Friday, May 09, 2008

Ramblings, Moods & Nonsense

  • Haven't felt like blogging much. Hence the last 7 days with no posts from moi. Just feeling a little disconnected from it all. And feeling a little blah.

  • My computer monitor died a few days ago. Luckily, my brother had one he wasn't using. So that saved me from buying a new one. But I still went thru mad withdrawals for the day that I couldn't get on the computer. Just one day. Can you say intervention?

  • I'm worried about some of my friends who are having a rough time right now. You know who you are. And you know I love you.

  • I'm recovering from a nasty case of poison ivy on my forearms. I know I'm terribly allergic to it. I know I have it in my yard. I trimmed some bushes and I thought I was being careful. I swear that stuff can eat thru my clothes to attack me. I hate it.

  • Painting the living and dining rooms took 5 days. So glad I paid someone else to do it. Totally worth it. I'm almost all put back together now. Still have a few pictures to re-hang. When I'm all finished, I'll post some photos. It's spectacular.... if I do say so.

  • Can you believe Mariah Car*ey eloped with Nick Can-non after only dating for 6 weeks or something? I read that she didn't even get a pre-nup done. Holy shitakes. That may cost her dearly. Not that I'm saying it won't last. But c'mon... anyone care to take a bet on how long it takes them to get to Splitsville?

  • Speaking of celebrities... for all those AI fans out there, I think you'd agree that Jason Castr*o fell apart this week. It was way past his time to go.

  • And I like David A's singing talent but am so over his dumb aw shucks smiling all the time. It's on my last nerves. And a little creepy.

  • Gas is up to $3.79 a gallon here. It's expected to go over $4 by the summer. Which really sucks seeing how I'm taking 2 road trips in the next few months.

  • Griffey's eye seems to be all better. Thank God for that.

  • I got my $600 incentive check from the government. I love free money. It went into the adoption fund.

  • The china cabinet I special ordered back the first week of January finally got delivered. It's monstrous. I chose it by looking at a picture. I didn't see the actual piece assembled. It's big. Really big. But I love it. Pics later.

  • I got tired of having acrylic nails. Tired of the maintenance and trying to find time to go and get them filled. So I took them off. Not sure if I'll last or not without them though. My nails are really soft and damaged after wearing acrylic for the last 6 yrs or so. Feels weird.

  • My wonderful next door neighbors put their house up for sale again. I'm sad about that. I know it's selfish to hope that it doesn't sell. But I hope it doesn't sell.

  • Mother's Day is this weekend. If I psycho analyze my mood this week, it could partially be contributed to this, I suppose. My third holiday since starting my paperwork to become a mom. Still not there yet.

  • It's a rainy, gray day here today. Not helping my mood.

  • I'm off work today because I worked last Sunday. That's how the rotation works. You get the following Friday off.

  • I'll be spending the day running errands. I have an appointment to get my hair done. Then I have to work 2 hours at the 2nd job. And I'll wrap up the day at my nephew's baseball game. Although right now it looks like it may be rained out.

  • Thrilling news. I know. Contain yourselves.


Kayce said...

I'm totally with you on AI, aw shucks guy has got to learn to live a little! COME ON! I'm rooting for the underdog because she's worked hard. We will see....

Can't wait to see pics of your finished walls!

3D said...

I too have been is busy but not much to say. No time to say it if there was.

Re: nails. I used to have those also. Stopped due to the cost. I use Witchcraft...heeheehee! It is an awesome product! High in polymer or whatever so it really protects nails. If you can not find it...let me know. Might only be in Canada

Castro fell apart. Little David BUGS me! Cook rules!

Gas prices are nuts...but we gotta go and go by car so we gotta pay!

Hugs and hang in there. Hope the sun shines and you are cheerier soon.

Keep smilin!

Pug Mama said...

ditto on soooo much of this.

Rhonda said...

Castro should have been gone WEEKS ago. I can't stand him and don't think he could sing. Blech.

David A. is annoying as all hell. Sayesha is alright, but I'm hoping David C. wins it...he's good...really good.

Yeah, I'm with you on the Mother's Day thing, it hurts a lot.

