Friday, July 06, 2007

Need A Square?

Running out the door soon to start my busy weekend. Just wanted to let anyone who may be listening out there know that I plan to work on quilt squares this weekend. I even went out and bought some more fabric and everything. Woo Hoo! I had packed that stuff away after the big swap of my DTC group. I'm finally ready to start again. More importantly, I finally have some time to do another batch.

I know some of you I've owed for quite awhile......Michelle, Robin, Traci. I haven't forgotten you. Gina, I saw your e-mail. I'll get one out for you, too. If I've forgotten anyone else that I've promised one to, please refresh my already cluttered memory.

If anyone else wants one, you better catch me now. Not sure when I'll be feeling crafty again. Just send me an e-mail. The link is in my sidebar.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!


Shandra said...

Enjoy your crafty weekend.

I just sent my QS off to make my quilt. yes that is right I sent them off. I don't having a guilting bone in my body but I do have cash!

kris said...

Have a great weekend Krista... I'll get back to you on the squish. I'd like to exchange with you, but am just not up for craftiness myself right now!

Kristen & Bryan said...

Good luck with your quilt and please show us pictures when you're finished! Have a great weekend!

Mark & Michelle said...

I thought you forgot about me...pleased to see that you hadn't!!