Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mia's 100 Good Wishes Quilt

I just added a link on my sidebar to the right that explains the quilt process. (Yay!! Connie... I did it all by myself and didn't crash the whole blog.) Check it out. The quilt is very popular with the Chinese adoption community. It's a really cute idea. I have to jump on the bandwagon, too, because I wouldn't want Mia to suffer some great trauma later in life if she didn't have one, but all the other kids did. LOL! Plus my grandmother is an exceptional quilter. That's her thing. I knew that she'd make one for Mia anyway, so I thought we'd use this idea. I hope to start collecting some squares soon (hint hint people) because so far I only have one. And it's from Connie , of course. So get on the ball, folks. Let's go!

I intend to spend the rest of my lazy Saturday making squares to exchange with other bloggers. Oh, and I should probably cut the grass... but we'll see. As soon as I figure out how to upload a pic, I'll post Mia's very first quilt square on her quilt link. (Hey, cut me some slack. I already told you I'm computer illiterate. This is a learning process.)

*Update: The photo upload appears successful. Check out the quilt link to see Mia's first quilt square.


Connie said...

I knew you could do it! I love your lead in on your quilt blog. That had some new information about the history for me :0)

Shannon S said...

I'd be happy to send you a square! =)Can't find your email so email me.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Hi Krista.....I'd be happy to swap a square also!!! Let me know if you want too!!

Nice to hear that you have Connie so close to you. We have became great blogger pals & I'm jelouse that you can actually spend some "real" time with