Mariah Carey is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Though I heard she might have had him sign a pre-nup after still doesn't change the fact that she's one crayon short of a full box. ;)

Briana's Mom said...

You are so right about Jason Castro! I really think he wanted to go home. I am a David Cook fan all the way!

I know this weekend will be a little tough on you. Just know I am thinking of you. Hugs...

amy said...

I agree and I love the bullet posts!!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa and Tate said...

Love bullets!!! Nice to catch up on whats happening. David A... I totally agree great talent.. creepy also. Can't wait for pictures!

Wendy said...

I miss you girl!!!!

Joannah said...

I hope the sun comes out and gives your spirit a little lift. I know that overcast days always make me feel tired and a bit down in the dumps.

I thought I'd at least be expecting a baby this Mother's Day. Guess that's not the way it's supposed to be. We'll be mothers one day, Krista. Keep the faith.


OziMum said...

Well, at least it's another week down!

When I was buying my mum-in-law her Mum's day present this week, I was thinking about all my friends, waiting for their first babies. We are all mothers, we are all "paper" pregnant, it is real, although the long wait certainly takes the "exciting" edge off. So I pray that you do have a happy mother's day, with your Mum & sister... and precious thoughts of Mia.

kris said...

Read every word than bust out laughing with that last bullet! I'm not feelin' it right now either...the whole blog thing. Blah for me too. Can't wait to see your finished rooms...

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

the blog blues must just be in the air. I know I'm not waiting anymore but honestly, I can't think of anything to write.

Totally agree with you on the AI point of view. I was happy to see jason go. (WAY over due)

I agree these gas prices are killing us and with me now doing home health care where I drive everywhere in my own car.. it really sucks!

redmaryjanes said...

Yeah, it's a thrill here in my life too : )
I love how you poke fun at everyday life.
I haven't had my acrylics for a while now. I used to love to get then done, and then it became a pain.
I hope that you have a great mother's day. It's for mother's in their heart too.

Sandra said...

OMG, I totally agree on your David A. analysis. Too funny...

sea star said...

Kudos to your analysis for AI, couldn't agree more!

Your amoung good company with your internet addiction.

Looking forward to pics of paint job!

I'll bet $10 on a 6 month marriage for M.C....didn't she have a BFF
to stop her?

Gas prices are killing me. I'm going to quit driving and take the bus.

Glad Griffey is doing better!

F&^%* Bush and his stimulus plan, I want free money.

I'm soooo sick of having my nails done. It's become a chore for sure!

I don't want my neighbors house to sell either.

Smooches to ya!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I did contain myself, but it was difficult. I hope the sun starts shining again -- there are no words for this wait.

Liene said...

Stimulus check went to a new iMac so it's been spent but I love my new computer!

My 2 girls - Brooke and Carly are gone and I thought Jason Castro should've gone long before them. I'm still watching but really don't give a rats a$$ who wins.

Gas has gone up $.20 here in a week and it stinks. I'm going to be doing a lot less driving and trying to just have 1 day a week where I run all my errands.

The blahs are the blahs. I don't have much to blog about either. Just dreading all the testing I'm going to go through at the end of the month because of all the irregular heart rate garbage I've been going through. Plus I'm so not happy about the predicted wait for my referral.

Can't wait to see the paint. We've got so much of that crap to do ourselves.

Happy Mother's Day Krista!!! Your baby girl is out there somewhere waiting for you.

Headmeister said...

Sorry you're feeling blue, still wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day (hugs)...

Noemi said...

Loved your bullets! LOL Completely agree with you on AI!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey? Yeah not too sure how long they will last but he got a pretty big tattoo with her name all over his back! Yikes!

And and don't get me started with the gas prices~! ARGGGGGG

Hope you had a good weekend! Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Miche said...

I wanted to let you know, that even though Mother's Day may have had you feeling a little funky, you are in fact, pregnant. As in "paper work pregnant" soooooo you are as much a mother as someone who is pregnant-you just don't have the extra weight to carry around this summer! So, here is a late, Happy Mother-to-be Day!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hope you are feeling alot better now... it was nice to have a 'break' from the whole blogging thing. for a while... Hope you had a nice Mother's Day...