imagine. We are so very lucky to live where we live and have the rights and freedoms that we do.


Joannah said...




Miche said...

Oh my God, how at 8 months along? My son Ben was born 5 weeks early with very few complications-and all that worked themselves out in those first few hours in the NICU. That just breaks my heart; that poor poor family. :(

I had no idea their policy was so strictly enforces; I didn't know they could force abortions like that-I thought families just had to pay a large fine for having more children, so most opted not to. That just shocks me to the core thinking about it.

My husband and I have really felt adoption is something we want to do for our next child (after we have this baby) but we had been leaning towards domestic. Now that I know this (and will share it will Will) I think we will need to really look at making the costs for a China adoption our future goal.

Thanks for sharing; what a blessing you and Mia are to each other.

G-Zell said...

So heartbreaking!:(

kitchu said...

i am speechless. of course i knew this news but seeing this interview? i am speechless.

Traci said...

You shared this well, Krista. Excellent commentary to this horrific crime. This man IS putting himself in danger by speaking out and I applaud his bravery.

I love knowing that my Chinese born girls (both of them) are empowered and have independence by living in this country.


Michal said...

I have taken so long to comment on this because I found it so profoundly upsetting and ugly. This is truly the ugly side of China.
I sat and wept as this father spoke of his children and the absolute feeling of futility he has about what has been done to his family.
Things like this make is very difficult to separate what I feel about the Gov't and what I feel about the Chinese people, culture and the country itself. Very Difficult.

Daisy mom said...

Wow, this is the first I have heard of this story. How horribly sad!
I couldn't even imagine living in a country that does this to it's own people!
I have often wondered and worried a little about one of our guides in China. She was pregnant with her second child. They planned this pregnancy as they wanted a second child. Not sure where she called home, but I'm pretty sure it is in a big city. I just pray this doesn't happen to her.