Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Gosh I miss you guys! Thanks to my bloglines subscription I can still check in with all of my favorite bloggers in a very efficient manner. I just haven't had as much time to comment. So don't worry I'm still out here being a voyeur into your lives. But I'm sucking at being a blogger. Talk about sporadic posting. (I'll work on that, Lisa B.)

For those who are not completely consumed by all China adoption related gossip (because those who are already know this...... but for the sake of friends and family who are not addicted to RQ), CCAA sent out referrals for this month and it was very disappointing. They only matched 2 days worth of log in dates. Oct 25 & 26. This news was devastating for those of us waiting because it just extends the wait even more. It's going to take them 4 months just to get through the month of Oct '05. So when will they get to me with my June '06 LID? Not anytime soon is my only answer. Best guess is sometime in 2008. Maybe spring but very possibly summer or even later. Why only 2 days? CCAA says they matched the same number of babies as in previous months. It's just that Oct '05 was a very big month with many families sending their paperwork over during that time. Unfortunately, it's reported that Nov '05 is a very big month as well. Oy vey!

In good news, Griffey went to the vet for his required yearly shots and we found out that the new year's resolution diet is working for him. We've been trying to walk more and I put him on some weight control dog food cuz he was a little "fluffier" than he should be for his breed. Happy to report that he has lost 1 lb. Woo Hoo! Not only that but the vet said he really is just "big boned". Seriously. She said he has a good taut abdomen and good muscle tone with no real fat. So she only wants him to lose maybe another 1/2 lb but said it's not really necessary. More proof that we need to accept the body size we were born with and not feel pressure to conform to what society thinks is "normal". My dog is not a supermodel! And neither am I.

For some comic relief click here and here for the conversations my sister must endure with her four children. I about peed my pants laughing at this.

Oh and it's Friday the 13th so I decided to stay in my house in my pajamas all day. Okay I'm kidding.....well, not about the pajama part. I really did take the day off of work but not because I'm superstitious. Just because I've been running so non-stop for the past month that I needed a break. My house is a mess. My TV has so many things recorded on the DVR that it's running out of room and starting to erase things. My dog is so lonely that when I do try to sit down for a second, he climbs up and lays his head on my chest staring me down and breathing in my face until I pay attention to him. And I felt like sleeping in. So I took a vacation day since there appears to be no more need to bank all of my time off for that trip to China I thought I might take this year. Today is my time to do whatever the hell I want or don't want to do. No schedule and no responsibility. 24 hours of pure freedom. Ahhhh... it's been heavenly so far.


tracy said...

Glad your back! My dog is on a diet as well, unfortunately I don't think she is losing much and she just looks down right annoyed with me. I feel her pain. Enjoy your day off!

Doris & Dan said...

Sounds great! You work a ton so you def. deserve a day to relax.


Keep smilin!

a&mg said...

I'm very impressed that you took the day off--it sounded like it was a MUCH needed vacation day! Hope you enjoyed it!

Lisa and Doug said...

Enjoy your freedom today! I love having a pajama day every now and then!

And I second that "Oy Vey" regarding referrals!

Melissa said...

Hey - Jeter suffers from the same "fluffy" "Big boned" problem. I give him Pro Plan diet food. Since we lost Zeus, he has lost 3lbs. but that is because he stopped eating for a few days.
We both need to get our dogs on treadmills!

C.J. said...

Hope you're enjoying the break with you big-boned dog man!

A break sounds great...I've been a birthin' fool today.

Kathy and Joel said...

Good to "read" you again. :)
Happy pre-LIDversary tomorrow!!

Lee-Anne said...

I hear ya! Funny how life has kinda consumed the wait. It doesn't even feel like we're waiting for anything anymore.

Poor Griffey! As long as his weight isn't killing him, a bit of podge, is all the more to cuddle!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a good day! You sure do deserve it!

Yeah! For Griffey! Always good to get a clean bill of health!

Enjoy the weekend.

Debbie said...

Enjoy your PJ day - they are the BEST!!!

(Olivia's lucky mom)

Norma said...

Sounds like a good day. I put my dog on senior food awhile back - he is almost 9 years old now. With the lower cal food and carrots for snacks, he dropped his extra weight, too. Not much though - he barely hit 10 lbs. at his heaviest!

Sam said...

Hey stranger!

I sent you an email. Go read it!

I hope you enjoyed your peaceful day. You needed it!!!

Catherine said...

Hope your day off was perfect. I love pajama day!! I have a similar one planned today with the exception of signing some paperwork at the bank and going to an International Adoption playgroup. Hey...who says you need to have a child to go to a playgroup? :o)

Have a great weekend friend! Off to checkout the conversations of your sis and her kids.