Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dining Room

In preparation for Mia's arrival and the lack of time, energy and money that will surely follow, I've been trying to get as many little projects done around the house as I possibly can. I'm pleased to report that I'm finally officially finished with the dining room. From floor to ceiling. Complete.
Although I currently don't actually "dine" in there much. Generally only when I have company. I'm a single girl on the go. My meals at home are almost always eaten in front of the TV. That practice will have to stop when I go from being just me to a family of two.
I recently added this bookcase. It and the baskets were white but I wasn't satisfied with that so they became black. The baskets are gonna be an attempt to keep Mia's toys under control. I have a small house so a lot of her toys will end up downstairs.
Above I added a stemware rack. Toys and cocktails. A solution for both Mia and mommy. LOL!
Some pretty little decor items. The "G" is for our last name. I really like the shape of the 3 tiered serving tower. I'm not sure if I should leave it be or put something on it for decoration. Any ideas? Thoughts?
My old computer armoire was evicted from what used to be my office as that room transitions back into a spare bedroom. The armoire ended up here. I like the mix of black and pine furniture together in the room.
I adore my china cabinet. It's gargantuan. But somehow it still works, I think. I love all the pretty dishes it displays.
So remember the small house issue? This is the only place in the entire house that I could fit a play kitchen. It works here because I'll be able to sit in the living room and do my own thing but still supervise and be close to her.
Plus..I mean LOOK at it. How could I not get this fabulous PINK retro kitchen for my baby girl?! Her chair will move into the living room when she comes home. But for now remains shoved in the corner to keep me from tripping over it.
So there ya have it. More projects to follow. The clock is ticking and momma has more work to do. Oh and one other thing I've discovered. I need a better camera. My little point and shoot sucks. Wonder if I have enough time to learn how to operate one of those fancy DSLR cameras?


Shannon said...

I love it - the pink is fabulous!

As for cameras, I highly recommend the Canon G11 - actually, I just noticed they've released the G12, so maybe that, or go for a good deal on the G11. It's expensive, but it's a super easy point and shoot that gives pictures that are hard to distinguish from a fancy SLR. (I took it and my fancy SLR with me to Africa last year, and no one but me can tell which pictures were shot with which camera, as I got lots of "what lens did you use here" questions on my G11 pics.)

dawn said...

and to think you and your decorating skills were so close to my house just a couple of weeks ago!
It looks gorgeous, I love it.

Cheeseboy said...

Your house is WAY TOO NICE. I'm excited to see the new kid's room.

I'm a straight dude and even I like the pink in your house. Very cool. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a man card to find.

kitchu said...

this just makes me smile all over.

Alicia said...

Can I come live with you? Seriously, I love the way you decorate. I always bookmark your posts for inspiration for my future house as a single gal!

Also, I love the tiered cupcake stand and the wine glasses. It looks great!

GGHadden said...

I WANT that play kitchen Krista!!! Dang girl, I seem to like/want everything you get.

Looks great!

I just got the new Canon T1i DSLR with HD video and love it! Wont have to drag a camera and video cam over to China. Even the automatic mode shoot awesome pics at 15 megapx. The is a pic of it on my blog with the battery pack attached. WE paid $799.00 and it was a kit with accessories included. Doesn't compare with my point and shoot at all. I will tell you it was a bit overwhelming when I opened it up but is easy to use.

Miche said...

I LOVE the pink-it is such a bold color I would have never thought to use it, but it looks SO GREAT.

Also, I have a three tier tower like that, which I place fruit or holiday items, like mini pumpkins or little stuffed Santas from around the world or Easter eggs.

Michal said...

I love this! It looks great. I love the combination of fun colors with real, honest to goodness furniture and structure. I too love the pine and black furniture together.

ANd may I say?? A pink Hot Tamake?!?!?! Oh Lordy what fun she will have. Just watch out for those plastic corn cobs, I trip on those all of the time, they are killers I tell ya!

Catherine said...

Looks great although I had to snicker at your comment about the baskets being their in an attempt to keep Mia's toys organized. There will be some days that that's where it ends...at an attempt and believe me you won't want it any other way!!! Enjoy those beautiful decorations on the table while you can as the reaching and exploring days will come and they'll go away for a bit but only a bit and then she'll move past that phase and you can put them back out. Oh how much fun these precious little ones are!

I love my Nikon D40 although I don't believe they sell that model any longer so you'd need to purchase a used one. I'd highly recommend investing in a good camera as you'll want to take tons of pictures of Mia and will want a fast shutter speed without the delay so that you don't miss capturing any of her cuteness!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Looks great Krista! LOVE that retro kitchen too! Your sweet mia will love cooking her mommy some tasty meals in that kitchen. Might I suggest all wooden food.. Maddy loves hers still to this day. Especially the cookies!

Anonymous said...

I love that you embrace pink. makes me happy.

Colleen said...

Everything looks great! It makes me want to start some projects around my house. :)

Kelli said...

I love it! Such a happy room!!

Suzie said...

Beautiful!!! Have you ever considered leaving the police department and becoming an interior designer?!?!?

I love my Nikon D5000. It's easy to use and it takes amazing photos.

Joannah said...

I like what you've done!

Shannon said...

Wow- your house looks gorgeous! Just like a beautiful hotel! And that fancy dancy kitchen set is divine! I will tell you that once your sweetie comes home your home will be a disaster area...and if it isn't I will throw myself on the floor and scream, "NOT FAIR!!" =)

Erica said...

I'm going to step out on a limb and say pink is your favorite color;) The house looks great and wise to get it all done BEFORE referral.