Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fly By

Just checking in here quick to let you all know that I'm still alive. Just in case you missed me or something. Smile.

I've been crazy busy with work. Between my primary job and the second only-to-build-the-adoption-fund job, I've been logging a minimum of 53 hours a week. Good for the fund but a little tiring for me. Hopefully it'll only last a couple of months. Maybe less.

My evenings are spent trying to find time for everything else that needs to be done like dishes, laundry, errands, etc. Which means something had to give. So less blogging. But I'm still checking in and reading everyone else's like I regularly do. Just not commenting as much. Too time consuming, ya know.

So here's the dish about Krista's world... in short form.
1. Finally got my new beautiful hot pink I-Pod. Been having fun learning how to use it and downloading music.
2. Doing fairly okay on my new year's resolution diet. Down 15 pounds since Jan 1st. Now trying to actually exercise so it'll come off a little quicker. I swear I'm going to make it up the Great Wall! Carla, I'm going to make you tape me doing the happy dance when I get to the top. (BTW that means you must also make it up The Wall so consider yourself warned.)
3. STILL painting in my bedroom. Only have the time and energy for a little at a time so it's slow going. Almost done though. It's going to look awesome.
4. Got a belated birthday gift from my brother and his girlfriend. Very cool stuff. So cool that it's going to get it's own post as soon as I get some pics taken. So stay tuned for that.
5. Went shopping last Friday with Sam and a group of other China adopters. They were all waiting families in 2005 that met and started this annual shopping trip to a local outlet mall. It was a lot of fun. Met some great people and their beautiful girls. My new friend, Qing, also went. (And I found out that I had spelled her name wrong in the first post about her. Sorry.) Great day!
6. Can't wait for this next batch of referrals! Very interested to see how far they get. Plus some fellow blogger friends are up next and some others are on the bubble. I love referral time but it's so much more fun when I know friends who get referrals. Come on Hannah! And congratulations to another blogger buddy, Johnny, who is in China and just met his son, Christopher! Oh happy day. Lots of babies coming home. Gotta love that.

Can't think of anything else at the moment so that'll have to entertain you for now. I'll stop back by soon.


C.J. said...

I can relate to that hellacious schedule thing...I just let email, voicemails and any other attempts to contact me after work go to the back burner ;0) I want two paychecks if this keeps up much longer. Would love to get a second job...I'd work less hours and get paid twice ;0) A girl can dream (or have nightmares).

I wanna see that b-day gift!

Paint on, woman. It was therapy for me. Remember, I don't sleep much. But, I'm over that therapy and ready to move on to a new type of gig.

C.J. said...

PS - I'm sure Qing will forgive you :0)

Stacy said...

Wow! You sure are busy. Congrats on the 15, that is great! I can't wait to see pictures of the present. It must be really neat.

I was bummed that I couldn't make the shopping trip. I hope to make the next one.

Don't work too hard!

ArcticTeacher said...

Glad you posted--you were missed!

Sounds like things are crazy, so hang in there. Looking forward to seeing the birthday gifts!

Congrats on the 15 pounds--woohoo!

Doris & Dan said...

Girl...you are burning the candle at both ends! Take care and keep us posted.

Keep smilin!

Sara said...

Glad you are still alive and kickin! You are doing awesome on the weight loss and I can't wait to see pics of the painting.

Donna said...

Wow, you have been busy! But it sounds like you're having some fun too!

PS nice going on the weight loss. I'm down 20 lbs. since the beginning of the year - it's tough!

cougchick said...

Thanks for the update. Remember to keep it real and don't over do it...


a&mg said...

Hey, sorry--the above comment from arcticteacher was me on a site I"m trying to make about Alaska for teachers and I forgot to switch back over.

Mark & Michelle said...

Wow - you are one busy woman! Glad you got your hot pink ipod up and running.

Congrats on 15!! If you lost them, I think I found them!!

Hope things level out for you soon!

tracy said...

Busy busy girl! Glad for the update! Try to relax a little!

Jill and Jaap said...

I was wondering where you have been!

Shandra said...

You go girl...15 lbs is a big accomplishment!

The outlet mall in Dayton? I love that one. I shopped there a lot when we lived there in 2000-2002!

Elise said...

I can relate totally...but busy is good...it makes the time go by faster!

chou-chou said...

Glad to see you post! I am so with you on the busy thing - work has a way of expanding to take over your whole life sometimes... or my, life, i should say. :-)

And 15lbs!! Congrats!!! You are inspiring to me - I've been NOT exercising and blaming it on work, but I know that if I do exercise I'll have more energy for everything.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

I must apologize for not keeping up!! I switched, well finally got bloglines and for some reason I missed adding you. Noticed I hadnt read any posts latley (thanks for the email yesterday) and figured everything out.
You have been one busy gal.....congrats on the weight loss!!