Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I Learned Last Weekend & A Video

I'm not a petite girl. So I have a natural fear of sleeping on the top of a child size bunk bed. Instead I chose to "share" the big bed. Who knew that would set up an entire weekend of endless punchlines? Although maybe it's a little concerning how easily Tracy and I fell into our roles? But why did I always have to be the husband?

Even though the princess is used to tropical weather and turns the heat on in her car when the temp outside gets to a chilly 72 degrees, she prefers to sleep in a room where you can actually see your breath. There was a discussion about seeing on TV a way to treat hypothermia by laying on the victim with skin to skin contact. But in a house in the middle of Georgia, that's not wilderness survival. It's called "curious experimentation". Freak. (See what I mean about the endless punchlines.....)

I got to experience my first hibachi restaurant. And in a small southern town, no less. Yes...I admit that even though I'm in my mid-thirties, I was a hibachi virgin. It was absolutely delish! But what kind of restaurant doesn't serve alcohol on Sunday?
I definitely was in the bible belt.

Thank goodness my lov-ah and I split a dinner cuz the servings were ginormous. She couldn't even finish her shrimp and offered them to me. As any good friend would do.... after they've had a chance to eat their fill. LOL!

It's hysterical to hear a man with a Japanese accent refer to a large, strapping, bald, tattooed redneck as Big Daddy without even batting an eye. And I mean "redneck" in only the most affectionate of terms so I hope no one takes offense to that. But seriously ...lighten up if ya did.

Although Mel and Big D are the most generous, kind hearted, loving people in the world, you can not just faithfully believe everything they say. Seems they both have a little practical joking side. And they play off each other like trained actors. I've learned my lesson.

But how did our hibachi chef know to make the heart rice for me and my lov-ah? Maybe the waitress told him we were a couple? Right, Mel?

I'm not getting out of bed in the middle of the night to investigate scary banging noises just because of my line of work. Especially when there's a Big Daddy and a large menacing German Shepherd in the house. Besides I knew we'd hear the screams from downstairs as the serial killer attacked the others. Which would then give me enough time to climb out the window to escape.

I'm not fond of scary ghost stories or hearing the creepy Ouija board experiences some had at teenage slumber parties. Freaks me out. And makes my eyes water. Just weird.

A house full of wild women somehow affects the weather. Kind of like that scene in "Witches of Eastwick" when the three ladies started arguing and the winds howled and the ground buckled. We've created two tornadoes now. But not cuz we argue. It's just that the universe must not be able to handle all of that amazing energy in the same place at the same time.

I absolutely love our crazy bed hair, no make up, still in our jammies, morning coffee chats that last until afternoon.

Maybe I shouldn't have excitedly yelled Head in the middle of a crowded airport when I saw her step off the plane on Thursday. Better yet... maybe the princess shouldn't have yelled "Can't wait for your bullets!" as we were seeing her off at the gate on Monday. We knew she meant the blog post bullets ......but I don't think the airport SWAT team would have been so understanding.

Only CJ could make a bright red, footed, union suit complete with back door flap look sexy. Unfortunately, she refused to let anyone photograph her in it. It helps to set the visual image if you realize she was also sleeping on the bottom bunk under a camouflage tent. She definitely brought sexy back!

I never would've expected a group of polished, mature women to somehow find their inner hip hop streetwise side and decide they had talent as beat boxers. Then do it ALL WEEKEND LONG and use peer pressure to force every one else to try it. I'm not very good so I guess I'm gonna have to learn to break dance so we can take our show on the road.

I met a blogger chick with a very cool tee shirt and a wicked sense of humor. But she orders chicken wings and coffee at Mexican restaurants. I'm not sure how long our friendship can last with that type of odd behavior. But she does enjoy a good cocktail so maybe I can overlook it.

Stacy has an enormous amount of willpower since she brought her own food and stuck to her diet all weekend. I, on the other hand, abandoned mine completely and will pay a hefty price for it. All the while, she continues looking more and more fabulous. As if that were even possible. Mad props to ya, Stacy. (By the way, that's beat boxer street slang for "great job").

But I'm not sure her husband will be able to support these friendships now that he's met us all in person. And witnessed what we're capable of as a group. Maybe his quick exit wasn't really because he was tired. He just wanted to get off his ride on the crazy train. LOL!

If I ever play Trivial Pursuit against Head, I will surely lose. She is the Queen of UBI's. Not those kind. That's a Urinary Tract Infection. I'm talking about Useless Bits of Information.

Kristen's blog is far too tame. It doesn't reveal enough of the wild, crazy, hysterically funny woman she really is. Plus she has great hair.

Big Daddy is an amazing man. He can cook like nobody's business. He's an awesome host. Even jumps in his truck seconds after a tornado warning to go get us another bag of ice for our cocktails. We didn't even have to whine or beg .... he did it just cuz he knew we needed it. He's a true southern gentleman.

He's tolerant of the estrogen overload and all the vagina talk in his house. Even when he loses sleep cuz we're too loud. He's managed to remember all of our names. No easy feat for any man!

We come through and make his life really chaotic for a few days and he handles it with so much patience. I think he secretly misses us when we leave. But mostly you can see how much he totally and completely loves his wife. It truly is something special what these two got going.

