Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deja Vu *Update

*Update- I was still trying to decide if I was going to contact her about copying my blog. Even though I hold no copyright here, it still is a little aggravating when your thoughts are plagiarized. Had she not been right in the middle of her referral bliss, I certainly would have said something. But I didn't want to ruin her moment. It seems that I don't have to say a word...... because she's changed it. She must read here and saw this post. So I just want to publicly say thank you to her for changing it. There are no hard feelings. And congratulations on your referral. I hope you continue to blog because I'd love to follow your journey as you travel to get your daughter. :)

So I was drooling over all the new baby referral pics on Rumor Queen when I came across an interesting blog. It seemed VERY familiar to me. Very very familiar, in fact. Check it out here.

Interesting, no?

Here's the wording in her blog header.....
"Actually it's about eight thousand miles from Alabama To Guangzhou, China but it seems like a million. This is the story of my journey to China to adopt a precious baby girl. Somewhere halfway around the world....she waits for me to bring her home."

Here's the wording in my original 2006 blog header before I had the template custom designed by the amazing Danielle.....
"Actually it's a little less than eight thousand miles from D-----* to Guangzhou but it seems like a million. This is the story of my journey to China to adopt a baby girl as a single mom. Somewhere halfway around the world... she waits for me to bring her home."


And for the record, her blog did start before mine. But I'm sure she's re-designed it since it's beginning. Because I can assure you these words and this blog title came straight outta my own head. I mean, really.... A Million Miles To Ansley?! What's catchy about that title?

Maybe "Acres And Acres To Ansley".
Or even something like "Across The Atmosphere To Ansley"?
Hey... it's the best I could do right off the top of my head. LOL! But it's still catchier than ripping off my title. And I'll have y'all know that I actually go0gled one of those "how many miles between cities" sites so that I was accurate on my 8,000 miles bit.

Well, I guess they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
But I'm still a little perturbed by it all.

I will give her some credit for the cute kid though.....

* In my blogger virginity, I was naive enough to actually list the city I lived in right in the blog header. For everyone to see everyday as the first thing when they clicked on my blog. Yeah... it was my own personal invitation to all the serial killers, psychos and freaks to just show up on my doorstep. After awhile I realized that probably wasn't the smartest decision and removed it.


Wendy said...

That's just wrong...all there is to it!

K said...

I'd be bent out of shape over it, myself. After all, our blogs are a creation of our own, from our hearts and minds and deeply personal, yet shared with the public. I guess like with cell phones, there just isn't any ettiquette being observed by some.

Julie said...

Yes I would be upset. I used to have a china adoption shop at cafe press and bloggers still use my artwork on their blogs without having ever askeing me to use it.

Miche said...

Wow. That is so very wrong. Her coping your header word for word is so fake and weird, that it almost makes you wonder if her blog is actually a true record of her thoughts and feelings, or just stuff or ideas she grabs from others in the hopes of sounding awesome? Very weird; I'd be perturbed about it, too.

Laura said...

WTH??!!! That's just weird!

Suzie said...


You should post a comment on her blog and tell her want her to give you credit for it!

Sandra said...

Wow, interesting...
Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend!

Elowyn said...

Wow, just wow. Based on her blog, I'm guessing she can't define "plagiarism."

I'd be tempted to post a comment, if I were you. But you're probably a better person than I am. ;)

Michelle said...

It has a different title now. Perhaps she saw all the hits she was getting from here and changed it? I can't stand copy cats.

Marla said...

Weird! She has changed it now so I guess somehow she got the hint. What is it with people?!?!?!

L said...

I just had to go look too. She seems to have changed it. I cracks me up that this kind of stuff goes on. Really, you can't come up with your own blog line? Not that mine is all the creative, but whatever.

I do like your new lay out, I usually just follow you on reader so I haven't been by for a while. Hope your job is going better, I felt really bad for you when you were going through all the tough stuff at work. I was going to tell you that maybe you should move to Montana. Way less crime!

La-La-Liene said...

I'm going to bite my tongue because I could stay a few things that would be inappropriate on so many levels.

Totally agree...A Million Miles to Ansley? WTH is that?? Makes no sense. Are you really that effing uncreative that you can't come up with your own ideas?

There very well could be another blog out there with the same name as mine, but, I really didn't feel like naming it Liene's Loony Life!!

Hope all is going well. Life with 2 kids is kicking my butt! I love it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I had to comment. I love to follow adoption blogs. Our family brought our daughter home in July 07. I had to check out the blog you mentioned. I was late so I just saw the updated version. As I looked at her blog, I noticed that she "lifted" her "About Me" from this blog:
Catherine has updated hers since her referral, but most of the original message is there to compare. She changed it slightly, but it is the same. Sheesh, can't this person come up with anything on her own? Strange.

K said...

I'm glad that this had a nice resolution. Congratultions to both of you for keeping a level head.

Donna said...

That is so bizarre. I guess I just don't understand why people can't come up with an original idea on their own. But I'm glad everything worked out without turning nasty!

Anonymous said...

I think you were being REALLY petty and this was HER happy time!!! She has waited 3 1/2 years for her referral and I am sure you ruined some of it for her. Would you want to have to worry about changing your blog name when you have a picture of your new daughter. I think this was very inmature on your part and the others who left the negative comments about her on your post.

Yes I have a blog and yes I have waited for a referral of my daughter and journaled my thoughts, but like you said you do not have a copywrite on your heading.
Our wait is not about our heading on our is about the end result..OUR DAUGHTER(s) and I can bet money you caused her pain.

Special K said...

Well, Ms Anonymous ... if you have a blog then why did you make sure to leave your snide comment without signing your name? If it's your opinion at least have the balls to own it. It's pretty immature to call someone out and hide behind "anonymous".

If you actually read this post, you'll see that I didn't contact her about this because I didn't want to "ruin her referral bliss". Anything she did to change it ... she did on her own.

I think I was very gracious about the whole thing. There's nothing at all mean that I wrote here. Just made some simple observations. And even thanked her for changing it after I found out she did and congratulated her on her referral.

I can't control how other people feel about it... but I respect their right to have their opinions. Just like I respect your right to yours. I just don't respect the chickenshit way you presented it.

And like you said.. this is MY blog where I journal MY thoughts. I'm allowed to be a little perturbed that someone copied my blog title and header info nearly word for word and I'm allowed to express that here.

Diana said... go girl:)
I am kinda insulted that no one wants to name their blog after
Did that one person who had the blog with all the fake post and pictures keep up her blog?? I thought of that when I read your post.
Have a fun week!!

Miche said...

Your comment to anonymous was awesome :)

Shannon said...

That's just ridiculously similar. You so want to make this journal your own. I know what you mean about learning about do's and don'ts along the way-when I first started blogging back in 2005 I thought we all had to have "journey to..."

Anonymous said...

Maybe she copied it because she liked it. Nothing wrong with that.

Tara said...

Oh yes it's very very similar! At least though she didn't call her daughter Mia :)

Some people are really just not creative types and they get their inspiration and ideas from things very close at hand...things they've read or admired recently. Copy and paste helps - even if it's wrong it's just so easy I guess for non-creatives :)

I think you should be flattered.

She seems like a nice lady - hope she's enjoying this precious time with her new referral and not preoccupied with fielding nasty comments fueled by something that could have been sorted out at an appropriate time and behind the scenes.

"I will give her some credit for the cute kid though....."

Well yes.

I give her credit for changing her (your) words immediately on readng of her indiscretion on a public blog.