I'm always sad for a few days after I leave Georgia. This place is like home to me. Not that I'm in love with the state itself....just one perfect house in a small little town where I'm always made to feel welcome. If I could choose anywhere in the world to go at any time, this would be the place.

Where my homegirls come to relax, let their hair down and share this amazing connection. Thanks to Mel and her amazing Big D for making their house so inviting and comfortable. I could never really put into words how much it means to me. To all of us.

I know it sounds so totally sappy but I love these chicks. Those that could make it this time around and those that couldn't. I feel so very blessed to have found not just one best friend in life but actually far too many to count. They are the blessings in this wait. I miss you all terribly. Looking forward to next time.


Shannon said...

Lovin' the bullets. TOTALLY jealous of your festivities, though! You ladies rock! =)

Sandra said...

It sounds like an awesome time!

Colleen said...

Well now if that wasn't an awesome rundown!!! I am so sad that I missed it. Um....hibachi virgin? WTF? And no booze there on a Sunday?? Hellloooo??? Hmmm...note to self for July's trip.

Need more pics but the ones you posted were fab! I bet is was such a blast. Now back to reality huh??

"M" said...

Sounds like such an amazing time. All the stories and teasing sounds like so much fun... and the silliness and laughter... doesn't get any better than that. Am glad you had fun.

And by the way, where did the t-shirt come from; I love it!

Lisa~~ said...

Sounds like a fabu weekend, what a great group of ladies and Big Daddy is always a star.

3D said...

You lost your virginity! And with a group of gals and one Big D. No better way!

Sounds like an awesome, awesome weekend.

Keep smilin!

TBG Happenings said...

Was there any doubt that you would have a great time!!?? I wish I was able to make it:( Sounds like you all had so much fun.

See you soon!

sea star said...

Well hello lov-ah! Great post and there could not be more true words spoken of our hostess with the mostess. That lil home in the woods of a lil town is like a second home sweet home. *Smooches to ya....until we meet again*

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I am with you on being a hibachi virgin...
I guess I need to be de-virginanized....
LOL(don't laugh at my spelling)
can't wait to meet you in person one day...
Looks like sooo much fun..

Janet said...

Great posts!!!!! Sounds like so much fun! And rednecks ROCK!

M :-) said...

It sounds like you all had an amazing time. How awesome to have such great friends!

Lisa and Tate said...

What great bullets! I love me some good bullets. What a fun crazy tornado causing group of fab waiting mommas. Bid D... what a saint! Mel is one lucky lady.

Pug Mama said...

I read your post out loud to Big DAddy and CRIED!
Swear. Ask him.
I love those photos - you need to send them to me - esp. the one of me with the dogs.
Love ya girl - love the way you described my home and my Big daddy - truly brought tears to my eyes.
My home is ALWAYS open to you my dear.

Ava's family said...

Yep, the no booze on Sunday thang....Why the hell do you think I left on Sunday???!!! =)

So glad to have FINALLY met you. I still don't get why you think it's odd to order wings at a Mexican restaurant....I thought everyone did that?! =)

Catherine said...

FABU time!!! Glad you had such fun!!! Thanks for the pics and video.

redmaryjanes said...

It looks like you guys had a perfect time. I think it's great that you do it. It keeps everyone going.

~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

What great pictures!!! You made me feel like I was right there . . . wish I had been.

Hugs & sunshine from Mali & I both.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Now THAT sounds like a great escape in the middle of winter. However.. I did not see any mention of margaritas.. or did I miss it somewhere.. I've been known to read it and then forget it in just seconds.. happens when you get as old as me.. LOL

Seriously.. you ladies sound like you had a wonderful time. !!

Liene said...

No alcohol on Sunday's??? Is that all over GA or just in Mel's town? I know they don't sell liquor in the stores, but not even in a restaurant? That's so back asswards.

Sounds like all you girls had fun. I've been reading everyone's blogs about the trip. I'm jealous of the festivities as well.

PIPO said...

No beatin' the way you did that post. You wrapped it up and served it well, girl! Mel and BD are da bomb.

Yep, that last pic is lookin' mighty familiar. Is it spring yet?

Headmeister said...

Funny, I remember specifically asking you not to post that hideous pic of me on your blog (third one in with the "scary face" caption)... Payback is a bitch, my sistah... Just wait til you see what I have in my pics of this weekend. Better yet, I believe that a Photoshop session is in order.

Gail said...

Looks like a great time!
Love the video.

krj said...
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krj said...

Wish so much I could have been there to hang with the homegirls, though I don't yet have enough hair to let down!! (Dang it).

But I must say I've discovered the flat iron, and it's my new best friend.

Elise said...

Totally jealous of all your fun too! Sounds like you all had a blast!

Leanne said...

You Have Some Great Posts!!
Keep Blogging I Will Be Back Soon.
Love Leanne

Stacy said...

Can't believe it has been a week already! It was so much fun!

We have no alcohol Sundays here too. Actually the county we live in was dry until this past May. Now we are 'moist'. You can get a drink in certain restaurants. So far there is only one that sells beer, but hey it's a start!

Your slide show is fun. Talk to you soon!